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How to Combine a Necklace

How to Combine a Necklace


The necklace is a fundamental piece when it comes to creating or combining outfits made out of the madness that people make possible from creativity. These pieces allow us to highlight and complement the whole and help us to stylize our neck and enhance some aspects of our features.

A necklace it really is a key accessory to achieve a balance between what we are and what we show.  But we must be careful when combining them with our pieces of clothing, since the ideal necklace will depend on the type of dress, blouse or neckline we wear.

An accessory such as a necklace can brighten or radically change a look, so it’s necessary to achieve the perfect balance.

They come in almost infinite varieties of sizes, colors, shapes and textures, so combining a necklace with our clothes can be a bit of a complicated task. Pay attention to this article, where we will tell you how to combine a necklace perfectly.

Combine a necklace according to the neckline

Round Cut or Neckline

This type of piece of clothing gives you a nice shape, but it has a lot of height left in the neck, so if we don’t combine well with a necklace, we can create the opposite visual effect to the desired one. This is why, for this type of neckline, it is best to use a short, simple necklace, or a long necklace that can be turned into a double necklace, as it counteracts the circular, low-cut shape of the shirt. The important thing is that the necklace stays on the skin and does not touch the neckline line but is framed in it, in this way we create a really well structured artistic shape to the piece, the colors and shiny style must be unified as one piece.

High neckline or turtleneck

There is a wide range of clothing models that contribute to the neck, it is essential to combine it with a long and fairly thin necklace.

V-cut or V-neck

This neckline is specially designed to lengthen our figure. For this reason, it looks great with almost all kinds of necklaces. You can combine it very well with short or long necklaces, although it is a better visual effect if you combine it with medium and short necklaces not so close to the neck. If your bust is large, choose a long necklace, which surpasses and stylizes it.


Without a doubt, the best combination for this type of neckline is to use it with a necklace. This will make you look fantastic, bringing a lot of voluptuousness and visual impact to the outfit.

Halter or Deep Cleavage

This type of piece has a quite daring neckline, so to combine with a necklace, the rule to keep in mind is simplicity: a thin, short necklace or a simple chain with a small and not so striking pendant will generate an enviable visual harmony.

Single-shoulder cut or neckline

These pieces are difficult to combine with a necklace. But for this type of cut, we will tell you that the best choice is asymmetrical necklaces, with geometric shapes or various textures. You may also want to wear a short chain or a simple hoop adjusted to the contour of the neck.

Boat Cut or Décolletage

It’s a type of blouse that, because of its broad shoulders, provides elegance and therefore to combine it, the best option is a thin and long necklace. Never choose a necklace that is too large or too oversized, so that you can wear a long, slim neck.

Neckline with suspenders

The best thing about this type of piece is either a long piece of jewellery, so long that it reaches the edge of the neckline, or a necklace that fits snugly around the neck, so that it can be worn within the neckline and on the skin.

Shirt neckline

For this type of neckline, it’s best to choose short necklaces, if you wear your shirt open in the neck area. If, on the other hand, you wear it closed all the way to the top, it’s best to combine it with a long necklace. The ideal is to choose neutral or metallic collars so as not to overload the outfit.

Additional tips for combining a necklace

Jewelry is a must-have accessory in any woman’s closet.  We all love those pieces.

Some of us can wear extravagant or deep metallic necklaces, while others can be worn shyly. However, when combining a necklace with clothing is not always easy.

Therefore, apart from the use of some types or others according to the neckline as described above, we will give you some additional tips, which never fail. Take note and start practicing them right away:

  1. Avoid collars that are too tight around your neck, because that will make it look like you are choking, or that your neck will look much shorter than it is. If you wear a thin chain with a nice pendant up to your bust, your neck will look much longer and slimmer.
  2. The necklaces that come closest to your neck and stay away from your chest should only be worn with pronounced necklines and always accompanied by small earrings or earrings. In this way you’ll try to make a combined set of jewelry that comes together in a unique way and looks good in every point of perspective, as of day and night.
  3. Necklaces that touch or go beyond the line of your bust should be accompanied by a sober garment, this applies to texture and color. Cotton and light knitted fabrics are the best options for combining a long necklace.
  4. Bib necklaces, on the other hand, are and will continue to be a trend, and are an excellent complement to any look. If you want to maintain a fairly simple and casual look, but chic you can choose to combine a bib necklace a little flashy or bright with a solid colored dress or blouse.
  5. Always keep in mind that the necklace should touch the neckline line, otherwise it will look dull.
  6. Necklaces are wonderful pieces of jewelry. When combining a necklace, you should always keep in mind that you should always touch the line of the collar or the dress that you are wearing.
  7. Avoid adding necklaces if you wear shirts with too many ruffles or dresses too colorful, so as not to seem exaggerated. Always remember, sometimes less is more.