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Beryl: The Stone of the Traveler, Promotes Independence

Beryl The Stone of the Traveler, Promotes Independence

The use of gems for healing therapies has increased over time, some of these gems are used for specific purposes, but these purposes depend on the properties of them, which are usually associated with the colors or the place of origin of them. Despite the monetary value of these stones, it’s not related to magic properties; the more exotic these stones are, the more features they have, and the more beneficial they are to people.

One of the most critical crystals in this field has been the Beryl, It used to be exclusively for the manufacture of decorative accessories and ornaments, and it is also being implemented by gem therapists to improve the general state of the body due to its properties. The mineral beryl is a “’beryllium silicate cycle” and aluminum.

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Beryl: The traveler´s stone that promotes independence

The crystals of this stone usually appear in nature in the form of hexagonal crystals that typically vary in size, being small and even reaching some Beryl crystals to measure several meters high. Despite this, Beryl crystals finished, are extremely rare.

They have a glassy appearance and can become transparent and even translucent. Pure beryl is colorless, but it is widespread to find it dyed by impurities, being possible to find beryl with green, blue, yellow, red and even white colors.

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Recognized for its beauty

Although Beryl itself is not considered a precious stone, some of its variants have been considered precious gems since prehistoric times. It is also recognized in the Bible for its beauty, being described as the wheels where God sits with the appearance of shining Beryllium.

Each type of beryl is given a unique name depending on its shade, like green beryl is better known as Emerald, while red beryl is known as Bixbite, blue beryl is known as Aquamarine, and so each shade of Beryl has its distinctive name, but all of them belongs to a single family of precious stones, the only thing that makes the difference are its shades.

According to the beliefs of nomads and druids, Beryllium used to show how to do the things you needed to do, rather than the things you wanted to do; this was fundamental since it was believed that this stone helped people to survive and at the same time kept them away from their impure desires.

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Represents the purity of the human being

It is the right stone to help the person get rid of the unnecessary and help the person relax if they have very high-stress levels. It represents the purity of the human being and is an excellent stone for meditation since the gypsies used it to create crystal balls because it was believed that the vibrations it emitted were able to transmit visions of the future and helped to interpret the same messages.

It also helped to receive the energies of nature, and it used to serve as a translator to help to understand these messages. It is believed Beryl attracts and activates the chakras at the coronary level and the chakras located in the solar plexus.

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Beryl boosts courage

Psychologically it boosts courage, helps to release tension, is a good relaxant. On the spiritual level, it serves to see things positively by extending the perception of the world around the carrier. It is highly recommended by experts to develop the gifts of vision.

It was also considered since ancient times a detoxifying and sight-strengthening crystal, this crystal was often cut to make visual accessories, and this gem was used to make lenses.

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Used to make predictions

Druids and shamans used Beryl crystals to make predictions, this process was done by feeling the vibrations emanating from the gem, and they interpreted them.

According to experts, the beryl crystals are very akin to the chakras in general, but especially the Emerald which is associated with the heart chakra, the Aquamarine instead opens the throat chakra, and the Heliodorus is related to the solar plexus chakra.

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They are constant sources of energy that helps the carrier to balance the mood and the powers of his inner self; they can protect the aura from external energies and negative energies since this stone serves as a sponge and absorbs the bad vibes wherever they are directed to the carrier.

It is also used by people who are studying because it helps to retain the information acquired. In the past, the stone was used in rituals to attract rainfall during the dry season and avoid losing the crops.

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Stimulates optimism and good humor

They were also used to stimulate optimism and good humor. It is the ideal stone to treat kidney problems and problems associated with the intestine. This stone is associated with water signs, but this is not fully proven since the stone is equally beneficial to all without distinction of signs.

This stone is prescribed to those unfortunate ones who have had no luck in love because it attracts love and dangerous romance. And it is used in those marriages where the “spark” had vanished, giving back to the couple the fieriness they had when they were newly married.

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Beryl stone increases the man´s masculinity and desire

It increases the man’s masculinity and desire, and at the same time enhances the woman’s relaxation, evaporating the stress of her life.

For people who smoke or were smokers, it is a beneficial stone because it increases the circulatory system and decreases lung diseases, and offers the user courage and bravery to quit, especially as mentioned above the vice to tobacco.

The properties of Beryl are only limited by the faith of the person who makes use of it, providing tranquility, harmony and relieving the stress, it is the preferred stone for those who desire a quiet life.

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