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AQUAMARINE STONE: Meaning, Properties and Uses

Aquamarine The Stone of Beauty, Loyalty and Protection

Aquamarine is a very precious gem in jewelry due to its hardness, allowing a great diversity of cuts. Pale blue-green color has great proximity to the Emerald.

Its name comes from its color, since, its color reminds the seawater.

The beryl is a mineral of magmatic origin associated much to the “granitic” rocks, reason why their varieties, like the aquamarine, also are it.

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Characteristics of aquamarine

Aquamarine originates, usually at temperatures ranging from 600C° to 1000C°.

They can also be found in hydrothermal deposits, associated with other types of stones not only these in particular.

It is common to find this gem in almost all places where there is ordinary beryl, where you can find varieties of all colors and sizes.

Aquamarine The Stone of Beauty, Loyalty and Protection 8

The Sailor’s Stone

Also due to its color, this gem was known in ancient times as the sailor’s stone, and it was considered to have the energy of the waves, like the tides, which come and go, rise and fall, tending for a few moments to loneliness, reflection, and meditation to emerge later with strength and energy.

This is why sailors wore it as protective talismans against seasickness, storms, and sirens.

Similarly, during the Middle Ages, alchemists thought that this stone helped prevent water retention and improved digestion, it was also believed that it served as an antidote against any poison.


The stone of courage

According to spiritualist belief, aquamarine is the stone of courage. Its calming energies are often used to keep the tides flowing, reduce stress and are able to relax the mind, as well as harmonize the environment and protect against evil and the passing of the years.

Psychologically speaking, this gem is similar to people with sensitive personalities, since it has the power to invoke the tolerance of those who invoke the user.

In turn, it calms the mind, removing malicious thoughts, and helps to alleviate fear and increase sensitivity.

According to spiritualists, it also sharpens the intuition and provokes the gift of clairvoyance.

It is highly recommended for the practice of meditation, as it protects the aura and aligns the chakras, cleaning in turn, the throat.

Some experts recommend placing this stone in strategic points or drink it as an elixir.

Aquamarine The Stone of Beauty, Loyalty and Protection 10


Body properties

The ancient Egyptians used to place aquamarine beads between the bandages of the mummies as it was believed to help the dead by guiding them on the path to the afterlife and protecting them.

This gem is believed to strengthen the central nervous system. This stone is indicated for pains in the jaws and teeth. It is also used to improve and strengthen the vocal cords, so it usually favors singing.

It also relieves laryngitis and fights to stutter. Similarly stabilizes the heart rate, stimulates, and balances the thymus, is useful for the treatment of contractures especially in the cervical area.

Aquamarine cures and prevents skin impurities. It strengthens the liver, the kidneys, and the vessel. It balances adrenal, thyroid, lymphatic system, and hormonal problems. It is also said that aquamarine helps to reduce problems of fluid retention, they also claim that this stone helps to improve vision.

Aquamarine The Stone of Beauty, Loyalty and Protection 5


Purifying stone

This beautiful stone is also used and worn in order to increase psychic powers. It is said that wearing an aquamarine pendant reduces the dominance of our conscious mind over our psychic mind, thus allowing the psychic impulses of the wearer to be heard and to enter into the consciousness of the person wearing the pendant.

As a purifying stone, it can be used in cleansing rituals. For this purpose, a piece of aquamarine should be rubbed on the body as if it were soap.

However, experts recommend always cleaning the stone before its next use. It is also used to calm and mitigate emotional problems. It is a stone of peace, joy, and happiness, especially in personal relationships.

It is capable of powerfully attracting romantic situations, however, it lacks the power to bind with solidity the situations that it propitiates.


Stone of Peace

The strong message that is usually transmitted by this stone is the message of peace since whoever uses this stone can transmit peace to another person just by meditating, ensuring peace for his person and then peace for that person to whom he wishes to dedicate the same peace he has acquired with the stone.