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Alexandrite The Stone of Intelligence, Happiness and Self-Esteem

Alexandrite The Stone of Intelligence, Happiness and Self-Esteem1

The use of precious stones more frequent every time, when making rituals or to use it to clean the mind and the body. As the experts in the spiritual world say, some precious stones have the connection with the world that surrounds the human being, and at the same time, they can be used as a medium of communication to make humans harmonize with each other and connect with energies of this planet.

Some of these stones are used for its prices, others for its colors and some are used for its symbolism, and talking about the energies and the spiritual, each stone has a specific purpose. While some rocks help to calm the emotions and the strengths of the mind, others support the body by improving its vital functions; others are merely used to create emotional bonds with other people or to be used as protective amulets against the bad energies and spirits which shamans affirm to live between humans.

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Alexandrite: The stone of intelligence, happiness, and self-esteem

Alexandrite, is, for example, a precious stone that has a dark green color, when is exposed to light emit red and violet flashes. This stone constitutes a variety of chrysoberyl, one of the hardest minerals that exist. In this way, the most relevant characteristic of this gem and what often gives it more monetary value is that is has a different color according to how natural or artificial light influences.

Alexandrite results of the replacement in the small scale of the “aluminum,” through ions of chromium in the crystalline structure. This causes the intense absorption of the light from the stone in a tight range of wavelengths in the visible spectrum.

Alexandrite The Stone of Intelligence, Happiness and Self-Esteem 5

You can also say that is currently a coveted mineral by jewelers, and at the same time is considered a precious stone. It is also used in the manufacture of lasers that are often destined for hair removal, especially for the waxing of clear skins.

It is called like this in honor to a Russian tsar, the purest are the greens against the sunlight, and when they are impacted with the artificial light they turned reddish, these are often very limited, and its size is tiny, so this is why it’s an ideal crystal to treat tumors, and very serious illnesses. Used either as elixirs or as charms.

Alexandrite The Stone of Intelligence, Happiness and Self-Esteem 7


It helps the creativity and inspires imagination

Alexandrite is considered a great omen stone. In some critical situations, it is supposed to function to strengthen the intuition and the intelligence of the user and help the person to find new ways to move on of the situations where the logic can’t provide an answer. It is also famous for helping creativity and inspire the imagination. It is also used to develop the left hemisphere of the brain, to promote a balance between the mind, the physical body, and the spirit of the user.

They are also very used to treat osseous affections like arthritis, arthrosis, and other diseases. Because of its green color is very used to relax the vision through meditation and to stabilize the energies in restless environments. This stone is also able to attract good luck and abundance.

Alexandrite The Stone of Intelligence, Happiness and Self-Esteem 6

It could be used to cure tensions caused by problems of sexual nature, this refers primarily to issues of erectile dysfunction that men could have, and not only to prevent this problem but also to improve the potency of the user, increasing his sexual desire and his resistance. It is said that it’s the stone of the transformation and assists the user in any project of life. It also functions as a medium to unite with the power of ground and the universal love that it emanates.

Alexandrite The Stone of Intelligence, Happiness and Self-Esteem 3

The magic stone

In this way, this stone helps the user to discover and to connect with Earth positively since it expands the perspective of the user’s sight and helps to become one with the nature that surrounds the user.

It is also said that it is a magic stone because it changes its color according to the state of the person who carries the stone and because it announces danger in environments or situations in particular.

It is also used in the healing with crystals since it is said that it has a lot of healing properties in the physical and psychological aspect of the people. It helps to canalize the positive energy and thoughts, and at the same time, this stone helps to drive away the evil and its carrier. It’s able to help the person to keep an appropriate balance in life. It helps to clear doubts when taking decisions since its influences on people helps them to make bold choices and also protect them in undesired circumstances.

Alexandrite The Stone of Intelligence, Happiness and Self-Esteem 8


Prevent diseases

It is also known for its use to prevent the appearance of diseases associated with pancreas and the spleen. This stone is an aural fixer since it allows the incorporation of high spiritual vibrations that have to connect to the system of chakras that the body has. With this mineral is possible to make elixirs by the water-sun method.

This process consists in putting the Alexandrite inside of a glass jar and cover the stone with distilled water and a good quality white wine in equal parts. This jar is taken to the outside to receive sunlight, and it is also exposed to nightlight for seven days in a row.

Alexandrite The Stone of Intelligence, Happiness and Self-Esteem 1

Symbolizes men´s polarity

The resulting elixir can be consumed directly from de jar or with a dropper. This stone symbolizes men’s polarity, that means, the constant change of emotions that men are submitted daily and also expresses the evil and the goodness that are in himself and how these feelings converge with each other, creating a complete human being and creating an emotional balance.

Alexandrite The Stone of Intelligence, Happiness and Self-Esteem 2