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Citrine: The Stone of Prosperity and Wisdom

Citrine The Stone of Prosperity and Wisdom

The quantity of gemstones that can be found on the world is almost infinite and are as extensive as it can be among all the possibilities, it is always necessary to emphasize that all the gemstones are beautiful in its way.

And as the years go by, it has been used in different ways, they are primarily used as accessories for the body that had shown status over the years, wealth, or merely these accessories have acquired a solid and vital symbolic value over the years.

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Despite all this, the Quartz hasn’t stayed behind in this topic, but, on the contrary, over the years it has been one of the most used crystals of all times, including all the varieties of Quartz that exist at this moment. Either to be used as accessories to decorate or to show social status and to be used as a payment method between merchants, without a doubt the Quartz is one of the most appreciated gems lately.

The symbolic value that Quartz has acquired over the years cannot be overlooked, it can be used even as a protective amulet, against bad energies, spirits, and to clean and heal the human body in general. But there is a kind of Quartz that stands out from the crowd and is the citrine.

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Citrine: The Stone of Prosperity and Wisdom

As already mentioned, citrine is a gem that belongs to the family of Quartz, but this gem has an infrequently characteristic that makes it different from others and it is its yellow color. It is a stone with a high level of hardness, compared even with Diamond, and its name comes from the French “citron” that means “lemon” (It’s important to say that French lemons are yellow).

The stone’s color can change from pale yellow to an orange shade. Its yellow color (due to the Iron that compounds it and acts as a chromophore) is the most common. Despite being an extravagant and beautiful gem, it is used to make jewelry and accessories from ancient times; it was recently classified, during the XVII century, this gem in the family of Quartz.

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Citrine has a connection with happiness and generosity

Previously, this gem was used as a protective talisman to avoid the pest that desolated Europeans on century XIV; it was also used to put away the impure thoughts and skin problems. The Citrine its pure state is very hard to find, and because of that jewelers often tend to obtain a similar gem by naturally warming Amethyst in high temperatures, this purple gems much more common than its yellow sister.

Despite the above, it’s a standard error to confuse Citrine with Topaz, because they are not the same gems. It´s said that Citrine has a significant connection with the feeling of happiness, cleanliness, good vibes and generosity.

It is about a stone categorized as semi-precious, which, despite having many uses in jewelry’s world, it also has its properties and energetic benefits.

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Contains the Sun’s energy

For centuries it has been related with the deities akin to the Sun and according to the popular belief, this stone contains the Sun’s energy, due to its formation is because of the high temperatures and pressure that it’s submitted this gem in the deeps of earth where the principal deposits of this type of Quartz are.

Due to the difficulties to find it, it has been discovered an alternative method to find this stone by warming Amethyst up to high temperatures, denominating the Citrine that is submitted to this process “burned Amethyst,” the gem experts assure that both natural and synthetic Citrine have the same beneficial properties.

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Citrine is used to stimulate the mind

During the European war ages, Scottish soldiers used to wear these stones as protecting symbols, by putting it in the shoulder pads of their armors and those stones had needle form. Citrine is used to stimulate the mind, by helping the man to open the connection that exists between mind and body increasing the perception of the people, as well as increasing the intuitions’ level that relates human being with cosmic energies.

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It provides mental clarity, by releasing the mind of negative and impure thoughts and by giving the user a better ability to meditate and think. Is recommended to students, since it stimulates the brain and increases the ability to keep information, it improves the memory of the person who has it and in turn, helps with the studies.

People that believe in the magic properties of this stone assure that Citrine has in its interior an infinite source of energy from the Sun. And it’s said even that these gems are pieces of the Sun.

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Citrine: The prosperity stone

This gem is one of the main stones for personal use, because it is capable of helping both personally and materially, by supporting the owner to reach prosperity with the energy this stone transmit, since for centuries this stone has been named “the prosperity stone” because it is believed that this stone has the virtue of attracting richness and good vibes acting as a magnetizer, it also draws good luck for business and work.

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It’s the ideal stone for those people that suffer for economic issues because this stone will make the solutions appear where you least expect it.

Since it is a stone which chief virtue is to provide prosperity and abundance, it’s also known for stimulating shy and introversive people, it is recommended that the rock be with the owner in any work’s interview, in an important presentation or even a romantic date to find most unexpectedly the tranquility and prosperity that only this stone can give.

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