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Buccellati: An Icon of Fine Italian Jewelry

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A must-see for Italian jewelry is Buccelatti, a jewelry company founded in the last century by Mario Buccelatti. Each piece that comes out of their workshops is made almost by hand, by his son Gianmaria and his grandson.

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What you did not know about Buccelatti

Buccelatti is a family business that has managed to expand in a vertiginous way and has made its way around the world.


Andrea is in charge of the work of creativity and artistic conception and design. Gino is in charge of the area dedicated to producing silver jewelry.



María Cristina is responsible for marketing and business communication. And Gianmaria’s wife, Rosie, takes care of the commercial space and the suppliers. A formula that never fails, neither in this nor in any other family: Pure teamwork.


Style and sophistication

Marcos Buccelatti since he appeared in the world of jewelry, laid the foundations to build a path of his own: style and sophistication characterized him. And his family has tried to keep it current to date.

Buccelatti’s success is so great that you can get your pieces in such exclusive jewelers as Ponte Vecchio in Florence (Italy), in Rome and in Place Vendome (Paris): opened in 1979 in the heart of luxury, European fashion and the haute world joaillerie.

In addition to expanding internationally in cities such as New York (United States), Hong Kong (China), Monte Carlo (Monaco), Tokyo (Japan) and the Middle East.



The best-known designs by Buccelatti

His famous designs are worked using natural gems such as blue topaz and pearls, and they are unique pieces, special and with high demand.

Most of its production and its almost artisanal character take from months to years to be designed, produced and elaborated. They are a company that work with great dedication and that many catalogs as jewelers for collectors and capricious.


The truth is that the Buccelatti family designs each piece according to the tastes and requirements of its customers, who also have the possibility to participate during the entire creation and design process of their order.


Works of art made by hand

It’s not ostentatious factory located on the outskirts of the city of Milan does not tell the passer-by, that within its spaces one of the most renowned jewelry ranges in the world is produced, using techniques and instruments that have not changed in the world of jewelry since the Renaissance.

And it is under the use of these methods that they have managed to position themselves in the world market.


And this is true, in fact, when visiting its facilities we will find craftsmen working with grapples to aggravate the base metal, leather pads filled with sand to place the pieces that are working, bowls with wax to mold and impress, according to the Cellini method and a wood drill, rope and steel with which the drilling is done by hand, is just this instrument with which the Great Leonardo Da Vinci worked.

As well as its plaster wall hangings, where all the designs for jewels that have been made for more than 100 years are appreciated.




A family business of jewelers

This Italian brand of high jewelry is to date a family business of jewelers, which is renewed in each generation maintaining that delicacy and sophistication that since the creation of Buccelatti has become characteristic.

In their workshops, they go out of their way to design and create unique pieces, adorned with spectacular precious stones and diamonds of the best quality, all in an artisanal way, and sometimes, even by hand.



Main inspirations

Flora and fauna are the main inspiration in Buccelatti, and in its shops and exhibitions we can find beautiful brooches that reproduce the delicate elegance of a dragonfly, the exclusivity of a panda, the striking of a snail or a spider; all pieces carved in materials such as white gold, rose gold, platinum and delicately decorated with sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and a host of other precious stones.

The firm Buccelatti has a series of creations as religious motifs such as the silver virgin made by the founder of the house, Mario Buccelatti to Pope Pius XII, as well as more modern pieces such as the glass cup adorned with gold, tanzanites and garnets, performed in 2013 by Gianmaria, to be used as a chalice in the Eucharist.

The splendid jewels of Buccelatti, are deeply appreciated by the most recognized characters of the international jet set and world royalty. It is this jewelry house that has managed to establish in the world of luxury and high-end the idea of the “Italianness” of Italian jewelry, and they have consecrated themselves as the promoters of it and creators of the “Buccelatti style”.



Caterers of the “Italianness” in the international jewelry

The renown of Italian jewelry has run by the account of Buccelatti and has materialized in the world of world jewelry beauty, sensuality, and manufacturing of the highest quality, as his personal seal.



All this without losing a bit of the wisdom inherited by the jeweler masters of the Middle Ages and transmitted from generation to generation, and revealed only to the most outstanding apprentices they are most jealously guarded secrets.

A history of work, union and family legacy is what Buccelatti Italian Jewelry has maintained throughout the twentieth century and what happens in the 21st century.


High-End Jewelry

Always as the undisputed protagonists of the world’s top jewelry scene: with a successful career, an impressive technique, overflowing artistic talent, ability to create unique jewelry all handcrafted, illustrated patronage and a spark for successful business development.

Today Buccelatti is one of the most expensive firms in the world of international jewelry, but each piece is definitely worth its price if we take into account the artisanal and even manual that is the process of making jewelry.


The perfect harmony between the style of the client, the skill of the jeweler who works the piece and the elements of the Buccelatti style, make the most valued jewelry house in Italy produce real pieces of art.