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Top 10 Diamond Tiaras In The World

In the world of jewelry, we will find a number of amazing pieces, like diamond tiaras, associated with the princesses or a royal palace. We see them on magazine covers displayed by the world’s royal jet set. The Tiaras, a coveted accessory by many and had for few, in our tour we will find some of the most expensive diamond tiaras in the planet, be amazed at the value and importance of our top ten.


Top 10 most important diamond tiaras in the world

  1. Diamond girdle:

In our first place in the top 10 diamond tiaras, we have the Diamond Girdle, an exclusive and preferred tiara by Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. That’s right, a Latina is fortunate to have her. A light, subtle and easy to wear tiara with loose or up-doing hair, as expressed by Máxima. Although this amazing piece was specially designed for Queen Juliana in 1937, the peculiarity of its manufacture was that they used the diamonds that Queen Emma had received as a wedding gift.

This tiara is truly amazing as it can be disassembled and transformed into other fine accessories, including a necklace, a beautiful necklace and even a pair of earrings.

It can also be combined with great jewelry that has made history, such as long drop-shaped earrings made entirely of diamonds. You may wonder what kind of diamonds were used in the production of such an ostentatious piece, since Stuart diamonds belonging to Queen Emma were used, who personally commissioned the set of jewels to a jeweler of the time. Queen Emma’s plans were for her jewelry to be worn by her daughter Queen Wilhelmina.

The precious touch of the tiara was the largest diamond in Holland dating back to the 17th century, also known as “The Blue Stone”. The tiara worn today by Queen Máxima has 27 rose-shaped diamonds, a large diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, which is also known for its refractory qualities.

  1. The Tiara of Queen Elizabeth:


A piece composed of a large row of precious diamonds. The tiara is removable and can be turned into a beautiful necklace, originally belonged to Queen Elizabeth, who was first married to Albert. Today the jewel is kept by Queen Paola, who lent the tiara to Matilda for her wedding in 1999, and who wore it on the lace veil of Brussels.

Whose veil fell on the tail of the coat of the princess who was fortunate enough to wear the veil and the tiara. The veil and tiara belong to Queen Paola and were in fact worn by Elizabeth Maria Rosboch in her marriage to Prince Amedeo of Belgium, grandson of the Queen.

  1. Tiara de Laurel (Queen Paola of Belgium):

A group of aristocrats belonging to the Belgian royal family presented the tiara to Princess Mathilde on the occasion of her marriage to the Crown Prince of Belgium in December 1999. It is made of diamond and platinum, a design inspired by the hours of laurels. The Queen used the headband as a necklace on several occasions as it was convertible like most of those mentioned in this article.

  1. The Purple Tiara (Spanish Royal Family):

With a more traditional and unconventional style, this headband has a Hellenic line and is inspired by neoclassicism. It was created in Germany by the renowned jeweler Kock. It is made in platinum and diamonds, in its aesthetics it has two bands, the first one with laurel leaves typical of royalty, the second one has a design that represents long life associated with the Greek.

In the middle of both, there is a row of bars made up of small precious stones and in the middle, a large teardrop-shaped diamond falls, which is the sensation every time the wearer takes a step, as it makes small movements in time.

In the beginning, it was the gift of King Kaiser Wilhelm the Second and Empress Victoria to her first and only daughter, Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia, on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Ernst of Hanover in May 1913.

However, the precious tiara seems to be inherited, as Princess Victoria gives it to her daughter Princess Frederick of Hanover in the tradition of her predecessors. Federica married the future King Paul first of Greece, 18 years later in the interest of continuing the tradition, Princess Frederica gives the tiara to her daughter Sofia, however, this time it would not be because she married, but because she came of age.

Sofia would later choose the tiara to wear on May 14, 1962, her wedding day. After the nuptials as a princess and later as a queen I have worn the tiara on several occasions, and then give it to her two girls Cristina and Elena. Elena wore it since she was 18 years old and wore this wonderful garment on countless occasions and at royal dinners, Cristina also had the opportunity to wear it as she alternated her tiara with her sister.

The next to use it was Leticia Ortiz on May 22, 2004, she, like most royalty, wore it the day she married the Prince of Asturias. Leticia also wore the Bridal Veil in the same way as Queen Sofia. That’s how she appears as a member of the royalty that has given most use to such a wonderful piece.

  1. Belgian Empire:

Belonging to the Belgian royal household, it is a very brand new and versatile Diamond Tiara. Designed to be presented to King Leopold’s first wife, Princess Astrid of Sweden. In 1926 the precious gift came into the hands of the princess for her wedding.

An unusual headband with a band of 11 supporting stems, large diamonds each of which had a meaning, no less than the representation of nine Belgian provinces. The city of Brussels and the Congo, according to the requirements of the season as the years went by, it was possible to make modifications in the decorations of the Tiara.

One of them was to remove the top diamonds to wear on the forehead above the eyebrows, the result was a beautiful diamond baldana, a few years later those diamonds would take the shape of a triangle giving the tiara a more formal look.

In 1938, it became known that 29-year-old Queen Astrid had died in a major traffic accident. After the unfortunate episode, the Tiara was not used, it was kept by her husband King Leopold until one day in 1960 he decided to give it to Fabiola Mora, the Spanish woman who married the Belgian King Balduino. The new Queen used it in multiple events and mostly wears all 11 diamonds.

After the death of King Leopold, his brother Albert succeeded him to the throne and the precious piece became the property of Queen Paola, who used it not only as a tiara but also as a necklace. However, when the King abdicated, the Diadem passed into the hands of King Philip the First’s wife, Queen Mechthild of Belgium.

  1. Russian Tiara (British Royal House):

A tiara composed of approximately 478 diamonds and 70 magnificent platinum bars, a unique piece in its style and designed by renowned jeweler Garrard. Inspired by the Russian Kokoshnik headdresses, this tiara was commissioned by Lady Salisbury and later delivered to the King. The tiara was presented on the silver anniversary to Edward VII and Alejandra then Princes of Wales and future Kings.

Princess Alejandra had repeatedly made her desire to have such a tiara evident. Her sister Zarina already possessed a similar jewel with a Russian touch. After Queen Alexandra’s death, her precious jewels were divided among her children, as she had left no will. However, the headband remained at the forefront of royalty.

The tiara is one of the most used by Queen Elizabeth II in official acts, tiaras with this particular design had been transformed into jewels very much desired by European royalty, full of glamour, diamonds and above all very fashionable made this precious piece a true luxury.

  1. Tiara of Habsburg (Prince and Princess of Liechtenstein):

This beautiful tiara was designed by the jewelry star, Kochert. It was given in 1873 as a wedding gift to Infanta Maria Teresa of Portugal, who at that time was the third wife of Archduke Charles Louis of Austria. Under the same guidelines of the time, it is a tiara with a Russian style very marked or also known Fringe.

A piece made almost entirely of fine diamonds and platinum. In 1903 the second daughter of the Infanta, Archduchess Elizabeth Amalie of Austria, used it in her wedding to Prince Alois of Liechtenstein. After this event, the tiara became part of the royal house of another country.

The precious piece was used on several occasions by the Princesses of Liechtenstein, one of whom was Gina, wife of Prince Franz Josef Liechtenstein. This jewel was also worn by Princess Elizabeth of I´Arbre, wife of the second son of Franz Joseph and Gil and Maria Aglae at their wedding to Crown Prince Hans Adams. At the wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden and the last time the Habsburg tiara was seen, Princess Sofia of Bavaria, wife of Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, wore it.

  1. Tiara Grand Ducal (Grand Ducal House of Luxembourg):

Also known as the Russian tiara, a great jewel in large precious diamonds. The tiara is adorned with classic flowers that highlight its beauty. Duchess Elizabeth Mikhailovna of Russia, the granddaughter of Czar Paul I, obtained it in 1844 as a dowry when she married. She died after her marriage and left no descendants. However, Duke Michael of Russia wanted Adolphus to keep the jewels, so the Grand Ducal tiara was linked to the house of Luxembourg.

Duchess Carlota Luciera, Adolfo’s granddaughter, wore the tiara in 1919 when she married Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma. Although the tiara was an icon of the most important events after the Grand Duchess abdicated, her son Duke John had no way of using it, so it was only used on a few occasions by his wife, Princess Charlotte of Belgium.

The tiara is currently worn by Duchess Maria Theresa, wife of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, at the grand royal ceremonies.

  1. Tiara Fringe (Princeship House of Monaco):

This tiara was made by Cartier, a piece that remains traditional to the demands of the time. It belonged to Princess Carlota of Monaco, it was a gift from her father Prince Ludwig II. Like most of the tiaras mentioned, this is also a multifaceted piece, with its own design that can be turned into a beautiful necklace.

This valuable tiara was inherited from Princess Caroline by her grandmother Princess Charlotte. It seems he did not want to give the jewel to his daughter-in-law Princess Grace. Princess Carolina has worn the tiara many times as a necklace, just as her grandmother Carlota did. In the run-up to Prince William’s wedding to Countess Stephanie of Lannoy, Princess Caroline wore her grandmother’s two tiaras for the first time.

  1. Tiara / Congo necklace (Grand Ducal House of Luxembourg):

A design requested by the Congolese government. A tiara/necklace made up of diamonds of great size and value, precious stones that come directly from the Congo itself. While the tiara was made for the wedding of Duke John the Crown of Luxembourg on April 9, official publications of the ceremony show that the princess chose to wear another Tiara presented by the Belgian National Bank. Later, as Duchess, he used it in some acts as a tiara.

On February 14, 1981, Prince Henrique married the Cuban Maria Teresa Mestre and for this very important occasion was granted the Wedding Tiara of Josefina Carlota Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

In this tour, we describe the top 10 most fabulous and impressive diamond tiaras in the world, which could not belong to anyone but the REALTY.