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Ox Eye


The Eye of the Ox is an outstanding element that according to some cultures has healing powers and other abilities that positively influence people, this stone is quite unknown because of how bizarre it can be and it is not found in many places. Most of the pieces that are on the market are being used for esoteric purposes, depending on the country where this subject is being spoken about it can have different meanings. Many people have great respect for the positive aspects that influence some people.


This element can be found with the different sizes as it grows over time, its structure is very characteristic for its intense color between a dark brown and black due to the pigmentation that this stone developed over time. It usually has a stripe although it is not very defined one hundred percent and is of a white color, I believe,  and it goes around the whole piece depending on its size, sometimes you can find it in the mineral market with a unique color which is almost always brown and without more pigmentations is a specimen of the type you are looking for, as well as on occasions where the white line disappears completely but there is a mixture of both dark colors and you can even appreciate lighter shades than usual. Their colors have different meanings and how they help people.


When it was found for the first time, the Eye of the Ox was subjected, like many other minerals found, to a series of chemical tests to give more detailed information about the object under study, to release

data to the public, such as its chemical composition and the reason for its colors, as well as its hardness according to the pre-established scales so that other minerals can be measured that want to know its details.

Specifically, this element has its own chemical chain in which all the compounds that can be found inside a specimen are described in detail and in this way all the specific data can be known a little better. The description of its details is always given to the public so that interested people can know what these various copies are made of so that when buying one of them or being acquired in some way know more information and study your product before taking it home.


This kind of element stands out from other minerals because it apparently has powers that help people who have a problem or situation that can be solved with these materials. It is esoterically known for giving many benefits to everyone who uses the care of this gem, its healing properties are unique and is very appreciated by all people who know this type of properties and also use this material. In etymological terms, it is known for having a resemblance to the animal that bears its name, which is why it is called this way, it worships its resemblance animal and offers a kind of honor by always carrying and being recognized by the same name. The amphibole fibers as they are known are related to the aforementioned animal and besides that the colors between the species and the mineral are quite similar. It refers not only to the animal itself but also to a specific part of it.

Having a general resemblance to the wild species of the Ox is more related to having the most similar resemblance possible to the eye specifically that this living being possesses. The eyes continuously representing a window of the soul as well as the believers of these phrases say their strong powers are related to the heart and wild spirit that the animal possesses inside and day by day makes known. This mineral has a very similar brightness that the eye of any species has when it comes into contact with the strong lights, several of the general physical aspects that surround this gem relate a little more to the stone with the species to which it is named. On the other hand, this stone possessing its magical powers for people is said to have the power to harmonize which is very necessary to release those frustrations that can be had at certain times.


The Ox’s Eye has harmonious characteristics and is also used to free them from traumas, such as any attack of high relevance that they have had to suffer at some point in the day or in the past time, together with the person having a copy of these can develop powers of firmness that are a functional to face the next changes you can make in your life and enjoy them without repentance, also it is said that protect the bearer from the bad energies that are emitted from negative people and which these energies can be the envy that people are envious of each other and the evil eye. Both are very bad negative powers both for the person who causes them and for the one who receives them and that is why it is always advisable to walk outside and inside the house to have protection like this element.

In the faculties of this mineral material the energies and protections they provide are very special and cared for with great attention by people. These powerful energies can always save us from suffering anything negative over time and is very dense and deep, among the minerals of protection this element represents a lot of heaviness in the sense that it is not just any mineral object, it is one that if it works properly and has different mechanisms depending on the type of sign that the person has. Anything related to planet earth has to be adequately protected.