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Carnelian: The Envy Stone

Carnelian The Envy Stone


Currently in the world of gemology you can find stones of all sizes and colors that are used to treat some ills and diseases that may be disturbing a person. Although most of the precious stones have been used exclusively for its use in decorative accessories and most have denoted a meaning that symbolizes wealth, some other stones have acquired another type of importance, not because ofthe jewelers who want them to make fabulous stones but for shamans and Wicca sorcerers.


Despite of using many stones for their spells and to help people through purification methods, one of the most chosen stones by shamans and experts in gem therapy is the Carnelian, due to its multiple properties that cover all aspects of daily life. Capable of being a protective stone against bad influences and energies, even relaxing. The Carnelian is a mineral belonging to the family of Chalcedony, it is red, and commonly used as semi-precious stone. It is popularly known as the Stone of Santiago.

The value of these stones increases exponentially when they are translucent and when they have an orange-red color, the red color of this stone is due to the presence of “iron oxide” in its chemical composition, while those stones that have a reddish shade lighter have in their composition “iron hydroxide”. This mineral is very susceptible to temperatures, turning its color more intense as it is exposed to heat.


Its magical origins go back to antiquity, since it is believed that the Egyptian goddess Isis used this stone to protect the dead who made the trip to paradise after death. It was also known to be the symbol of the apostle Philip, a fact that was mentioned in the Bible, a Carnelian was one of the stones that were carved into Aaron’s chest.

The seal of Muhammad was a Carnelian engraved on a silver ring, and currently the Buddhists from Tibet, India and China believe that the stone has protective powers, and have as tradition in their culture to set the stone with Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli so their power can be increased. This stone is prescribed for those who have memory problems, and for those who often have creative blocks, and times where people’s minds go blank.


Expert gemologists also recommend it to those couples who want to have children, then, this stone increase fertility in both man and woman, and at the same time increases the sexual desire of the person, so this is very beneficial for the relationship. It is also recommended for those who have problems of self-esteem or problems of bravery, since this stone strengthen the positive feelings towards oneself. This stone has a great influence on negative energies and those dark feelings, such as jealousy and envy.


It is also perfect for those people who have anger problems, because it acts as a relaxant, and at the same time favors the development of intelligence. For those introverted people, the stone will provide self-confidence, so that the person wearing this gemstone face the situations of life with total maturity. It is considered by many experts in gems, as the “stone of balance and spiritual peace”.

The gemologist experts emphasize when highlighting their energetic qualities, because it is believed that this stone favors the solution of the problems related to the stomach that are usually produced by stress and tension, that is why it is believed that this stone has the special ability of distortion.

With regard to its magical qualities it is well-known among shamans and sorcerers, for its abilities to cure anger, jealousy and envy. This stone is used to perform spells related to negative thoughts and negative energies, and it is common to use this stone to perform evil eye spells.


Instead, the stone can serve as a protection amulet if it is placed athome, that is to say, protection against storms and lightning, and even against the same enchantments that are made with the stone. While if used under the pillow allows you to rest well, because it absorbs the negative energies and all those spells intended to the person and that have the purpose of causing anomalies in sleep, are received by the stone, likewise, it is highly recommended against insomnia. They are associated with high temperatures, which is why it is highly recommended to use it in areas where cramps are present, so that they disappear with the simple act of rubbing the stone on the skin.

The experts in the esoteric world and the world of jewelry affirm that depending on the engraving that is made on the Carnelian this will direct its

In the case of women, it can normalize menstrual flow and protect from the pain that menstruation brings. It is also deeply related to the elements of Earth and Fire, also with the planet Saturn and very akin to the orange aura, and despite of not having the high cost of a precious or semi-precious stone, the great spiritual value that this gem has acquired as the time goes by, is due to the Mesopotamian culture, since the nobles and families of high rank used to use these stones in their clothing because it was believed in their beneficial properties and served also to adorn the expensive costumes of large societiesof the Mesopotamian culture.

The experts in the esoteric world and the world of jewelry affirm that depending on the engraving done on the Carnelian this will direct its strength to achieve the desired influences, and it was believed that if used without any type of engraving, its power was especially directed to improve the physical, mental and spiritual state.