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Baby Jewelry: Gifts & Souvenirs For Life

Baby Jewelry Gifts & Souvenirs For Life


The baby jewelry is an unforgettable memory for the special moment when a new member in the family comes, or someone from our close group of acquaintances and friends has just brought the world a new and precious baby.

It is common that it comes to mind: so, what are we going to give him or her for this special occasion? well, in the market we will find many options: clothes, stuffed animals, or diapers which are usual, but if recent parents are very close to you, the best thing is to stand out from the rest with a gift that lasts a lifetime and is part of a unique memory, we are talking about baby jewelry.

Baby Jewelry: Gifts and Souvenirs for Life

There is nothing more special in the world than the arrival of a new member to the family or your group of friends! But if in addition to that, the news is related to the illusion and the privilege of being chosen as the baby’s godfather or godmother, that joy will be undoubtedly double or more!

It is customaryto give a baby jewelry gift when a baby arrives.However, special care must be taken with the choice we make, because we have to take into account some details.

What to keep in mind when giving earrings for a baby

  • If the baby is a little girl, you can give the earrings as a present, which are the first earrings.
  • They must be small and close to the ear. Clearly, you cannot give large earrings or hanging earrings, as they could be pulled by your baby and hurt!
  • The clasp must cover completely the back of the earring.
  • It is best if the earrings are made of gold, because other material could cause the baby to have an allergic reaction or infection.

Baby Jewelry: The World of Children’s Jewelry

In the world of baby jewelry and baby accessories we will find an endless number of ideas that, if you have been fortunate enough to be chosen as the godfather or godmother of a newborn for his or her baptism, and although they are pieces that the baby can enjoy while he or she is small, will be a great personal detail when he or she grows up and becomes older, therefore that object will always be a memory of that special day and the wonderful godfathers.

A very common decision among the parents of a newborn baby and especially if it is a beautiful girl, is to choose the earrings, and although some parents prefer to wait until their baby girl is older and can choose for herself, there are many who choose to put small earrings on their baby a few days after birth and even a few hours after it.

One of the most frequent pieces of jeweler for babies are children’s earrings which are usually considered one of the most traditional and frequent details when giving a gift to new parents. Because, in any case, and of course, put them on at the moment you prefer, one thing is quite clear, girls look very beautiful with their earrings! Therefore, newborn earrings are going to be a special memory that they will be able to keep for a lifetime.

Tips for Buying Baby Earrings

Once you have made up your mind, it is very important to consider a few tips to help you know how to choose your baby earrings.

  • First your baby’s safety

Although, we often let ourselves go by the temptation of some children’s cartoons with which we think our baby will be perfect, the first thing we have to look for is, above all, that the earrings are very safe and are adapted for a newborn baby.

And don’t worry about the design, there are many beautiful and very original children’s models of baby jewelry that are designed to grant everysafety guarantees which is after all, the most important before giving the gift.

  • The type of hitch.

Another aspect that we have to take into consideration is the type of hitch, especially the screw of the earring for the baby. In order to arrive with the ideal model, we have to try to make sure that it is a completely flat or blunt screw, which avoids the risk that the little one rubbing on the skin of her neck, or on her face while she is alone or asleep.

  • Hypoallergenic material.

In order for us to avoid allergies in babies, the material of all jewelry for babies has to be hypoallergenic. It is suggested to choose (whenever possible), 18 carat gold earrings or silver earrings, because these materials reduce the risk of allergic reactions by a high percentage.

  • The size of the earring.

Finally, another very important detail to take into consideration when choosing a baby jewelry, in this case an earring, has to be the size of this and the thickness of the filament to be inserted into the ear. Before buying any type of newborn earring we must take into consideration its morphology, and try to choose a piece that is accorded to her size and age.

Once the decision is made, parents have several options when choosing where to place their baby’s earrings. There are many hospitals that already provide this service and even before mother and daughter are discharged from it. If not, you can always choose to take some time off and, once you have spent the first few days or weeks with your child at home, make choice among the options.

Factors to Consider whenPutting Jewelry to Babies

Some factors to take into account when deciding to put some jewelry to our little children:

Many people from different cultures wear jewelry daily and some jewelry carries a truly important meaning, for instance, if it is an inheritance that was passed within the family…


  • A little of history!

When we look back in history, we can see different types of jewelry, made from various precious metals and gems that have been used by people of many civilizations.


Our ancestors used jewels to decorate their bodies, to differentiate themselves between men and women, and they were also used to show power and authority; such as amulets to protect themselves from evil, and even they were part of all kinds of rituals. In some ancient cultures it was even very common to see more men than women wearing jewelry.

  • A spiritual perspective!

Spiritual research was carried out, which showed that the person can obtain benefits from each of the spiritual properties of the jewels. These benefits include the person gaining divine consciousness and thereby reducing the negative energy.

The different types of jewelry we use are related to specific parts of the body. Each part is linked to a specific chakra, so the divine consciousness that is activated in the part of the body where the jewel is worn is in charge of purifying and awakening the chakra related to that part.

  • Baby Jewelry: Thebenefit of Wearing Jewelry

Another benefit of wearing jewelry includes receiving acupressure therapy on the part of the body where the jewelry is worn. As a result, the bad energy of the body is reduced, which provides a free flow of divine consciousness. Acupressure therapy can relieve physical, psychological and spiritual distress.

This is why many mothers prefer to wear the traditional red bracelet for their baby.

Grandmothers have always told us that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and therefore, they can transmit an incredibly powerful energy, so when we are looking at others with hatred or envy, we are transmitting negative energy and vice versa.

A bracelet made of string, thread or other material that is red,protects us from these conscious and unconscious sights. They are usually used on the left wrist, because the left hand symbolizes the desire to receive, thus creating a protective aura that keeps all negative energy away.

Baby Jewelry: Red Baby Bracelet

And where does this red baby bracelet tradition come from? In different parts of the world, a red string tied to the wrist has a meaning that transcends the aesthetic.

First of all, according to Kabbalah – which is a Jewish tradition – envious and malicious looks can prevent us from reaching our full potential, and some people consider those looks of resentment as destructive thoughts towards us. Therefore, the color red helps you to limit that negative energy, and it operates as a “shield of protection” against all that bad energy directed in that way.

This baby jewelry, the red bracelet, has to be worn on the left hand because it is considered by the Kabbalah as the side of the reception for the body and soul. By using the red cord on the left wrist, we can receive a vital connection of all the protective energies of the universe.

In some of the ceremonies of Hinduism, red bracelets are referred to as the “kalaya” or “mauli” whose meaning is understood as “above all” and their purpose is to obtain multiple blessings. The red cord has to be tied on the man’s right wrist, while the woman’s should be on the left wrist.

In several Latin American countries, it is very common for babies and all young children to have a red cord on their wrists or ankles to prevent them from being “cursed” and growing up healthy and strong. Whether it is a simple red macramé string or some more complex bracelets made with all kinds of jades, eyes, medals, gems, etc., the color red (especially in baby jewelry) is a millennial tradition around the world and with a deep spiritual meaning.

Is baby jewelry getting out of hand?

We had already known many things about breastfeeding, and different kinds of reactions to it, but we had not yet seen jewelry based on breast milk! And yet, there are more and more proposals in this line about this type of baby jewelry.

Evidently, breastfeeding is a jewel and a precious gift for the baby, and the mother has no doubt about it.Now there is also a way to wear this jewel in a more conventional way, beauty and tenderness in the form of jewelry! Anne Marie Sharpoupim is a mother and now also a jewelry designer.

Sharpoupim, as a result of her experience with breastfeeding, decided to go one step further and thank nature for this gesture. It is also a gift for all those supportive mothers who donate their milk to breast milk banks in hospitals, for example.

Anne’s case was very similar, because she had many problems that made it difficult for her to breastfeed her second child, but the child turned out to have a cow’s milk intolerance which made everything much more complicated.

In the midst of all this complication and problems, Anne obtained a donation of breast milk from a friend in order to feed him, and as a result of this generous and life-giving gesture, she decided to make a whole line of jewelry from breast milk.

The creator herself has defined her jewelry as a kind of mother’s medal and what she wanted to symbolize with Mamma’s Liquid Love, that is to say, with the line of jewelryfor babies that she founded for this reason, made up of all kinds of rings, necklaces and earrings that have breast milk inside them.It is like an accomplice secret, because unless you know it, it is already very difficult, if not impossible, to realize the secret ingredient contained in these incredible jewelry.