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5 Simple Methods to Clean And Polish Silver Jewelry

5 Simple Methods to Clean And Polish Silver Jewelry

5 Simple Methods to Clean Silver

Learn new methods to clean the Silver with this post, especially for you, who like to see your silverware in optimal condition to shine among everything you own.

It is normal to want to have our belongings in the best conditions to be able to show them off among friends or other visitors to your home. Silver pieces tend to stand out a lot in places where the decoration is the center of attention, today we have 5 simple steps to clean the silver in your home and make those pieces shine, and be the envy of those who want to have them.


Tips to keep in mind when cleaning silver


First I will leave you with three tips that may be helpful:


  • Don’t use toothpaste: If you want to keep the piece in the best condition do not use this material to clean the silver.
  • Cleaning with vinegar requires care: Although it is a simple way to keep silver in good condition, you should be careful and perform initial tests to show that it does not affect the object.
  • Work to be done by professionals: Parts that are considered and within the high value range are recommended to be maintained professionally, so if you decide that preserving your silver object is a priority for you consider hiring a service that is expert in the work of cleaning silver.

Steps to preserve your Silver pieces

Now I will leave you with five fantastic steps that will help you to keep the perfect state of your pieces when you clean the silver:

Use mild detergent to clean silver


To clean the silver this way you’ll need:

  • Warm water
  • A container
  • Mild detergent consistency (may be soap powder or liquid or paste soap)
  • A new sponge or toothbrush.

The container and water will depend on the size of the piece, as you need the water to cover the whole object.

When you have the warm water in the container add the detergent, do not use too much, it can be a small amount, when you add it stir with your hand so that the water and detergent mix properly.

After having the water ready, you should introduce the jewel or object you want to polish, use the sponge or toothbrush (depending on availability), to clean the silver from dust or stains that the object has, avoid soaking for too long, it can be counterproductive with the piece and cause stains on it, and instead of improving its appearance we could ruin it.

After cleaning the silver and leaving it to soak, remember that it must be for a short period of time, rinse the soap, you can do it with warm or cold water, with constant flow.

Finally, you should dry the silver with a microfiber towel (made of the same material we use to clean the lens lenses or the screen of our phones), be sure to do it well and put more effort into those delicate pieces.

Finally after cleaning the silver you must polish, polish it with a polishing cloth to get the desired look.


Use silver polishing products


Usually these products are in cream form, what you should do is the following:

Cover the piece with the product and with polishing cloth polish the piece, you must do it thoroughly and have detail in the jewelry as chains or pieces that are intertwined, then you must remove the product with the help of water and finally dry properly until dry.

Remember that excessive exposure to water can affect the piece so do not leave it to soak if it is not really necessary, if it is for a short period of time.


Use baking soda, aluminum and vinegar


To clean silver with this method, you must boil water in a pot, the amount of water and ingredients to use will depend on the amount of objects you will apply this care, in a container take the aluminum foil, with the shiny side up, use as much paper as necessary to cover the container to use.

Now you have to add the ingredients, you will need a tablespoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of salt and half a cup of vinegar, add them to the bowl one by one to make an effervescent mixture, if the piece to be polished is a larger size we recommend you double the amounts of each ingredient.

Now that you have everything you need, you should mix what you need until it is completely dissolved, avoid leaving salt or baking soda lumps, otherwise you could badly affect the piece to be treated. The part may become scratched or opaque if care is not taken when mixing.

It is time to add the water to the mixture, it should have reached its boiling point, as you add the water you should stir the mixture making sure it is well mixed.

Now it’s time to put the piece into the mix, you can help yourself from a tweezer or other object that allows you to insert the object without burning yourself, remove it so that all the parts of the piece are reached by the mixture and let it soak for a few minutes, then you must take it out and dry it.

When the minutes pass (do not exceed a time by hours), remove the piece and let it rest for some time on your polishing cloth, until it cools, then polish all the parts of the piece always taking more detail in the parts where it is characterized any union (especially in necklaces and chains, bracelets or slaves).


Use alka-Seltzers


This is a very simple method to clean silver, dilute the pill in a container with water (remember that each tablet yields a glass), then soak it for a few minutes (remember not to leave it on for too long) then remove and polish it with a microfiber cloth, always taking greater care where joints occur, and ready, you will have a clean and shiny piece.


Glass Cleaner


For this part you only need to spray a little of the product, glass cleaner, on the microfiber cloth and then proceed to clean the silver with this cloth, the products contained in the glass cleaner help to clean and polish the silver.

I hope that these 5 simple methods to clean silver, help you to keep your silverware in an efficient and shiny way, remember that silver should not be exposed to too much time in soaking, it could help you 5 minutes or as long as you consider but do not exceed the time, since it can be stained and then remove that stain can become very difficult, silver is a metal and as all metal treatment with water affects negatively if used without the necessary provisions.