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Diamond: The Stone of Love

Diamond The Stone of Love


The gems have always had an air of enigma and mystery, the Egyptians worshiped them for their natural and beneficial properties and their influence on the state of mind and the qualities they bestowed, valued for their beauty, as well as for the protections offered to those that used them as amulets. As well as many stones, there is one that stands out from the others with regard to the properties it offers; the Diamond that for millennia has been catalogued as one of the most valuable and precious.

It is curious that a simple coal is the raw material that allows the formation of this stone that is one of the most precious and complex that exist in nature, formed with Carbon as a material. The same material from which the mines of the pencils are made, but under tremendous pressure in the deepest part of the earth supporting at the same time incredible temperatures of 3700 degrees centigrade for millions of years, all this creates this wonderful gem, that is why that each one is different and unique.

Diamond is one of the most precious minerals in the world because of its physical characteristics. It has remarkable optical characteristics, its rigid glass structure can only be contaminated by a few types of impurities such as “Boron and Nitrogen”. Its incredible transparency that is clear and colorless in majority of natural diamonds. When is contaminated or when it has defects that cause it to have a different color such as blue (Boron), yellow (Nitrogen), brown (crystalline defects), purple (Hydrogen), green (Uranium radiation) and the rarest red and pink that are created by variations in their atomic structure at the time they are under pressure to create them, these are the rarest in the world having only 20 red copies confirmed as red diamonds and do not exceed half a carat.

Its property of scattering light of different colors is due to the fact that they have a refractive dispersion (the phenomenon that occurs when a ray of white light passes through a transparent medium, showing at the exit the colors that constitute this light) relatively high, which increase even more its beauty, the more transparent the Diamond is, the more color it reflects. All of the above, combined with excellent marketing, make the Diamond the most popular gem.


Another unique feature of Diamonds is their hardness; as the hardest mineral on the planet, on the scale of hardness that serves as a reference in physics, the Diamond reach their highest seat with a ten. The only material capable of cutting and carve a Diamond is another Diamond. Hence its name, which comes from the Greek “Amamantem” which is translated as “indestructible”. This hardness contributes to its ability as a gem, as these can only be scratched by other diamonds, keep its polish extremely well. Unlike other gems, they are well suited for everyday use because of their scratch resistance, which is why they are so popular in engagement and wedding rings that are worn every day for decades.


Giving a Diamond, one of the most expensive jewels in the world, carries an emotional value even greater than its effective price, since this stone of unequaled sparkles is capable of expressing with its beauty and characteristics everything that cannot be said with words.A jewel as pure and crystalline as this is the only one that can represent such pure intention and its hardness represents a strong and lasting relationship, an unbreakable love that will overcome the chains of time and will create prosperity both loving and economic, without a doubt the ideal gift for lovers.

Curiously, although it is the most valuable, people manage to get the detail or gift that contains this precious stone, usually in rings. This is the conclusion that emerges from studies and marketing studies of jewelry designers. Diamond-studded rings are the detail of love and friendship. Its beauty makes it irresistible to the ambition of any person thus making it the greatest symbol of one of the influences that move the world, love. A stone like this is synonymous of purity, elegance, sophistication and power. It is the ambition of the lovers, the desire of an artisan jeweler, represents the eternal and the infinite, for that reason perhaps it is associated with love.


The energy of this precious stone is so powerful, in conjunction with other stones, that it helps the healing power of these stones to increase. The Diamond not only helps to open up to optimism and happiness, but also gets that people who lock themselves get out of their enclosure and relate better to the people around them, sharing their feelings and emotions.It is capable of channeling the energy of the inside of the person and also brings prosperity in the economic sphere. Diamonds create resistant unions to obstacles and ups and downs (that’s why it is believed that is why it is related to marriages) and it is said that putting a Diamond at the bedside of lovers helps to create unbreakable bonds.


In love, the Diamond serves to dazzle and conquer, but the Diamond also tends to loneliness and as a stone so powerful can be used as well as for evil, that is why you must be careful with its use, it is a stone which is stronger selfishness than feeling and yet is able to move the heart of those who receive it as a gift, as well as transmitting the love of those who give it, but we must know that the Diamond does not attract love for itself, but the desire for possession and the representation of an economic level.In conclusion, the Diamond is a stone that by itself will not create love, it gives the message and creates strong links between the one who gives it and the one who receives it, thus giving a strong beginning to a lasting relationship.