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Fluorite: Multidimensional stone that increases intelligence

Fluorite Multidimensional stone that increases intelligence


Gems have been the subject of conversation for everyone and have been the focus of attention since the discovery of each and every one of the hundreds of varieties of gemstones that can be found today. Since ancient times precious stones were used to demonstrate status within a group of individuals, they were also used to create jewels and were even used by merchants to carry out their daily transactions. But over time, these were also used by native leaders, shamans and witches because it was believed that these stones have magical powers.


Although some gemstones are harder to find than others, meaning that they are more expensive than the other types of gems that can be found more easily, this has not been an impediment when using these stones for purposes beyond decoration and jewelry. They became to be used for witchcraft, divination, healing and even some stones are very popular among alchemists because they used to prepare elixirs with these, without a doubt, the gems have been acquiring a value that goes beyond the monetary over the years.

From the above, a type of precious stone that cannot be overlooked is the Fluorite, which, despite of not being much known, has enigmatic and exotic properties. Fluorite is a mineral, which is formed by the combination of the “Calcium and Fluorine”. It is presented in nature in the form of a cube, octahedral and rhomb dodecahedron shape.Deploying this inside a crystalline structure when it is in its cubic form. It is a mineral with some striking physical properties, since this stone presents “thermoluminescence and fluorescence” that are given by respond to ultraviolet rays, or also known as black light. Nowadays it is industrially used in the smelting of Iron and steel, and it is equal used in the ceramics and in crystal’s lenses.


As this gem can have different shapes, itcan also have different colors depending on the purity state of the sample that is extracted, Fluorite can be transparent or opaque and the colors that can show the crystalline pieces can vary in a wide range of colors that goes from the green colors, to the blue ones, even having shades of violet-blue. Despite of this, the most common samples are the blue and purple color ones. Although there also exist samples of other colors, such as yellow, white and orange, these are very difficult to obtain in its natural state, this why it is not surprising that synthetic Fluorites are made of these colors. The name of this stone comes from the Latin “fluere”, which means to flow, name that was given to this stone for its ability to fuse with adjacent colors when exposed to high temperatures.


In the modern era its principal use is helping to reduce the point of merger of the steel, allowing a considerable saving of energy, compared to when this activity was carried out without using the stone. It is also used as a refrigerant in air conditioners, domestic and industrial, it is also used in some automotive and householdappliances. It is also used as an aggregate when fusing steel, since this mineral allows the elimination of impurities from steel, obtaining a better final product.

With regard to its uses in the world of the esotericism and in the magic world, it is used as a relaxant, since it is believed that it is a multidimensional mineral that has the ability to harmonize the achievements of the mind with the achievements of the spirit, creating a strong link and a bow between the mind and the soul. This stone is used as a means, to mentally access to spiritual realities, in order to achieve communication with those who died.


Some experts in the art of the occultism assure that this gem is not a mineral native of Earth, but a mineral that has been sent from other higher dimensions to help human being in its evolutionary development. Fluorite has the ability to reflect a series of colors that, according to the belief, it is said that all these colors are related to the top characters inside the different realities of man.

In this way, Fluorite can be found in its natural state in four main colors, which are the most used for the practice of healing and these colors are: blue, purple, gold and white, all these colors are closely related with the mind and the spirit. It is said that the colors above are the colors corresponding to the principal chakras of the body and the highest consciousness.


It is very useful for students, as this stone increases the concentration on the user and the intelligence, and it also helps to reactivate the most intellectual side of the brain. In addition, this stone has the ability to maintain the balance between the different energies of the mind, this allows to balance the personalities, that is to say, creates a balance between the bad and the good side that inhabits in all individuals and also allows to maintain the user in a state of peace, calm and silence.

It is necessary to emphasize that Fluorite is of excellent help in understanding the balance that must be struck in all types of relationships.Its is capable of providing a stabilizing energy, that will help to support the relations in a harmonic state and is capable of developing and increasing the energy found in them. It is recommended for those people who want to interact, especially for work in groups, and also for the individual himself, as it increases confidence and self-esteem, helping to achieve all the things that the person wants.