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Emerald: The Stone of Fairy Tranquility

Emerald The Stone of Fairy Tranquility


In the modern era there are currently precious minerals and gems that have acquired different purposes than those that were used, the gems, although they are still used for the manufacture of jewelry and accessories, they are also been used over the years (or rather centuries), for their beneficial properties and even some expert gemologists assure that precious stones have unique properties, coming to possess each one a specific quality. Despite this, the monetary value of the stone does not usually influence the energies that these stones are considered to have.

In addition to being used in accessories, they have also been used as objects of healing and liberation, these objects have been used in order to protect anyone who possesses a stone. Experts in gem therapy assure that these stones are capable of protecting people, with their multiple properties. A clear example of this has been the Esmeralda that since ancient times has been one of the most sought-after gems for its color and beauty, it is used mainly in jewelry, but it has also been used by the high shamans of some cultures for its beneficial properties and even to this day these stones are still used in gem therapy.

Although the Emerald is very well known, it is not really an independent stone, since it belongs to the Beryl family, it is a green variety of them. It is composed of small amounts of chromium and in some cases has “Vanadium” in its composition, these are the materials responsible for its characteristic green color. This stone is highly valued among jewelers due to its rarity, as there is knowledge of other precious stones that are green as Malachite, but the Emerald is the only crystalline. It is believed that its name probably comes from Persian culture.


Known by the Spaniards as “the green fire”, this stone was so fascinating for them, that the Spanish conquerors carried out a massacre in order to find the location of the main Emerald mines in South America. The natives and the shamans worshiped this stone for its magical properties, in fact, the ancient Greeks believed that this stone was a gift from the planet Venus to the Earth.

Nowadays, despite the constant progress of modern medicine, precious stones are still used to cure the ills that affect people. It is believed that the Emerald has an affinity with the heart chakra and with the throat chakra. Also experts in gemology assure that this stone has connection with the solar chakra and the third eye chakra. The intense vibrations of the stone provide balance and purification, this is why this stone is recommended for the elderly, since in addition to balancing and purifying, this gem has the ability to invigorate the body and neutralize negative energy fields, thanks to this is also known as the stone of regeneration and rejuvenation.


Although gem therapy is a medicine that is alternative, the treatment with this stone complements the healing of modern treatments, it also helps to combat psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and the phobias. Experts affirm that there are many ways to work with this stone spiritually, as, for example, through meditation you can enter to the spiritual plane if you have much care and respect for the spirits and obviously if these spirits allow the person to enter to this world. It is believed that people who have a pure heart are able to know the true properties of the gem, or rather, are able to use 100% of all the magical capacity it has.


This stone is a symbol of abundance. Its intense vibrations fulfill the functions of balance and purification. According to the masters and experts of the occult, the Emerald facilitates divination and possesses the property of neutralizing fields of negative forces and spells.Its beautiful green color, works as a relaxant, since these stones are used in meditation, and it is believed that it provides relief for tired eyes, and weak eyes, also these stones help to clear eyes by relaxing the optic nerve and restoring the normal view, this is why, therapeutically speaking this is one of its uses for excellence.



This stone has been so recognized by people that it is believed that this stone is part of the Holy Grail, that is to say, according to religious beliefs, the sacred cup has pieces of Emeralds set and it is not strange at all that the Holy Grail is so famous, because, it is believed that it was where Jesus consecrated the wine and bread of the Last Supper.It is also believed that it is the material from which the magical table of occultists is made,on which the essential precepts of occult science were engraved and it was believed that this table was an immense Emerald that was carved according to legend in a cave where the body of the Egyptian God Thoth was buried (this God is better known for being the God of wisdom, writing, music, spells, the domain of dreams, magical spells and his energy was associated with the moon). It is also mentioned in the Bible, that is one of the stones that were found in Aaron’s chest.

Although Emerald is not very accessible, either because of its price or its difficult extraction, this stone itself has a very large energy potential, so it is advisable to have experience in the world of Spiritism to work with it, and that is why, the Emerald is one of the favorite tools and must not be missing in the arsenal of anyone who is dedicated to the art of corporal and spiritual healing.