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Top 10 World’s Biggest Diamonds & Diamond Myths And Curiosities

Top 10 World's Biggest Diamonds

Natural diamonds can only be produced about 160 kilometers below the earth’s surface because that is where there is a perfect pressure and temperature to compact the carbon of which they are composed. The diamonds we can know today were formed millions or even billions of years ago; they came to the surface because of the submarine eruptions of magma, which are much more potent than the volcanic eruptions of today.

Most natural diamonds can be found in Australia, Brazil, Borneo, Russia, and several African countries. Today, however, scientists make synthetic diamonds, and they require temperatures of 3632°F and pressures of 50,000 to 100,000 atmospheres.

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Top 10 Biggest Diamonds in the World

In this section, we will introduce you to a top ten of the world’s biggest diamonds and some myths and curiosities about diamonds that you probably didn’t know before.

Many large diamonds have become famous for being a clear example of beautiful nature and also for the famous people who have used them, have in their possession as a collector’s item, buy them or sell them. Some of the world’s biggest diamonds were sold at auctions for a few million dollars, and that speaks to how valuable they can be.

Wealth and power are often measured because they possess some of the most desirable and valuable diamonds, precious stones or other precious metals. Now, we’ll introduce you to our top ten of the world’s biggest diamonds.

biggest diamonds 1



10. Millennium Star Diamond- 203.04 carats (40.608 g)

Starting with our Top 10 biggest diamonds is the Millennium Star Diamond. This gem is about 203.04 carats, which is about 40.608 g, it is also the second highest grade diamond, being colorless D grade and is owned by De Beers. It was discovered in Mbuji-Mayi, a region of the Democratic Republic of Congo during 1990, specifically found in alluvial deposits and cut from an original stone of about 777 carats.

The price is unknown, but this diamond was insured for $160,320,000.



9. Red Cross Diamond – 205.07 carats (41.014 g)

In the 9th position is the Red Cross Diamond. It is a beautiful yellow canary diamond and was found in the Kimberley mines of South Africa during 1901, was given as a gift to the British Red Cross Society for the sale of art in 1918, which was carried out in London by Christie’s.

This gem is about 205.07 carats, which is 41,014 g. The price of this diamond is estimated at $3,206,400.

biggest diamonds Red Cross Diamond


8. Diamond De Beers – 234.65 carats (46.930 g)

Number 8, we found the De Beers Diamond. This 234.65-carat diamond, which comes to 46,930 g it is the Diamond De Beers Diamond and was located in the Kimberly mines during 1888. Initially, it weighed 428.5 carats.

However, it is not known where it was cut, but most likely it was cut in Amsterdam. On the other side, the value of the diamond is unknown.

Diamond De Beers biggest diamonds





7. Diamond Jubilee – 245.35 carats (49.070 g)

It currently weighs 245.35 carats, equivalent to about 49,070 g, but the original stone weighed 650.80 carats and was found during 1895 at the Jagersfontein mine in South Africa

Formerly, this diamond was known as the Reitz Diamond but was renamed to honor the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s coronation in 1897. Also, it was listed as a colorless E grade diamond; however, its price is unknown.

Diamond Jubilee biggest diamonds


6. Centennial Diamond – 273.85 carats (54,770 g)

The Centennial weights 273.85 carats, which amounts to 54.770 g, although the original stone weighed 599 carats. Found on July 17, 1986, and cut by a team led by Gabi Tolkowsky.

The current owner, the location and value of this gem are unknown, but the stone was secured for $100 million during 1991.

Centennial Diamond biggest diamonds


5. Diamond Spirit of Grisogono – 312.24 carats (62.448 g)

Grisogono Spirit weights 312.24 carats, which comes to 62.448 g.  It is the largest cut black diamond in the world. The stone was found in West Central Africa, and before it was cut it weighed 587 carats.

The precious gemstone is arranged in a white gold ring and is inlaid with about 702 smaller white diamonds and has a total of 36.69 carats. Its value is entirely unknown.

Diamond Spirit of Grisogono biggest diamonds



4. Diamond Cullinan II – 317.4 carats (63.480 g)

It is also known as “The Little Star of Africa” and weighs 317.4 carats, which is equivalent to 63,480 g. The fourth largest polished diamond in the world, this diamond is a large, colorless D-grade gemstone located in the center of the Crown of the Imperial State of Great Britain.

Its value has been estimated at approximately $200 million.



3. Incomparable Diamond – 407.48 carats (81,496 g)

This Incomparable Diamond weights 407.48 carats, and this equals 81,496 g. It was found by a small girl who was playing with the rubble of the MIBA Diamond Mine belonging to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Before being cut it weighted 890 carats, the gem was the biggest diamond in the world. The value of this gem is approximately $20 million.

biggest diamonds Incomparable Diamond jewelry kay biggest diamonds



2. Cullinan I Diamond – 530.20 carats (106.040 g)

The Cullinan Diamond weights 530.20 carats, which is 106.040 g. It is cataloged as the biggest diamond of rough gem-quality ever located and has a pear shape.

Well known as the “Star of Africa,” this gem has the perfect white color for a perfect D color, and its value is estimated at $400 million.




1. Golden Jubilee Diamond – 545.67 carats (109.134 g)

To finish the top ten we have the Golden Jubilee Diamond. This diamond weighs 545.67 carats, and this is about 109.134 g. It is currently listed as the world’s biggest diamond. The gem was discovered during 1985 at the Premier mine in South Africa and cut by Gabriel Tolkowsky. Its value has been estimated at $12 million.

biggest diamonds number 1 golden jubile



Myths and curiosities about diamonds

We’ve already seen the Top 10 biggest diamonds, and now we’ll discover some myths and curiosities about diamonds. Diamonds are some of the most prized minerals around the world for their hardness, shine, and strength. Like a precious gemstone, it adorns pieces of all kinds of jewelry, being commonly used in the design of order rings, but also of wedding rings and all sorts of creations. The price of diamonds varies greatly, as do their purity and characteristics, and many curiosities help to increase their attractiveness. We’ll tell you some of them:

Throughout the history of the world, diamonds have been very popular, for their properties such as shine and hardness, and they were also cataloged as the kings of precious stones and materials used in industry.

The name of the diamond comes from the derivation of the Greek word “Adamas,” which means unalterable, although the Greeks possibly applied it to any stone.

biggest diamonds 2


Curiosities: Diamonds are the hardest material

It is said that diamonds are the hardest material found in the earth, but it is a lie because if there are materials harder than the diamond being this lonsdaleite, which is formed in the impacts of asteroids. Another element is the wurtzite, which is formed by volcanic eruptions, are around 58 and 18% harder than diamond, although, they are much rarer to find than this, and much more expensive.

Many years ago there was a myth that diamonds were blood, but let us tell you that these gems have a trade process that was endorsed in 2000 by the UN, being the Kimberley Certification Process Scheme. According to provisions, rough diamonds can only be imported and exported with the certificate of the exporting country, that is, they can not belong to a conflict zone.

According to the World Diamond Council, 1% of the market today consists of “blood diamonds,” which means that they come from regions of conflict and are used to pay for wars.

Diamonds can be produced from tequila; during 2008 UNAM scientists discovered that it was possible to process tequila to make diamonds. However, it is like a “diamond dust,” which is not big enough to be used in jewelry.

biggest diamonds 3


More Curiosities

Not all diamonds have to be small, because Australian astronomers have recently discovered a diamond planet.

Many believe that artificial diamonds are less “pure” than natural ones. Currently, two companies make diamonds from human ashes; in Mexico, we can find this service. A half-carat diamond needs at least 500 grams of ash (the remainder of which is returned at the end of the process) and costs about $8,000.

These artificial diamonds are very similar to natural diamonds thanks to the impurities inherent in human ash, which create some unique varieties or ‘defects’ that increase their market value. The artificial ones, made in carbon laboratories, obtain much higher levels of transparency.

In the city of Mirny in Siberia, we can find the largest mine of these precious stones. It is about 1200 meters in diameter and about 500 meters deep but was abandoned during 2004.

But for curious people like you, we have another fact: the largest diamond mine is not on our planet, but preferably in the constellation of Centaurus about 50 light years from our world. The scientists who found it claim that it has a thousand billion carats of diamonds and about 4023 km in diameter. It was named BPM 37093, but astronomers often call it Lucy because of the song “Music in the sky with diamonds” by the Beatles.

The oldest use of diamonds was to polish the axes.

biggest diamonds 4


Diamonds: A bad investment

There is evidence that the ancient Chinese are engaged in making ruby or sapphire axes (they are the same material but in different colors) and since these are cataloged as the second hardest material on earth, they could only have been polished with the use of diamonds. The Chinese gave these axes a mirror finish; this dates back some 4,500 years.

Although many may not believe it, diamonds are not rare, although they are a bit difficult to find, they are not completely rare. The supply of diamonds exceeds the demand in the market. However, De Beers creates an artificial deficit, i.e., it accumulates large quantities of diamonds to make them rarer and thus their price rises. How many diamonds does De Beers have in its warehouses? No one knows him until now.

Diamonds are not at all rare on Earth, which is why it is no wonder that they are rare in space during 2004 when astronomer Travis Metcalfe of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics discovered a dead star about 4,000 kilometers in diameter that became a diamond when it contracted after losing all its energy. It is a massive diamond of about 10 billion trillion carats, yet it is located 50 light years from our planet.

biggest diamonds 30

Diamonds are a terrible investment for those who want to make money with them because the companies that market the diamonds have complete control of the market and it is almost impossible to sell a diamond for the same price that has been paid for it. This is because they spend incredible sums of money to promote the notion that diamonds have to be preserved and pass from generation to generation, thus discouraging jewelers from buying “used” diamonds.

Today, artificial diamonds are utterly indistinguishable from real diamonds thanks to the skills of the “diamond creators” because they have come so far that today a diamond that is created in a laboratory using the most modern methods is indistinguishable from a natural one.