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Chrysoberyl: The Cat’s Eye Stone

Chrysoberyl The Cat's Eye Stone


Since gems and precious metals have always been a great point of interest for human beings, many of these gems were used with the purpose of decorate, clothing, for themanufacture of jewelry, amulets, scepters or other accessories that have been used throughout history, to demonstrate status in society or simply the collectors have given themselves the luxury of owning the most exotic stones of the planet. Currently the implementation of these gems for the manufacture of jewelry has been exclusively left aside, even changing to take a greater sentimental and spiritual value and more relevant than the commercial value.

Over the years, precious gems and metals have been acquiring different meanings in cultures, which has made use of them. From the most valued gems such as Diamond and even the most abundant ones such as the Amethyst, each and every one of them has been used for medical and magical purposes. Some of them are used to impose negative spells on other people and even others are used as protective amulets against bad vibes and energies.

In this way, it is impossible to talk of gemstones and not to mention the Chrysoberyl that has gained so much importance over time, not only for those expert jewelers always willing to put their hands on some exotic stone and make it a decorative accessory worthy of a queen, but, also being prized by shamans and sorcerers for their unique properties.

The Chrysoberyl, also called “chrysopalum or chrysolite”, and even being better known by its colloquial name: “cat’s eye” is a mineral composed of “beryllium oxide” and aluminum, “alumina silicate” and also “glucin aluminate”. The varieties of Chrysoberyl known as Alexandrite and Cimophane fall into the category of gemstones. This stone usually has a yellowish green color, with a characteristic vitreous gloss, infusible to the blowtorch, very resistant to acids and difficult to attack by the fusion of alkaline, it is able to scratch the quartz, that is to say it has a greater hardness than the quartz, but it has less hardness than the Spinel.


As a gemstone its most prized variants are the yellow variant better known as Topaz and the green variety called Chrysolite. With unusual features such as the change of color of the gem and even having a rare iridescent shade, the family of the Chrysoberyls is an extensive category of enigmatic stones of precious stones whose prices can vary from the cheapest to the most expensive. Among the most exotic varieties that can be found of the Chrysoberyl, are the Alexandrite and the Cimophane also known as “cat’s eye”, these gems are well-known and are among the most expensive of the precious gems due to its rarity.

Although the ordinary Chrysoberyl is not as rare or beautiful as its variants, it is also used to make jewelry due to the high resistance they have, making them perfect to be used in accessories due to its durability. The experts affirm that the Chrysoberyl helps in the efforts to achieve excellence, is able to enhance peace of mind and has the property of increasing the confidence of the person and their self-esteem. Chrysoberyl is known by experts for its ability to increase the healing properties of other stones and is also known to treat disorders of the pancreas, liver and kidney-related problems.



The belief of the properties of the “cat’s eye” usually changes and this extends to different cultures. Thanks to its extreme hardness, this stone is credited with strengthening powers, and is used to eradicate bad influences and protect against diseases. The Chrysoberyl is associated in the same way with discipline and self-control. It is also used to promote and favor states of mental relaxation.The “cat’s eye” helps to prevent against unexpected times, but also the “cat’s eye” is known to attract good fortune and success. It is the favorite stone to be worn by entrepreneurs and those who love bets.

In the past the high sorcerers of India used this stone as an amulet, which helped the shamans to understand the language of animals, and it is not surprising since, there are some animals that India consider sacred, as well as for example, the cow.The women of ancient Europe used to wear these stones to set in rings to increase desire in the male sex and thus help those single women to find love. The modern magicians recommend to wear gold rings with the stone, since it benefits its carrier by bringing him good luck.


The Chrysoberyl can be used to develop the intuition and the so-called third eye that is related by the extra sensorial powers and the ability of the person to see the same situation from different points of view, in order to face situations and problems that a person can confront. It is believed that the Chrysoberyl is able to provide a state of peace and total harmony.



Thanks to the energetic properties of this stone, it is not surprising that it is the material of choice for shamans and spiritists to make protective talismans in order to protect the carrier from worldly problems and from the agitation of external energies that influence the mood of the people.

As a main quality it is capable of aligning and creating a link between the elements that make up the human being, that is to say this stone helps to create a link between the mind, body and soul, by providing the carrier a state of perfect balance, moving away the bad energies and all those bad feelings that are believed to be alien to human nature.