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Celebrities’ Engagement Rings

Celebrities' Engagement Rings


Celebrity engagement rings have been entertainment news for a long time. Celebrities have worn stunning jewelry as a symbol of their love, celebrating moments of happiness in style and without caring or worrying about money. As far as actresses, singers and models are concerned, they proudly show expensive clothes such as expensive collars, precious stones and unique designs in their hands.

From legendary great divas like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Aniston, Mia Farrow, Victoria Beckham, Jacqueline Kennedy, Angelina Jolie, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Hurley, and even Kate Middleton, Diana Spencer. Even today’s celebrities surprised everyone with their luxurious accessories. In many cases, the news of the engagement becomes known through the paparazzi focusing on the hands of celebrities by looking the celebrity engagement rings for the first time.


Shocking examples of celebrity engagement rings

Below we’ll see some examples of celebrity engagement rings that have been part of the spotlight in the last years:

Elizabeth Taylor

She is a famous woman who has an acknowledgement style on “collecting men”, earning this title cause of the multiple marriages and relationships she has been involved throughout her whole career, in the same way she also collected some beautiful and magnificent jewels. At the same time Taylor got to marry the sum of 8 times, and when Richard Burton asked her a question, he gave her a ring with a magnificent and unique 33 carat diamond. The “Krupp diamond” was so precious and unique that it was suddenly renamed “Elizabeth Taylor Diamond”.

Marilyn Monroe

He is one of the greatest stars in history, he got engaged to baseball player Joe DiMaggio and to show his love he gave Marilyn a diamond engagement ring but in the end they proved that big diamonds don’t almost always guarantee a marriage forever, the couple were only married for 9 months (as that time is that they were married Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries).

Marilyn Monroe was well aware that big diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Besides, even though this phrase is well known, it never made her happy. In 1952 she met legendary baseball player Joe DiMaggio. After a tumultuous relationship, to summarize, he asked for her hand on New Year’s Eve 1953, with the now known ring of eternity.

A dazzling band with 35 diamonds. This engagement ring was a symbol of an unhappy marriage between two living legends, or perhaps it symbolized the common dream of a happy future that never would be. The fairy tale lasted 274 days.

Jennifer Aniston

The famous star Jennifer Aniston and the actor Justin Theroux got engaged and married in secret, something that’s very common to see in today’s actors, avoiding the attention from media. In addition to Justin’s love for his wife Jen, it was made clear by an engagement ring, estimated to be worth a million dollars, undoubtedly another great example of one of the celebrities’ engagement rings.

Mia Farrow

The famous artist married the melodic singer Frank Sinatra in the summer of 1966. Frank made a present for Mia with an engagement ring, a dazzling nine-carat piece. The couple only lasted two years together, something that seems to be a long time in Hollywood at the time, although in the 1960s many people said that “ …that marriage will only last two years, maximum”.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, with footballer and “sexiest man alive” David Beckham, is another story of celebrity engagement rings. This one (David Beckham) declared his love to the ex-Spice Girl Victoria, with a diamond ring; she thought in fact, that it was small and decided to improve it in 2002. In the following years Victoria changed her ring a considerable amount of times, from a giant teardrop shape, to a square emerald carving and a yellow baguette carving. She changed her ring a total of 13 times during her marriage to David.

Angelina Jolie

The engagement ring worn by half of one of the most famous couples in the world of entertainment in history, “Brangelina”, cannot be missing from this list of celebrity engagement rings. It took Brad Pitt and jewelry designer Robert Procop a year to perfect the ring. Immediately after the engagement, Angelina was often seen without the ring. There was a rumor going around that she didn’t like jewelry because it was too big and flashy to her style.

Jacqueline Kennedy

On June 24, 1953, he and John F. Kennedy proposed to Jackie with a great engagement ring. At the tragic end of her marriage, her ring never lost its important representative character.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, along with Prince Rainier of Monaco, proposed to the actress Grace Kelly in 1955 with a very special diamond engagement ring, but when he saw other engagement rings of the celebrities were the same caliber as Grace’s, they looked much bigger, he made a surprise, giving her a Cartier with a 10.5 carat diamond, with an emerald cut, which in comparison from the rest of jewelry used in that decade, made a clear difference and established a new style on the way engagement rings were used..

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley and Australian cricketer Shane Warne, gave her this ring with a 9-carat sapphire in 2011 to commit to. The engagement ended in 2013, so this wonder never made it to the altar. However, this blue stone does deserve a top spot on the celebrity engagement ring list.

Kate Middleton and Diana Spencer

They have the most famous ring in the world. It’s the ring Prince Charles gave to Diana Spencer for her engagement. After the tragic accident, the ring was left as an inheritance to his son Guillermo, who decided to honor his mother, and to officially welcome Kate Middleton to the family history, giving her this engagement ring.

It’s been almost three decades of this history of royalty between Diana and Carlos. Today the smiling and excited young Kate and Prince William have confirmed that they will seal their love story with a storybook link in the spring at that time.

The choice of the jewel, a spectacular 18 carat sapphire in beautiful deep blue, surrounded by 14 small white diamonds, was no great surprise to any of the British: the ring is the same as the one Prince Charles once gave to Lady Diana Spencer at her request in 1981.