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Amber The Stone of Happiness, Protection and Longevity

Amber The Stone of Happiness, Protection and Longevity

As time goes by, precious gems have gain popularity in the world of esotericism and each time they are more used as alternative methods to modern medicine. This activity is called gemstone therapy; as the experts affirm, it has results for everyone who believes in this practice.

Far from being exclusive to decorate accessories, with the passing of time precious stones have taken another type of meaning to the different cultures and people that live on this planet.

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Amber: the stone of happiness, protection, and longevity

In this way, while some people still looking at gems as symbols of status and wealth, there are others that give meaning beyond the material sense, that is to say, the monetary value that a precious stone can have. Over the years, different cultures have used these precious stones increasingly either as protection symbols or to improve the emotional state or to improve their health.

As the popular belief says, each of the stones that can be founded in nature has a specific purpose, from the ones that drive away bad vibes, the ones that increase the virility and the sexual desire and even those that unite the mind with the body, creating a total state of balance on those who use it.

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A lot of stones are used in the spiritual world, some of them attract attention more than other by its colors, and others for its monetary value, and there are some others like Amber, although is one of the most expensive stones, is also one of the most influential in the esoteric world.

This is a stone that enters in the semi-precious stones category and is formed by fossilized vegetal resin originated mainly of remains of plants and some angiosperms. It can be founded in a natural state of grey color, although there are also varieties of yellow color, honey color, and some greenish shades.

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The resin as a protection mechanism

The trees that produce the resin do it as a protection mechanism against diseases or insect infestations; both can end the life of a tree. When the bark of a tree is hurt because of a crack or attacks from insects that attack the wood, bacteria or fungus, the tree produces the resin.

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After the resin is oozed to the outside, it gets hard by means of a process called polymerization that happens inside also of clayey or sandy rocks, and sometimes the limestone rocks, that were formed in deltaic areas of the rivers, generally having a lot of organic matter associated inside, and these materials are preserved inside of the stone for millions of years. A clear example of this, are the mosquitos that remain “petrified” inside the stones of Amber.

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Properties of amber stone

In ancient times it was thought that this stone has magical and miracle properties, used by a lot of cultures as talismans or homemade medicinal remedies. For example, currently in Mexico is used as protection against the evil eye. Instead, Greeks realized of its electrical and conductive properties when it was rubbed with other objects.

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In this way, experts in gemstone therapy affirm that Amber has a lot of properties including spiritual, energetic and even stimulating properties. Amber helps in the recovery of parts of the body that had been hurt and sped the process of healing and also influence in negative energies and enhances positive powers for better recovery of diseases and ills that the carrier of this stone have. It is believed so much in the healing properties of Amber that, in ancient times, it was used as necklaces to prevent rheumatic diseases.

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Amber: The stone of the sun

The experts affirm that energy of the Amber stone comes from the sun, due to its golden-yellowish characteristic color. It is believed that this stone helps to impregnate the power from the sun to the person, providing the user an amount of overflowing energy and vitality, relieving the individual from pains in general and diseases.

It also helps to strengthen the immune system and at the same time is a good fighter against stress, provide the power and harmony to the body and the mind creating a total state of balance and stability.

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Amber fights against depression

This stone is recommended for those people who own a troubled and closed mind, since it helps to clear the ideas and the brain, stimulating at the same time the intellect and the creativity.

It fights depression since it keeps the user in an entirely positive mental state. Also, it is associated with the umbilical chakra, this chakra is the center of all main energies of the physical body, so this stone is considered very useful in the therapy with crystals.

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Healing properties of amber

A long time ago, the Amber was crushed and mixed with honey, and later was applied in the ears to mitigate pains that were produced there.

Currently, the Amber is used to fight the flu, epilepsy attacks, and convulsions, and as a necklace to fight the goiter and the tonsils inflammation, that are often very frequented especially on kids. When is used as a necklace, protects the children of teeth pains and other oral infections?

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A loving stone that encourages the union and solidarity

Is a stone very used to clean the negative energies and it was also used to line the chakras. It should be noted that the stone that is put in strategic points to line the chakras is the golden Amber since is related very closely with the sun.

It is believed that this stone is a warm stone, able to encourage the union, is associated with creativity and solidarity. Without doubts, this stone doesn’t have anything to wish for since is full of positive vibrations will make a valuable object to anyone who owns it.

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