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Calcite: The Healing Stone That Amplifies Energy

Calcite The Healing Stone that Amplifies Energy

In these days it’s said that one of the best alternative medicines that exist to cure the diseases that attack human beings and is also a practice that is increasingly being used, is gem therapy.

It is used to cure illnesses that a person is presenting by using precious gems. It’s a secret to no one that besides being beautiful, the experts assure that there are gems that have magical properties and they are used to increase the general health of the people who want to use them.

Currently one of the stones that have taken more prominence in the magical world has been the Calcite. And it is no wonder that it is such an abundant mineral. Being one of the most abundant minerals on earth is not known for its high value, but for its magical properties and the enormous amount of benefits that can be obtained when it is used.

It is a mineral made up of calcium carbonate and belongs to the minerals called carbonate and nitrate. It is popularly known by the name of limestone, although this name is incorrect, as lime is a rock and not a mineral, unlike Calcite. The name of this stone comes from the Greek “calx” which means alive.

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Calcite: The Healing Stone that Amplifies Energy

It is the most abundant and stable mineral of “calcium carbonate.” It is known that this gem is a prevalent type of stone, which has a wide distribution throughout the planet and this corresponds to approximately 5% of the total weight of Earth.

It can be found in nature with very great shapes and colors. One of its main physical characteristics is its low hardness and also its high reactivity even with weak acids, such as vinegar.

Calcite The Healing Stone that Amplifies Energy 2


The best way to check if we are in the presence of Calcite is to pour a little acid on the stone, and this acid can be vinegar, then when you have drained some of the acids on the sand, it will begin to have a certain effervescence as if it were a soda.

However, care should be taken when performing the test as the area that was treated with the acid will be discolored and even the stone may release pieces of sand or rock due to its poor acid tolerance, causing a loss of shine in the stone.

Calcite The Healing Stone that Amplifies Energy 3


One of the best minerals for collectors

Calcite is one of the best minerals for collectors because in nature you can find exciting shapes and spectacular colors as well as beautiful specimens of rock.

In the world of gem’s therapy, each variety of Calcite has a different property. Among the types that can be used for its use and obtain beneficial results are: the golden calcite, which allows intelligent choices to be made and opens the mind to new alternatives to use people’s free time, also helps to sharpen the mind and these benefits are appreciated even more when solving problems that arise in daily life.

Calcite The Healing Stone that Amplifies Energy 5


It is used to amplify the positive energies

It is said that this stone also helps those who are single to fall in love with the head and not only with the heart, as it liberates and keeps the mind in a state of harmony and prevents the carrier from being carried away by enthusiasm impulses.

It is also used to amplify the positive energies of the possessor and the thoughts thus increasing the person’s ingenuity.

Calcite The Healing Stone that Amplifies Energy 6


In the past, calcite was used for its amplifying properties and its ability to cleanse impure energies. It was believed that the simple fact of having a piece of Calcite anywhere in the home kept the environment clean of the surrounding negative energies and enhanced personal energy reserves, as well as the possibility of removing the stagnant energy from the body, as it was previously believed that negative energies caused the laziness.

It is a stone that makes easier the opening of the third eye by making easy the development of extrasensory abilities and significantly increased the perception of the world through the psychic abilities of people.

Calcite The Healing Stone that Amplifies Energy 1b


Calcite connects emotions with the brain

Psychologically it is known for connecting emotions with the brain and creating a bond between the heart and the mind, this guaranteed a harmonious balance when making decisions, since it was challenging for the person to be influenced by external energies affecting their personal choices and love decisions.

Mentally it helps to reach a state of relaxation, because it serves as a relaxing and increasing the ability to discern and analyze, in turn improving the perceptions of the world around the person and his memory’s capabilities. This gem serves to relieve emotional tension and replaces this feeling with a state of total serenity as a stabilizing stone.

Calcite The Healing Stone that Amplifies Energy 8


It is used to cleanse the digestive system

The variety of the green calcite, serves to treat the effects of the mind on the body, for example, is recommended to calm diseases such as arthritis, tendinitis, rheumatism and problems associated with bones in addition to channeling the energy emanating from it to the tissues of the body increasing this energy regeneration of the skin and cells.

On a physical level, green calcite is recommended and used to treat and cure skin diseases, such as burns and blemishes.

It is also used to cleanse the digestive system and to cleanse the organs that remove toxins from the body.

Calcite The Healing Stone that Amplifies Energy 7


It can be strategically placed in points on the body to influence the chakras and stimulate the energies relieving joint and bone problems but is also often used as an elixir to see the benefits more efficiently and quickly.

Experts highly recommend this stone since it is a multi-purpose helper and is a very versatile mineral when dealing with energies.