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AMAZONITE STONE: Meaning, Properties and Use


When talking about jewelry and precious stones, the amazonite stone, over the years has taken an increasing role, either for use in decorative accessories, to demonstrate status within a group of individuals or as protective and spiritual symbols.

The sentimental value and symbolic value that these gems can have is increasing.

The benefits of these gems do not only go from manipulating bad energies and vibes, but they are also used to increase the convergence of the physical body with the mind.

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Amazonite symbol

The creation of jewelry with gems has changed over time and depending on the trend and cultures these accessories were taking a different use and a different value to which they have always been related, ie beyond decorative accessories.

Since the Middle Ages, man has sought symbols or talismans that protect them from negative energies and demons.

Just as the Christians adopted the cross, to protect themselves from the evils that inhabited the world.

This same Christian symbol was perhaps made with some other material than the conventional, even to have inlaid precious stones as it was believed that some of these managed to influence the energies around.

Amazonite 4

Properties of the amazonite

Some of the jewels created in the past were also made with amazonite, perhaps not very well known today among the great variety of precious stones that can be found in nature.

It belongs to the scarce green variety of the “microcline”, a mineral that belongs to the group of “feldspars”.

For many years it was thought that its greenish color was due to the copper it contained as the compounds and alloys of this metal are usually green or blue.

However, more recent studies concluded that its blue-green color is due to small amounts of lead and water that make up the composition of this gem.

Amazonite 8

Gem used for jewelry

Already in ancient Egypt, this gem was used as a gem for jewelry.

Later scientists deduced the name from the Amazon River, although to date not a single piece of amazonite has been found in that river.

Despite this Alexander von Humboldt reported, however, that an Indian tribe living on the Black River used to wear amazonite clothes and amulets made of the same material.

According to the beliefs, the gem has a powerful filtering action, that is, it is capable of absorbing bad energies and negative influences.



Uses of amazonite

According to the expert shamans of the tribes who believed in this stone and wore it, they claimed that these gems were extremely relaxing.

They also helped to check the two sides of a problem from different points of view, so as to make the right decision without being influenced by external energies and not to choose the wrong ones.

On an emotional level, the amazonite relieves emotional traumas, calming the worry and fear that these traumas bring.

It was also used to dispel negative energy and anger, as these feelings were believed to be alien to the human being.


Opens the chakras

At a healing level, it heals and opens the chakras located in the body, especially those in the heart and throat, thus promoting loving communication between partners, and giving the possibility of understanding the emotions and feelings of the other person.

The amazonite opens the third eye and intuition.

According to popular belief, the best place to position it on the body is at the affected point or simply wear it as a pendant or amulet to protect the wearer from radiation.

This is why it is currently advised to place it near computers or to stick it on the cell phone to prevent the light aces from hurting the eyes.

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From the above, it is stated that thanks to the high copper content of this stone, it is among the stones with the greatest healing power known. It was used by the indigenous people of the Amazon to protect themselves from the bites of poisonous insects.

Today it is used to calm down nervous people.

Placing it under your pillow ensures a deep, restful, and healthy night’s sleep. This stone is good to place in the chakra located in the laryngeal zone, allowing free creative expression and increasing understanding.

Amazonite 2

Relieves migraine and helps the heart

It is also used as an antispasmodic and relaxing for the area around the neck and spine, as well as the back area. It also relieves migraine, if small massages are performed with the stone in the area where the pain is located.

The amazonite is known to be able to synchronize the body with the mind to create a perfect state of balance of body-self and mind, which achieves a calming effect on the life of the person who owns one of these stones.

In a few words, the amazonite is indicated for people who suffer from nervous imbalances.

Useful for pain in the joints and lumbago, it is also suitable for people with anxiety problems and those with fears in general, insecurity and nervousness.

It used to be given away in ancient India to show affection for another person, and although its monetary value is not as high as that of other stones, its sentimental value made it and makes it very desirable for those who want a real balance in their life.