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Chrysoprase: The Travelers’ Stone

Chrysoprase The Travelers' Stone


It is increasinglycommon in modern times to implement precious stones, when performing rituals or to use it in cleansing the mind and body, it is also used with the purpose of increasing the general health of the person. And, according to the popular belief of the spiritual world, some precious stones have unique properties that can be used, to increase the health of people and even cure diseases, as well as their implementation to cleanse the energies and protect from spells and the tragedies.

Some of these stones are often used for their prices, others simply because their striking colors attract the curious and even some acquire a symbolic value in some cultures that transcend for generations, and when it comes to the magic and the spiritual each stone has its qualities. While experts assure that some stones are able to calm the emotions and energies of the mind, others assure that there are gems that help the body revitalizing it and improving its vital functions, likewise, other stones are simply used to create emotional bonds with other people, because it is believed that there are stones that increase empathy and the feeling of love, or simply these stones are used in the form of amulets to protect the user from bad energy and bad intentions.

Likewise, gems such as Chrysoprase fall into the category of gems that have become very important to man over the years. It is a gem of the Chalcedony variety that contains small amounts of Nickel in its composition. Generally, this gem has a light green color, but it can vary a bit and may have a dark green color. Since it is considered a hard stone, it is used as a gem and also for the manufacture of jewelry.

This stone has “cryptocrystalline” characteristics, which means that it is composed of crystals so small that it is not possible to differentiate them with the naked eye, not even using normal enlargement instruments. The above-mentioned feature differentiates it from other gems such as Amethyst, Citrine and other varieties of crystalline Quartz, since the latter are basically transparent and are made up of aggregates of micro crystals,with the microscopic quartz fibers having a radial arrangement anddirection. Another variety that can be found of cryptocrystalline Quartz would be, Agate, Carnelian and Onyx.

Unlike the other non-transparent gems that make up this family of Quartz, which owe their attractiveness and their price to their brands and brightness, in Chrysoprases their price is based on the color. The name of this gem comes from the Greek “Chrysos” which means “gold” and “prason” which means “leek”.



Among the jeweler experts is a very precious stone due to its scarcity compared to other varieties of Quartz, and also thanks to its beautiful and striking green color, this stone is one of the most valued varieties of Quartz. It could even worth more or as much as Jade, a gem with which also often confused. This gem cut in the shape of cabochons can be as desired by jewelers as much or more as the Amethyst, and is what, cut in this shape the stone becomes easier to manipulate when making decorative accessories and jewelry. This gem, unlike the Emerald (another gem with which it is often confused since both have a green color), which owes its color to the presence of chromium in its composition, the color of Chrysoprase is due to the presence of small pieces of Nickel in its structure.


In ancient times this gem was assigned to the Roman goddess Venus (goddess related to beauty, love and desire), since this stone represented “the divine love towards the truth”. It is believed that Chrysoprase motivates the user to search for the truth with patience and calm, virtues, that this stone also provides and increases. Because this stone is related to the goddess of love, it is said that this is recommended for couples because ofits properties, it increases the fidelity of the person, increases the sense of independence, but also the sense of respect and commitment to the relationship in order to maintain a stable, healthy and balanced relationship.

It also helps with trust issues, increasing the acceptance capacity and thus avoid jealousy. It is able to ward off nightmares at bedtime and bad thoughts. It serves to foster hope and understanding, and at the same time, it also helps to speed the mind.


According to experts in the field, this stone helps to recognize and strengthen the trinity within the human being, that is to say, it has the property of strengthening and is capable of creating a link between the mind, the body and the soul. It is a stone that helps the person to improve themselves daily, creating a healthy impulse of perfection.It is also recommended for those patients who suffer from a “broken heart” and for those unfortunates who have no luck in love. This stone helps in moments of hysteria or euphoria and also in moments of extreme tension by increasing the concentration of the person.

In ancient times its main use was to treat skin diseases and even now gemotherapists continue to use it for this purpose, placing the stone on the navel of the person with diseases for 20 minutes each day, and the process is prolonged until the disease has disappeared.

Apart from its great beauty, the energy of the Chrysoprase is captivating and amazing because, when worn as a necklace, it protects its carrier from greed, envy, selfishness and stress, apart from providing happiness to the person wearing an amulet with an embedded Chrysoprase.