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Food Jewelry: Amazing Food Jewels “Wear What You Eat”

Some designers create food jewelry lines which seem so real that they make you eat them.

You can find everything from nacelle earrings, doughnuts, strawberry rings, necklaces with vegetable pendants, hamburgers, to cakes, in short, a variety of designs.

The pieces are made with polymer clay and are joined with resins, ceramics and painted in a creative way with specialized pigments, achieving a variety of different sizes and textures, with a similar effect to the real one.

Using materials such as wood, resin, and polymers, you can make spectacular original food jewelry that is different from others; some striking macaroni bracelets, and some Oreo cookies earrings.

Many of these products are miniature food pieces turned into jewelry that is adorable and attractive to women who like the different and modern, creating all kinds of foods such as sweets, salty, foods, and gourmet.


Food jewelry

Food jewelry is most wanted by women and adolescent girls. They are worn every day because they are creative and original jewels, unique pieces that attract the attention of the consumer.

It’s a different kind of jewel, a new idea, wearing pieces of food that give the impression that they were real, make the woman feel seduced by attracting the attention and generating interest.

The food jewels are colorful, they make the consumer feel fresh, different wearing these pieces, wanting to have many more; desserts, vegetables, fruits, to use them in different events, in college, at work, at any occasion.

It is a natural style, with exclusive and innovating designs, awakening the desire of women in general.

The jewels are very important pieces that always go hand in hand with the woman’s clothes. They are a part of their lives. Teenage girls love fruit rings like strawberries, grapes, and cherries. They look beautiful, allowing to show the personality and good taste of women.

Necklaces in silver, with an orange or lemon pendant, are worn a lot. The small cake earrings are cute, new and colorful. The mothers buy it for the girls because they make them look charming, cheerful and lively because of the soft pastel colors and their different styles.


The food jewelry market

The market is always updating itself and giving designers different challenges. Competition is tough and creative ideas are needed to capture everyone’s attention, with spectacular pieces that can be easily combined. The beauty of women is to be always in fashion.

The food jewelry is simple and different which gives a touch of elegance. The designers currently offer a wide variety of styles in rings, earrings, necklaces, key rings, and with a particular taste.

The women are attractive; they love to be dressed up and put on many pieces to highlight their attributes and not to look simple. They love to wear pieces that highlight their personality, creating a different image.

Today, there are different types of jewelry; animal jewelry, plant jewelry, conservative jewelry, and food jewelry. There is a wide range of jewelry designed for every type of woman, with a unique way of thinking and styles.

Women are versatile, they adapt to all kinds of jewelry which make them feel different in order to catch all eyes.

The market offers a variety of jewelry, allowing women were to choose from, making them feel happy and satisfying all their needs in order to look good and be fashionable.

Jewels produce many feelings in a woman; they make her feel important, comfortable, elegant, fine, flirtatious, spontaneous, and conservative. It is essential that a jewel can meet all expectations so that they feel unique and happy.


A new concept

The food jewels are a new concept, a trend that marks the way of feeling. Colors are beautiful, unique, the woman has been to choose from, letting herself fall in love and be seduced by each piece, finding all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and sweets.

The competition is quite tough, it is important that the jewels get to position themselves in the market in a positive way, making changes, adapting to the styles and demands, marking challenges and proposals ranging from the conventional to the modern.

Genuine pieces, the jewels are a new window, with new ideas, projects that set standards, highlighting the beauty, glamour, and good taste. The woman loves to dress up, to be updated, to look in the mirror, to be always in fashion.

A good jewel marks many behaviors, the important thing is to know how to wear them, always providing light and good things.

The styles are different, the variety is something that attracts, a jewel is a choice of style, which makes women feel important.

They are a way of seeing life, unique pieces, seeking to fill and satisfy the desires of women, enhancing their personality, is a way for women to feel themselves, always pleasing her. The food jewels are different, they reach all kinds of people, generating good ideas and making the jewel mark a new touch.

Women love to wear exclusive pieces, filling themselves with new things, always believing in the pieces, setting a new style.

Food jewelry enhances creativity by attracting and generating different concepts at all times. Her designs are small, very colorful, with good materials and a diversity of models, with the aim that the woman wants to have them all, that is to say, that she wants to collect the jewels for each occasion, transforming her style into something creative. Children are attracted to food jewelry; ice cream earrings, cones, doughnuts, biscuits, causing them to be eaten. In general, with originality in fashion.