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Corundum: The Stone That Balances Emotions

Corundum The Stone That Balances Emotions


The use of stones is every time a more frequent practice for the modern medicine, these stones are used on gemtherapy thanks to the properties affirmed by some people these stones have. Astime goes by, the stones were no longer used only and exclusively for the manufacture of decorative accessories and they became more and more symbolic importance and had a greater impact on the spiritual world.

The majority of the most beautiful and exotic stones that can be found today belongs to the group of “Corundum” mostly formed by “aluminum oxide”. These stones are found in nature in the form of crystals. They are usually found in veins of pegmatite, amphibolite, peridotite, gneiss or marbles, they are found even in volcanic rocks, but finding them in this state is very rare.Corundum can be presented as a crystal, with shapes that vary from hexagonal, tabular, pyramidal or toneliforms, that is to say, barrel shaped. These crystals are fragile in nature and hardly have exfoliation, they have a conchoidal fracture and it is the variety of crystals with greater hardness that is known, it is only surpassed by the Diamond.

It can be found in natural state with a variety of colors depending on the impurities that the crystal possesses, findingcolors such as: white, brown, violet, green, yellow, blue, red or becoming totally colorless and has a characteristicvitreous brightness. The varieties of these stones known as Ruby (variety of red color) and Sapphire (of blue color), are considered precious stones. While the variety of opaque and grainy gray is called emery, and instead is used for the industry. Those varieties of this stone that are considered precious stones are used in the manufacture of jewelry, but there are also other varieties that are considered inferior that are used just to make decorative objects such as sculptures.

The red Corundum best known as Ruby is one of the most expensive and precious gemstones that exist, in fact, the most beautiful Rubies, are very scarce and difficult to obtain and can be valued for a price even higher than the one of Diamonds. The reddish color of Ruby is due to the Iron that is part of its chemical composition in conjunction with Chromium.It belongs to the family of metamorphic rocks, and despite of the popular belief, the Ruby ​​is actually belonging to the Corundum family, since they have similar compositions and the only differences are the impurities that make up and pigment the crystal, in this case red.

Because it is suchaexpensive gem, there is thepossibility to be scammed when buying a Ruby, since differentiating a synthetic Ruby ​​from a real Ruby ​​is something that only an expert jeweler could achieve. The most priced and rare Ruby ​​is the well-known “Pigeon Blood” which is a variety of the Ruby ​​of a more intense red color that presentspurple glitters. The experts in gems affirm that the Ruby is a stone of power and passion. And it is believed that its possession offers intelligence and personal security, as well as a beneficial, but not exaggerated, self-esteem. It is also used a lot to ward off bad thoughts, constant states of sad moods and to avoid lust, so it isone of the most used stones by papal figures and cardinals throughout history, just like great religious leaders.

This stone has been used since ancient times to treat the problems related to diseases of the body, because, it is believed that it helps to eliminate toxins and detoxify the blood. At the same time, it strengthens the heart by regulating blood pressure and tension levels, and also protects it from wounds and heart attacks. It is a great ally for people who have circulatory problems because, this stone will improve it and not only that, but it also increases oxygenation in the blood and its purity by absorbing toxins from the body and eliminating them.

Meanwhile, the purple variety of Corundum, called Amethyst, is also known to possess immense healing properties. This stone helps to open the mind and feel more spiritually conscious, causing in the carrier a capacity to see situations from another point of view. This stone cannot be lacking in the repertoire of those people who work in the field of healing themselves and others, because their energies make it possible to cleanse the aura and create a positive energy field around the person who is very strong and helps to counteract the negative energies that can be cast on that person. It is able to purify the energy of the body in all its aspects, for example, it is able to purify at a physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually level.

It is considered that its main function is to transmute the negative thoughts of people and make them positive, thus signifying a more just and objective thinking of situations of confusion, helping to get out of them and besides it helps to free the mind. In a few words it is a highly protective crystal, which represents the violet alchemical ray of the transformation.

It is even used by Wicca sorcerers, who use a piece of Amethyst on the tips of their wands to enhance their extrasensory powers, and helps them to stay in perfect balance and harmony, to avoid bad thoughts and bad vibes at the same time, so that in the end their decisions are not influenced by them. Very associated with the planet Jupiter, it is believed that its energy comes from this planet and is connected to the chakra of the third eye, thus favoring the person’s sight, smell and hearing.