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Coral: The Stone of Hope and Youth

Coral The Stone of Hope and Youth

Some stones have been desired by all people, either for its value, rarity, striking colors or their shapes to be used in jewelry, to be used as protecting symbols, to collect them or just for sale.

Whatever the desired purpose for a gemstone is, it’s not a secret for anybody that they have a different meaning than to be used as a symbol of wealth, since every time they earn more importance in the world of esotericism.

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Coral: The stone of hope and youth

In this way, coral is one of the most used materials for the practice of gem therapy, unlike for some gemstones, the coral is neither a gemstone nor even a gem and much less enters in the category of precious metals.

Because, the truth is that Coral is made by exoskeletons of certain varieties of microscopic animals that live on the bottom of the ocean, that are firmly attached, calculating around millions of tiny animals for each piece of Coral extracted from the sea.

Generally, these animals are grouped in a similar way to the bushes that can be found in the earth’s surface, but unlike these bushes, Coral reefs are very hard. When these animals die, they leave behind an armor that has a high hardness, and these residues of dead animals are the origin of the term “coral branches” that is used currently in jewelry.

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Corals can be found in its natural state

Corals can be found in its natural state with different pigments, varying from white, pink, light and dark red, gray and black, of which red and black Coral are the most expensive, although its value is lower compared to other materials used usually in jewelry, making an imitation of this material unprofitable.

Coral can be translucent or opaque, without any transparences and despite being a resistant material, it can be cut with metal saws, and can even be removed from the stones where it lies manually with instruments similar to chisels.

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It is believed that coral has the essence of life

In jewelry, it is widespread to see rosaries made with Coral pieces, which, generally is brown, it’s also used in the manufacture of bracelets, pendants of different forms. It’s believed that Coral has the essence of life because it comes from the deep ocean, where supposedly Goddess Mother lived.

Instead, Hindus think that beach is the home of human souls once they die, in fact, it’s not unusual that, in Hindu funerals, the corpses are thrown to the sea, so the Coral is considered by the Hindus as a powerful amulet for the seers, since it provides a bound between the world of the dead and the living.

Based on the belief, during funerals, a piece of Coral was placed on the body of the deceased, to avoid, that evil spirits possessed the authority, and besides this piece of Coral, a coin was placed under the dead’s tongue, so that later the soul of the person would use this coin as payment to Death in exchange for being taken his soul to paradise.

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Coral: A gift from Gods

In ancient times Coral was considered a gift from Gods, because of this, only the very wealthy families were able to wear an ornate garment of colored red Coral pieces.

It was believed that Coral should not be altered in any way to conserve its magical powers intact, and it can be used later for sorcery, that is to say, Coral cannot be cut, polished scratched or sculpted by human hands because it was considered impure. The word Coral comes from the join of two Greek words that means “daughter of the sea.”

Italian women used to wear these stones near their womb’s zone, to regulate their menstrual flux and avoid period pains. It’s believed that Coral’s energy comes from the sea, the moon, and their cycle since it is now known that the moon acts as a satellite and controls the tides of the ocean.

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It was used to purify houses

It was used to purify the houses, and to attract good luck into the person’s home, for this a piece of red Coral was rubbed against all the entries of the house, and then the stone was left in a prominent place so that it could begin to act on the negative energies that could be found in the area. Coral has also been associated with love, and Roman women used to wear clothes adorned with Coral to attract men’s love and be more desirable.

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Currently, despite the implementation of modern medicine, Coral hasn’t lost its use as alternative medicine, unlike, Coral is frequently used, and expert gemmologists find each time more uses for these stones. Coral is still used to obtain benefits, mainly as a protective amulet. The reason for protective charms made with Coral is to protect against evil eyes, envy, and ghosts, among other ills. It’s said that it helps to have a nice sleeping rest.

Godparents used to give Coral stones to their godchildren, to assure the infant a healthy and safe life. In the case of girls, the rocks were used as earrings, while, in baby boys, the pieces of Coral were introduced inside the rattles to protect them. In other cultures, for example, the Egyptian, Coral powder was mixed with seeds and fertilizers which were subsequently thrown into the cultivated land, ensuring an abundant harvest.