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Exotic Jewelry

Exotic Jewelry

Exotic jewelry: The most desired, beautiful and rare jewels

Jewelry can become a modest gift or a treat that you can give yourself from time to time. It doesn’t matter if you are one of those people who likes to dress more simply or a little more extravagantly, jewelry is something that will always be present in our lives as an accessory or complement, although for some fanatics it is a lifestyle. Jewels can turn out to be more than just ornaments, but they are also incredible pieces to admire.


Exotic jewelry: The most desired, beautiful and rare jewels

The main problem with these exotic jewelry pieces is that they are often highly exaggerated and extravagant. Combining them can be more difficult than it may seem, because you have to look for symmetry and choose a very simple outfit because what you need to highlight is the piece of jewelry, and so you don’t seem too overwhelmed when you try to show everything at the same time.

However, modernity and trends make jewelry works of art appear every day; jewelry has been catalogued as an elementary piece for all women for many decades and we might even risk saying that from the beginning of humanity. The age of the jewels allows us to determine the existence of classics such as the Rivere jewelry store, which is better known as the pearl necklace that every woman should have in her jewelry box, and that is why it is very much desired at the same time.

The great firms such as Bulgari, Cartier and even Boucheron were responsible for launching their own line of exotic jewelry inspired by the beauty of nature and the connotation given to each of the pieces, that is to say the vision of them for the world of how nature is in itself or even going beyond creating jewelry as some jewelers would like nature to be.


Exotic jewelry: Animals, gems and diamonds

Animals are turned into bracelets in the world of jewelry, for example a tiger is taken as an inspiration for a beautiful bracelet that is designed with yellow gold and some emeralds, necklaces or rings that are accompanied by precious gems that are at the end a perfect piece to show in special occasions and stop being the typical housewife and bring out our sexiest and explosive side, but always accompanied by the subtlety and elegance that a jewel can give us.

Precious gems are highly prized today; a simple diamond, even the smallest ones, are usually very expensive, however, we find unique gemstones that are only available for a few.

Diamonds and women have had a very close relationship standing for a very long time, however, among all the precious gems in the world the diamond is par excellence, in a more privileged place for the ladies because its shine captivates all women regardless the age.


The most exotic jewels in the world

The largest pearl in the world

During 2010, the largest luminous pearl on the planet was presented in Wenchang, southern China, which weighs six tons and measures about 52 feet in diameter. It is estimated that the pearl has a value of 301.197 million dollars.


The Koh-I-Noor diamond

It is a jewel that belongs to the British crown: The Koh-i-Noor and is a diamond that weighs 106 carats and once held the title of the largest diamond on the world. Formerly it was part of the Indian government, but now it is in the hands of the British royal family and is part of the Crown Jewels.When the Koh-i-noor came into the hands of the British royal family, Prince Albert took it upon himself to find a diamond polisher with a very good reputation and gave him the mission of cutting the diamond, and once he was ready he went and showed it to Queen Victoria.


The Millennium

Better known as the Millennium Sapphire and is a jewel that was carved with portraits of the most famous historical figures. Designed by Italian artist Alessio Boschi, it was created as a tribute to human ingenuity and includes 134 tracks, featuring the faces of Beethoven, Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, Shakespeare, Martin Luther King, Jr. and others.A consortium of investors led by Daniel McKinney is currently the owner of the sapphire, but over the past 15 years, the impressive carved sapphire has been exhibited to the public only twice.


Don Pedro

It is known as the largest aquamarine in the world and is on permanent display in Washington with the Hope diamond and Marie Antoinette earrings.It was extracted from a Brazilian pegmatite during the 1980s and is named for the two first emperors of Brazil, so Don Pedro Aguamarina has an outstanding place in the National Museum of Natural History.



Exotic Jewelry Collections

There are so many other relics in the world, but without a doubt, these are some of the most exotic jewels in existence; they are very desirable, beautiful and rare.

For years, jewelry designers around the world have been choosing one source of inspiration for each of their collections, and they are often inspired by nature.Cartier was one of the jewelers who found his muse in nature, it was probably the brand that had the first theme in unique design based on nature, being these some pieces of jewelry for the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Spencer. The duchess had one of the most beautiful royal jewels in the shape of a Panther diamond bracelet that was designed by Cartier.

Here are some of those exotic jewelry collections:


Bulgari Serpentine Fine Jewelry

With its Bulgari serpentine watches it has had most people captivated and the theme obviously continues with its charming collection of jewelry Serpenti High Jewelry. Since 1940 the snake has been the symbol of the brand and is used in many of the company’s creations.

The latest collection of the brand included 3 new models of snake bracelets, which were covered with precious gems in different versions. The first is made from rose gold decorated with 244 diamonds, in addition of being engraved on the dial, with some diamonds in the case and the bracelet with many amethyst crystals and sapphires.

The second model is made of white gold and inlaid with 290 diamonds, 250 amethyst crystals and 221 emeralds. The latest model has a white gold base with about 585 diamonds and about 422 emeralds. The face of the watch has a quartz clock mechanism, which indicates the hours and minutes and is hidden in the head of the snake.


Boucheron Bestiary Collection

BoucheronBestiario was a limited edition collection that was inspired by animals and provided some completely unique designs. The company designed the rings in the form of elephants, monkeys, zebras and horses. Each design is made with precious gems and white and pink gold.

The elephant ring is made entirely of white and yellow gold and is dotted with some emeralds, diamonds and sapphires. The collection is also composed of a camel designed in a ring with yellow gold and some inlays of emeralds and Madagascar sapphires. While the monkey has the ring with the white gold base, they have ruby and sapphire inlays while the eyes are made of double emeralds.

Other rings found in this collection include the Razali ring, a zebra, and a giraffe. The price of the collection will depend on the amount of precious gems in the piece, however, the range starts at $ 50,000 and may exceed $ 100,000.


The most expensive jewels in the world

  • One of the world’s most prized diamonds was sold at auction for over $21 million. Archduke Joseph’s 76-carat diamond comes from the well-known Golconda mines in India and is rumored to be internally perfect.


  • An employee showed the “Beau Sancy” diamond, which weighs 34.98 carats, at auction in Switzerland for only about $9.7 million! Marie de Medici used the diamond during her coronation as the Queen Consort of Henry IV of France in 1610.


  • The “Sun Tear “, which has a weight of 110.3 carats and is called a rare diamond with a pear shape and a very bright yellow color, is also completely unique in the world for its cut and purity. In 2011 it was sold for over $10.9 million during an auction that broke previous records for very similar jewelry.


  • The diamond of an intense pinkish 24.78 carat weight, which was mounted on a ring and was hidden from public view for about 60 years before being auctioned in London in 2010. The gem broke the record for the sale of a jewel at auction as it sold for approximately $46 million.


  • “The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond” is a stone that weighs 33.19 carats and was a gift from Richard Burton to the actress and was purchased at Christie’s, specifically in New York. The ring was sold during an auction for more than $8.8 million during 2011.


  • The Tiara of Princess Katarina HenckelVonDonnersmarck was named one of the most important jewels and with the largest quantity of emeralds in the world during 2011. It was sold for over $12 million and the tiara was made for Katarina during 1900. Is definitely one of the most valuable pieces in the world.


  • The Hope Diamond. It is a blue diamond that was called “Hope” and is one of the most popular and well-known in the world, because there is a rumor that it is cursed and it is said that if someone steals it from its owner, a statue of the Hindu Goddess Sita that existed during the 1900’s will bring bad luck and death not only to whoever stole it but to anyone who dares to touch it. It has an impressive weight of 45.52 carats and is a unique piece in the world.Today, the Hope diamond is still on display at the Museum and has been the cause of many rumors which have been brought to the world of literature and the big screen. Without a doubt, either because of superstitions or the simple fact that the diamond is valued at over $250 million, Hope has created a great sensation among fans and jewelers.



Exotic jewelry: A little awareness of exotic jewelry

However, not everything has to be beautiful in the world of jewelry, because there is a big consequence regarding these jewels and although the problem is not from this moment on, it has worsened during the last decades.China is the world’s largest consumer of ivory, because its inhabitants display this species of white gold in jewelry that demonstrates social status. The price has doubled, although it has almost tripled, since 2010, due to the fact that one kilogram of gross product fluctuated around 550 euros at the time, whereas last year the amount increased to 1,540 euros.

The situation has become untenable for African wild elephants because they may only have one more generation left before disappearing completely according to the organizations and conservationists Save the Elephants and Aspinall Foundation, so it is up to us to consider what kind of exotic jewelry we acquire and see if it is worth wearing a rare jewel to preserve the lives of innocent people in the world.