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When Should You Give a Commitment Ring

When Should You Give a Commitment Ring

When is the commitment ring given? All the people who are involved in a relationship always find themselves in the expectation of whether this will go far? Or is it forever this time? These are statements that can go through our minds every day since we take a partner seriously; although many women draw up a life plan just by looking at an attractive man in front of them and say “this is who I am going to marry.

Men, on the other hand, need more than a pretty face to take on a life as a couple, and are even able to experience the action as an attempt to know, what it would be like if I married this person?

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When is the commitment ring given? Wrapped chills

There are many doubts that take over our senses when we see that time is passing and we are getting closer to each other, more and more every day, we could remember our fears from the past, and make them more and more uneasy when faced with new feelings, especially if we are not used to the well-being and tranquility of the everyday life of a relationship as a couple. There are a lot of things and situations that will lead us to think about whether or not it is necessary to engage on another level with the person with whom we are sharing our daily lives.


What should you consider before giving out the engagement ring?

Before giving the engagement ring and proposing yourself to a person, you must have many considerations in mind, which are really important, i’ll give you with a short list below:


Relationship time

It’s an important factor, even if you are sure from the first day, that your thing is not eternal love, get into an adventure knowing only your feelings of the first day or the feeling that left the first kiss, everything new shines because it is polished for sale.

A life plan based on love should not be based on love at first sight, everyday life helps you to strengthen bonds and develop empathy and sensitivity to the problems of both or one.

Some people say that 3 years is what the feeling of falling in love lasts and after that, if the couple is still together, it is because the falling in love has passed to the necessary stage of maturity capable of assuming real commitments and carrying everything that implies sharing life with someone outside their being.


The everyday life 

A pretty face is seen every day and for free, you shouldn’t make the effort (if you are a man) to admire the beauty of a face, but what is really valued is the person’s being, being with migraines, in a bad mood, knowing the obsessions and weaknesses, hobbies and even the bad breath of the mornings and their face full of sleep.

All these factors are necessary to determine if you are going to give the engagement ring, if what you want in life is what you want with that person, do not reject trying a life as a couple before committing yourself to one, determine if it is necessary to change some personal aspect, on your own initiative, for the benefit of the other is only determined by daily life.



If in all the time you’ve been with that person you’ve been able to stand on your own two feet with the fidelity that this implies, and the unconditionally it entails, you can put that on your evaluation checklist as to whether or not you’re ready to give up the ring.

Being honest is a key factor for a relationship and more for a marriage, there is no one without the other, but there is a third party that unites them, it is a statement that you should never put into practice, it can damage even the most united couples.


Be realistic

Eventually, their bodies will change, times will not be measured in the same way and their fatigue will go from mild to chronic, but you should never underestimate what you experience.

People are changing beings, and we do it constantly and continuously, when we feel that we have achieved one goal we focus on another, learn to love that disheveled and unkempt being, because you know that it dazzles when his face lights up, fell in love with his eyes and in autumn did not know what to do, is a phrase to reflect and always keep in mind.


Put a lot of effort into the relationship

Don’t let all the weight be carried by the other, and the worries crush only one, remember that it is not just walking in the same direction but walking together the same way, couples are equal to two that must become one in difficult times so that they can support each other and can cope with any problem.


Success is guaranteed!

I am not going to lie to you, having these considerations in mind does not guarantee you a successful life as a couple or eternal happiness, much less the solution to problems to avoid a possible divorce or future infidelities, it is not like that, because with the constant and continuous change that people live it is difficult to determine a future from before starting.

What I can know, is that considering these points can help you determine when to give the engagement ring, and yourself in a serious relationship with the person you want and wish to spend the rest of your life. Based on the above details the recommendation is that with a relationship of at least 3 or 4 years would be ideal, although you will never get to know a person completely in that time you should be sure that your main points of weakness and strength will be clear enough to decide.

The important thing to know is that marriages do not guarantee happy, lasting, solid families, full of trust and security, do not give yourself your engagement ring, if you only see marriage as a responsibility of a child, or that you do it because you feel pressured by someone else. Take your time as you see fit and as intelligent, where mutual interest is not lost and where you have a secure foundation for a full and trusting life.

Plant the seeds in the ground of your relationship, so that you can reap the sweetest, most delicious fruits, avoid a hard life and learn to determine if your partner is as willing as you are in the decision you want to make, and don’t be unnecessarily disappointed.