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Amethyst: The Stone of Love, Protection, and Dreams

Amethyst The Stone of Love, Protection and Dreams

Previously, precious gems symbolized social status and represented the wealth amount that a person can own. People of high society generally used these gems, but with the passing of time the meaning of them start changing, and its uses became each time more often in spiritualism and its use in protection accessories as the amulets and talismans.

In this way, the monetary meaning of the stone it usually wasn’t related to the spiritual and sentimental meaning that they used to have each of these beautiful gems.

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Amethyst: The stone of love, protection, and dreams

The gem that has taken a meaning beyond the money has been Amethyst, with the passing of time it has made a spiritual value each time higher between spiritualists and shamans, used to some functions about emotions and feelings of the human being. The Amethyst is a macrocrystalline violet variety of quartz. Its color could be more or less intense according to the amount of iron that it owns.

It could be presented colored in some areas with transparent or yellow quartz. The tips are often darker or tend to degraded until it acquires colorless quartz. Although this gem is very resistant to acids, is very sensitive to heat. When is heated above 300°C it turns its color to brown, yellow, orange or green, according to the quality of the stone and where it comes from.

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As it was said before, when the Amethyst is heated to 450°C it turns yellow, but when it reaches a temperature of 500°C it becomes to an intense orange color, which is why is called “burned Amethyst”, and when it reaches the temperature of 600°C it turns to a milky white color.

These coloring changes are due to the changes in the amount of iron that constitutes it, like other impurities. The characteristic color of the amethyst can be recovered (Purple) when it is submitted to irradiations. It differentiates itself from other stones treated with heat because it shows dichroism in bluish purple and reddish purple.

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The most valued and searched by jewelers

This gem is the variety of quartz most valued and searched by jewelers. Even the most perfects are used for jewelry, and the surplus is used to make artistic objects. Traditionally this stone entered in the category of the rocks with more value together with the more Kwon gems.

Due to its importance as a precious stone, there are some terms in the world of jewelry that are used to refer to it by its different shades of colors, whose colors are often from light lilac color, intense violet with red flashes, this last one is the most valued variety, because it was considered the purest. And finally, you can find a variety of Amethyst that acquires a yellowish shade very similar to the color of Amber.

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The story of the amethyst

The name of this gem comes from the Greek “amethystos” since this stone was considered a powerful antidote against the drunkenness. As the Greek mythology said, Dionysus, God of the wine and the debauchery, he courted a beautiful maid called Amethystos who pretended to stay virgin, pure and beautiful. The Goddess Artemisia heard her wishes and transformed the maid in white stone. Dionysus, humiliated, wanted to apologize by pouring wine over the sand, staining the stone of purple color. As the popular belief of Greeks said, the Amethyst had magical powers.

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Ideal to use it when we sleep

This stone was placed under the pillow or used in the moment of sleeping, to remove the nightmares and all those evil spirits that could be around the home of the carrier, it was also used to heal insomnia, it was also used to cause pleasant dreams, sweet, healing and even prophetic.

Also, it ensured that you don’t sleep more than the necessary since it was thought that malicious demons caused the idleness and laziness. It is said that it is the stone of peace. When daily life’s tensions overgrow in the inside, you only have to hold one of these stones in the right hand if you are left-handed or in the left one if you are right-handed, so in this way the comforting energy that the rock emanates flood the body of anyone who owns it.

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Calms the fears

Can ease the fears, raise the hopes of the user, raise the spirit and make one the mind of the user and the body, getting a total state of emotional and mental balance. At the same time, it encourages the thoughts of the spiritual reality and the emotional storms. Another of the coincidences of this stone is blocking the geopathic tensions and the power of the high states of conscience and meditation. In this way, this precious stone helps to overcome addictions especially the alcohol addictions. It gives courage and helps in dangerous situations; it is very recommended to travelers since as the widespread belief says, this stone protects people from robbers, the diseases and danger that can mean something and bring the travels.

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Sharpen the sixth sense

In this way, the esoteric experts affirm this gem also helps to sharpen the sixth sense that the human beings have. This is why is common to see people placing a piece of Amethyst in their tarot’s cards, runes or symbolic coins, since it allows the information that comes from the psychic mind could be appropriately used by the physical body and because it cleans the oracle after its use, transforming the energies of the people who have been made fortune telling.

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Stimulates the ingenuity

In the same way, this gem sharpens the conscious mind, encouraging the ingenuity and increasing the mental powers that people who own this stone have. It is also used to improve the memory and to keep appropriate thoughts related with goals, without the need of making bad decisions that can affect the life of the person and the presence of everyone else.

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