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Crazy For Hip Hop Jewelry

Crazy For Hip Hop Jewelry


In this article we will look at the hip hop jewelry craze. Nowadays in the famous and famous actresses we see a great amount of extravagant jewels and not only in their necks, but in their hands and even in their clothes. The very popular reggaeton singers usually use the most striking gold and silver jewelry of different thicknesses and in unthinkable quantities, for some, we can also appreciate in their bright clothes, diamonds, as well as colors and shapes that give them shine and make their costumes stand out, for singers apparently is one of the most important things that must have their costumes because through these jewelry give them to show others, probably, the economic position they have or the level they have in the middle.

Hip Hop Jewelry Madness

The hip hop jewelry craze involves eye-catching, extravagant chains that are primarily designed to function as status symbols. While the wearer may refer to their jewelry as “ice cream out,” also known as the “bling bling,” hip hop jewelry is characterized by the use of diamonds and gold in great abundance, different styles of accessories have changed over time, from gold to white gold and platinum, but the goal remains the same to look and be striking to others.

This jewelry is catalogued as a status symbol of wealth and prestige. Several of the hip-hop artists are adorned with designer fashion brands and very conspicuous jewelry to symbolize and celebrate the road to success.

The appearance of jewels in hip hop and its precursors

The hip-hop gems made their first appearance during the first half of the 1980s, specifically when the first hip-hop and MC groups made their scene. Rap icon Kurtis Blow started the trend of wearing several necklaces at the same time, many of the necklaces had large medallions.

Another well-known hip-hop legend is the Run DMC group who introduced the style of wearing thick gold chain necklaces with their track suits. Many of the gold chains had the thickness of the real string, however, it was not related to the rap scene. On the other hand, Mr. T. was the one in charge who popularized the look of having many very striking gold necklaces at the same time. In addition, Public Enemy’s Flavor further enhanced the style with the use of an incredible watch around the neck, featuring gold necklaces.

For a very early age in hip hop gold was the color that was used as the standard and most commonly used material for jewelry, however, this changed in the 1990s with the appearance of the luxurious style of Jay-Z and P. Diddy, then known as Puff Daddy. These artists brought us a new era of designer clothing with platinum jewelry, silver, white gold, diamonds that made them very fashionable. Hip-hop jewelry soon began to be made with diamond inlays, the more, the better for rappers.

Madness for hip hop jewelry: The grills or grillz

Grills, or “grillzes,” are a way to coat teeth with diamonds. Some grids even have messages and names on them and can be customized.

Later the jewelry store acquired a new name. The term “bling bling” was coined during the late 1990s to describe the striking style, which is the over-the-top fashion of hip-hop jewelry.

The term “bling”, which had been coined, became so popular with the passage of time that it now has its own style and has a varied selection of “bling”, which is very affordable and are dressed in cubic zirconia and obviously fake gold. It mainly has belt buckles, collars, bracelets, chains, dog chains, rings, earrings and watches.

To speak a little deeper about the madness of hip-hop jewelry is elementary to have a broad knowledge of what hip-hop means as music and as culture.

Hip Hop Jewelry Madness: Hip Hop Style

The hip-hop style is a fashionable style that was first popularized thanks to the hip-hop culture that emerged during the 1980s. Characterized by strong urban influences, it was very common for them to be typified by wide pants, oversized shirts, and baseball caps. The eye-catching jewels, known as the “bling”, were another key element in the hip hop style, helping to develop a luxury street sometimes called the “fabulous ghetto”.

The style became detached from the mainstream as sports brands began to relate to hip-hop culture, and it became a trend for many of the rap artists to start their own clothing lines. During the late 1970s there was an emergence of rap and hip-hop, in this period, fans of these musicians began to copy the way the artists dressed. This reached a point during the 1980s, when fans of the most popular hip-hop icons had acquired the style of musicians with the use of brightly colored tracksuits, jackets and sneakers.

Influence of sport on hip hop style

The 1990s marked the beginning of baseball caps and sports shirts, as well as the fashion trends for women’s hop-style fashion. Women hip-hop artists began wearing sports bras under large shirts as a hallmark of femininity.

The influence of sport on hip-hop style grew in the mid- to late 1990s, when artists began to use sportswear brands. Designer Tommy Hilfiger was one of the first to bridge the gap between classic good taste and urban style. Instead of leaving the hip-hop community behind as many designers did, he took it upon himself to create the baggy, brightly colored clothes and wooed the popular hip-hop artists. Hilfiger became a household name in hip-hop and more when rapper Snoop Dogg did a live TV show wearing the designer’s clothes.

Hip-hop artists continue to influence the hip-hop style

At this time, the jewelry culture became a very important part of the hip hop style. Hip-hop artists continue to influence the hip-hop style as much as they did during the 1980s. The most notable trend in the last decade was the renaissance of Kanye West with the shutter curtains, the colored plastic sunglasses whose lenses were replaced by a “trigger” motif. Many of the artists, such as Eminem, P. and Diddy, 50 Cent, opened their own clothing labels and have achieved a very favorable commercial success, however, there are certain things they want to highlight, mostly within the jargon:

  • With the increase in hip hop, the film’s popularity peaked during the 1980s and 1990s.
  • The brands identified as part of the hip hop style have increased their range of shoes to include all types of shoes.
  • Some of the rap artists have started their own clothing lines.
  • Diamonds are used as a reference in hip-hop culture as the “ice”.

For those who enjoy Hip Hop music, there is a particular style of clothing that can go in relation to it. Hip hop is a style of clothing, as well as a type of music, and the look of Hip Hop has become extremely popular. This is not just a type of music that has become a culture with obvious unique characteristics. The Hip Hop culture was created in New York many decades ago and has spread and become very popular throughout the world.

Hip hop music

The Hip Hop style is inspired by Hip Hop music and is a completely unique look with many fashionable options such as shirts, pants, jeans, jewelry and more coming in Hip Hop styles. As time went by, the culture moved to other cities, and the hip hop fashion changed a lot and expanded. Over the years, the Hip Hop style has undergone many changes. Nowadays, it is very popular to wear the “old school” style, many of the Hip Hop clothing items today are inspired by those worn in the 1980s.

Bling bling

However, since we know what hip-hop really is, we can focus on the jewels or the so-called “bling bling”. It is now widely used by rap and reggaeton singers and their followers. The term has also spread to Spanish: rappers use the term Latin hip-hop, and in reggaeton that is part of Panama and Puerto Rico, although it is generally written and pronounced as “blin-blin”. The word in English comes to be the blinblinear is also used to refer to as the bling-bling style.

The term is traditionally used in French to describe the attitudes of the nouveau riche; such as “wearing expensive costumes”, “stylish sunglasses” and “visibly large wristwatches” or anything that is ostentatious and can be considered “bad taste”.

Some of the most popular or widely used figures such as jewelry in hip hop or reggaeton are thick chains with pendants or bling crosses, names, diamonds, women’s figures, bottles or anything that can be very flashy with brightness and light, that is overly heavy, large and thick.

The Grillz, the jewel of teeth

Another jewel much used lately in the hip hop jewelry craze is in the teeth. They are not teeth of gold is practically a smile of bling bling, which since 2006 was known as the fever of using “grillz” between rappers and hippopotamers, however, now the trend of this accessory has been impacting on several singers, before were used mostly by men, but now the ladies who want to look a little rough have chosen to use this jewel in the teeth too.

“Grillz” are basically removable dental pieces made of gold, platinum or silver that many people decorate with diamonds or precious stones, an important part for the singers has always been the costumes for the social and cultural impact, which have and as the popularity of the genre increased, so did the effect of their fashion and style. Although some of the elements that were used in hip hop were not a dominant part of it at first, and although some rappers like Run-DMC had an affinity with some brands in this case Adidas or the Wu-Tang Clan with Wallabies Clark’s, it was not until its commercial boom that fashion became truly influential and inescapable.

Artists now use brands and jewelry as a means of income that is supplemental to their music and are creating and expanding their own brands to become their main source of income. As Harry Elam explains, a movement has been generated, that of “affiliation and the redefinition of existing trends between the design and marketing of products, as is the case with hip-hop fashion. Hip Hop has several current trends in the way of dressing, from the very popular Old School that generally involves very wide clothes, to the New School river that is a little closer to the body, or with alternative styles like the Swag and from a certain time to time here began to add these jewels so ostentatious, expensive and striking to all their costumes.