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Agate Stone: Meaning, Properties and Uses

Agate The Stone of Energy, Trust and Happiness

Agate is a “chalcedony” type stone, therefore, it belongs to the quartz family in a certain way, being composed of millions of crystalline particles that are not really crystals but crypto crystals.

The concentric layers of agate form into gas bubbles that are generated by incandescent magma or by filling with “silicic acid” during volcanic eruptions.

They usually show rings that can contain a wide range of colors, ridges, twists, eyes, circles, and even landscapes and scenes in broad colors having each stone particular with its own specific vibration spiritually speaking.

Agates strengthen your self-esteem and give you confidence in the moments of exposure, both exams, and dissertation in front of the public.

They are gems that bring direct benefits to sellers, public relations, and everyone in relation to buying and selling. It is a gem that strengthens the energy for physical and mental wear.

Anyone who carries an agate will be safe from danger.

These stones also bring good luck, peace, and happiness. Let’s know more about this beautiful stone!

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What are agates used for

This gem and varieties of the same type have provided the most suitable hard stones for engraving. One of the most notable and at the same time one of the largest pieces made with stones of this species has been for Alexander the Great.

It is a statue with its head that has a very particular relief and the stone is mounted in a magnificent setting with enameled gold. Nowadays it is mainly used to make different types of ornaments: cufflinks, brooches, paperweights, etc.

In addition, due to its high hardness and resistance to acids, it is used in making mortars for mixing chemical reagents. Due to its physical characteristics, it is also optimal for finishing leather materials.



Agate: Full of organic and spiritual vitality

For centuries, because it was mostly an opaque and non-transparent stone like the spiritual stones to which man was accustomed in ancient times.

Agate has been very much compared to Quartz and Amethyst, which in fact have components very similar to this gem, since when you put it in counter light, you can see very well that it is in fact translucent.

The Indians considered it as pieces of the gods’ bodies, full of organic and spiritual vitality.

As man evolves, so do these gems. Every individual can create a special and unique bond with some variety of this special gem that is in harmony with their physical body type or mineral content.

According to popular belief, every human being is an agate in one form or another, for this is actually a key to life evolving in the world as it is known, and has been given as a special gift to be able to observe beyond what humans beings can observe.



The sacred stone of the astral

Due to its multiple and multicolored forms it has been called “The Sacred Stone of the Astral”. The astral world has been described as the fourth dimension, the world of desire, being divided into various planes from the lowest to the highest.

Everything that exists or that will exist in the material world first passes into the fourth dimension as an idea, since, according to spiritualists, both the material forms of the world and the mental forms of the world are found there. It is the world where the imaginary and all thought is found, where everything thought by the human being is engraved there, from love to hate, and from pleasure to pain is found engraved in that plane as an astral force.

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Besides this, this gem is capable of giving a pleasant feeling of inner joy, the fruit of freedom and usually makes people much more extroverted and social who carry them. One of the spiritual characteristics that stand out is that of turning its wearer into someone overly dreamy and is capable of distancing it from material reality, which is why we do not recommend its use in people who are very creative.

Because of this quality is often recommended to those people who are very closed-minded, as it helps them open the perception of the world around them.



Cracks of Bacchus

Sometimes this gem is found on Earth as a real stone bubble, which when cut in half is divided into 2 cracks showing its beautiful interior, these stones are commonly called “Bacchus’ Cracks” (In honor of Bacchus known to be the Greek god of desire and wine).

An ancient Greek legend tells that every time someone broke one of these stones, the satyr or spirit that inhabited that crystal was released and stayed close to the user to protect and brighten the life of the one who had released it.

Satyrs were known to be small hairy men, half goat-horned men, like their father Bacchus; always drunk, happy and joking who lived in the forest chasing nymphs to satisfy their sexual impulses, this is why they were used as male sexual enhancers.




Properties of agate for the body

Agates are special for reducing fever symptoms because they are cold gems while relaxing the heart, quieting the pulse.

They are used to calm stomach ailments, reduce thirst, give calm dreams, and reduce insomnia.

Those who carry an agate benefit from a long life.