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Aventurine The Stone of Balance, Trust and Tranquility

Aventurine The Stone of Balance, Trust and Tranquility

Some gems are used in the esoteric world for its magical properties. And some people assure that stones have energies and can influence on them, giving to the carrier positive emotional states and providing a total state of balance to connect mind and body. These stones are no longer considered exclusively for jewelry, and it’s more common to see how these stones are used to improve the state of a person.

In this way, the symbolic value these gems have acquired important with the passing of the years. Even then, they haven’t stopped been valued by its rarity and its price; besides to show a higher status compared to other individuals, they are used for healing purposes, replacing in some cases modern medicine.

For example, an almost unknown stone, as aventurine is used in esoteric and spiritualists rituals since unlike its monetary value, its magical amount is vast comparing to its price.

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Aventurine is known for being a variety of quartz

In words mentioned before, aventurine is known for being a variety of quartz. The presence of inclusions characterizes this gem, what gives its characteristic green color and causes shiny especial reflexes that are known under the name of aventurine effect.

This gem in its natural state is quartz that is constituted by little pieces of yellow mica with golden reflections. The color is commonly light brown or reddish white, but they can also be found in nature yellow, brown, white and green shades, being the last color the most frequent.

One of the most used gems in gemstone therapy is the quartz, known by many as the “stone of health,” due to its healing properties about different diseases and illness a person could suffer and also helps to prevent them. Aventurine is one of the varieties of quartz; Its name comes from the Italian word “Ventura” that means luck. Although the name of Agate from India also knows it.

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It slows down aging

This stone is a semi-precious gem that can be found in its natural form, in color green, blue, golden or iridescent, opaque or translucent, almost transparent. It is known for some people as the stone of longevity, due to the popular belief that says this gem slow down aging and helps its carrier avoid being afraid of aging, thanks to the vibration that emanates from the stone and to the energy that projects that contribute to causing serenity and patience to those who owns it.

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Provides balance between the mind and the body

This stone also has positive and prosperity attributes, can absorb negative energies and also provide a balance between the mind and the body, so this is why the experts indicate this stone for people with stress, nerves, and decay for the excess of work or just because of diseases.

Psychologically, this stone helps to strengthen and improve the attributes of leadership and decision, it also promotes compassion to others or any other beings that constitute life, and it also increases the empathy. It also strengthens the perseverance.

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Stone of prosperity

The esoteric experts call it the stone of prosperity. It is used to create little amulets and place them in gardens or houses to counteract the geopathic tensions. It is recommended to use pieces of this stone and stick them near the electrical devices especially cell phones and computers to absorb the electromagnetic emanations of these objects. It also helps to stabilize the mental state, stimulating the perception of the world that surrounds the carrier and increasing its creativity and the receptivity of the person.

Physically, this gem can create a sense of wellness, balancing the masculine energies, that means, repressing negative emotions and strengthen the positives, this happens precisely with women also because it protects the heart’s chakra.

At healing level, the experts assure that aventurine benefits the nervous system and has the property of stimulating the metabolism. It has anti-inflammatory effects, and this stone is very beneficial for the health of the skin if it’s taken as an elixir.

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The energy of the stone

The energy of this stone revitalizes throughout the day, which is the moment when it opens to capture the energy of the forest, same with the plants, and retracts during the night absorbing inside the impurities that the stone caught with its magnetic field to be recycled in the ground.

This stone is full of telluric energies, and it is said that it transmits all the energy of the plant’s kingdom, it is also very related to forest and plants. It is said that it oxygenates the body and removes the impurities that are in the aura.

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Stone of eternity

As a stone of eternity, this stone helps its carrier to avoid being scared of time and aging. This gem transmits serenity because, when expanding the receptivity of the person can realize by himself that time is only a temporary illusion.

For those who live in big cities it’s very recommended, because with its vibrations can neutralize the bad influences of the city and the pollution of the environment, that is also in water and foods, capturing the toxins of our body throughout the day and releasing them at night, and this is why it is said that Aventurine is a stone of day and night thanks to its multiple functions at different times of day.

Previously aventurine was used to heal plants and stimulate its growth because it is very related with plants and forests it is said that the good energies the stones have, improve the harvests efficiently, by making them more abundant and protecting the plants from plagues and elements.

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