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Chalcedony: The Mother Stone That Helps Stability

Chalcedony The Mother Stone That Helps Stability

Currently, while some jewels are exclusively used for decorative accessories and ornaments, other precious stones are used for other purposes. As mentioned, some rocks have been used as protective talismans, or they acquire a high symbolic value. While some are used to ward off evil influences and energies, others are used to improve the mental and physical health of the people who use them.

The stones that are used for this have magical properties according to their colors and extravagance, and although the price is not usually an essential fact in the use that these stones have as far as esotericism is concerned. And one of the most used stones for these practices has been Chalcedony.

It is a mineral made of “silicon” and has a microcrystalline structure. It was traditionally considered to belong to the quartz family, but recently it has been confirmed that it is a mixture of “conmoganite” quartz, a mineral with a similar chemical composition, producing a mixture of typical bands of some of the Chalcedonian varieties.

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Chalcedony: The Mother Stone That Helps Stability

Although this stone could be defined as a variety of crystalline quartz, the reality is that the name of this stone includes a wide range of minerals that share the same characteristics in terms of composition, but in terms of gemology they are considered different rocks because they have other critical physical features than the differences between them, such differences are usually their appearance and also their color, since there is a wide range of colors. The vast majority of precious stones known today are a variant of chalcedony, the most prominent being carnelian, chrysoprase, and heliotrope.

Chalcedony finds its most important applications in gemology thanks to the beauty of the stones in some of their variants and thanks to their physical characteristics. It is a soft stone. Therefore it is considered a gem which is very easy to work with when making decorative accessories and jewelry, especially some of its varieties that become especially beautiful due to the natural pigment they usually possess.

Although nowadays they are not considered so expensive or exotic gems, in ancient times used to be considered one of the most valuable stones of the time, they were even used for trade.

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Chalcedony has played an essential role in many cultures

Chalcedony has played an essential role in many cultures, especially in ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Greek. Also, it is confirmed that it has left a high mark on the Christian religion, even being named in the Bible, being among the twelve stones that were given to Moses on Mount Sinai, obeying the divine order of God had them tied in Aaron’s chest.

These twelve gems represented the sons of Jacob and within the twelve gems mentioned above were found between them the Agate, Jasper, Onyx, and Cornelian. Even for the Romans, it had a particular meaning since it was the favorite and preferred stone of the jeweler of the time to make protection amulets, stamps, and carved cameos, besides being used in accessories such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Even in ancient times, it was believed that stones reflected the cosmos in them. Carnelian was closely associated with the planet Neptune. And although each type of Carnelian has its unique properties, shamans and healers believed that these stones possessed healing powers and were able to control the energies of the environment where they were found, becoming capable of creating a harmonious environment.

It is known between gem experts as the mother stone, and they claim that its healing effects have a wide spectrum and cover many areas of the body.

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It is capable of bringing tranquility to the nervous system

It is said that it is capable of bringing tranquility to the nervous system of everyone who has it and also helps to clarify conflicting thoughts. Some of its varieties are recommended for people who have throat problems and neck problems.

It also serves as a support for those who enjoy praying in public places or sanctuaries, as well as help against shyness issues, thus becoming highly recommended for those people with stage fright, as they ensure that they ensure the fluidity of ideas and words. To reduce shyness problems, it is recommended to use Chalcedony as a pendant since the energies it transmits to the carrier will help eradicate these complexes.

The black variant of this stone known as the Onyx helps to combat negative energies, as it is a porous stone with a high absorbent capacity and will magnetically attract bad vibrations to dissolve them later.

It is said that the negative waves when penetrating this crystal dissolve into nothingness. According to the belief, it is believed that if the carrier of this stone is attacked by the envy or jealousy of someone else the sand will act as a protective shield absorbing the attack and will completely annul it.

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Stone of power

So will it be with any negative energy found in the surroundings of the stone holder? If the stone comes into contact with the person, the stone will immediately cleanse the aura of the person who has touched it, as well as if it is used in the home, putting it in strategic places it will be able to purify the house.

It is also advisable to place the stone under the pillow at bedtime since its absorbent properties will guarantee the person a deep and relaxing night’s sleep, thanks to its ability to absorb bad energy and nightmares.

As Chalcedony is a stone of power, it will be able to transform evil intentions and protect its carrier.

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