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Game of Thrones Jewelry Analysis and Trivia

Game of Thrones Jewelry Analysis and Trivia

Analysis and Curiosities of Jewelry in Game of Thrones.

In this article we will analyze the jewelry in Game of Thrones and some of its curiosities. This is a magical, award-winning story, written in 1996 by the novelist George R.R. Martin, which revolves around the medieval era, and in which each episode unfolds with a large number of clearly defined characters, with surprising endings that awaken the viewer’s desire to follow each of the chapters of this fantasy series.

This work is spectacular in every season, both in its plot, costume characters and scenography, as well as in the use of the jewels created exclusively by designers such as Michele Clapton, Yunus Ascott and Eliza Higginbottom, to be worn in each of their episodes.

So, the different collections of jewelry accessories have different styles, especially the draconic one, which has embellished each of the star characters of the series, is now available to any admirer or follower of this story, at special prices.

Magnificent pieces of jewelry in Game of Thrones

Among the jewels that were used in the different seasons are some that have names closely related to the series, which allows the followers to identify with the masterful production and with the jewels.

So, we mentioned several garments among which are: Greyjoy pendant, a beautiful cord; 20mm old silver ring map, which looks extremely beautiful with the amount of intense blues; Cersei, Swarovski ring, which highlights the brightness and precise cut of its lines.

There is also the Dirwolf, an adjustable ring that can be adjusted to suit the wearer’s anatomy; the Fledermausflügel Dragon Ring, with an extravagant design; another ring is the Gothic fire opal ring, which highlights the material that makes it up ; likewise the glass pendant, a beautiful piece made of a black stone wrapped in a maya.  All these jewels are much showier, excellently designed with great creativity and imagination.

Characteristics of the Jewelry in Games of Thrones

In the different episodes of the series, the scenes of dragons and conflicts are appreciated, as well as with the jewels, such as the Cersei lion medallion or the refined necklaces of Sansa Stark, as well as the beauty Daenerys Targaryen, which looks incredible Changing rooms and adorns them with these beautiful jewelry.

Let’s know in detail the Dragon’s Necklace, which has been made by a plastic clayey material and its structure, is made of wire, with the versatility of being able to adapt to different sizes and its tonality is metallic and sealed by a varnish that makes it a durable and very attractive piece. The followers of the series can relive the episodes by obtaining a duplicate of these beautiful pieces.

Another piece of jewelry in Game of Thrones is the dragon’s egg pendant, which is made in fine beveled silver, completely handmade and covered by a crystal that enhances its image. The showiness of this piece makes it striking and interesting for fans looking for these garments to remember important scenes of this great production.

It continues with another garment such as the Targaryen Dragon Twins, which consists of beautiful dumbbells with the dragon’s insignia, made in antique silver, with an artisan style, rustic, but can be combined with other more contemporary accessories.

It also has the impressive Claw Crow and hanging carnelian, Melisandre, which is an exclusive work of art, consisting of crow claws that hold a beautiful and striking coral gem, with that intense red color that for some represents energetic vibrations, related to passion.

Wonderful collectibles

These jewels have been elaborated by many designers, some of them by hand, taking into account the materials, their structure, the precious stones and the respective adjustments, with the most excellent quality and fidelity to each of the sketches. For the followers of this extraordinary production, when they see that their favorite characters wear these pieces, they are encouraged to acquire them one by one, turning them into objects susceptible to collection. For these loyal fans, we show you a number of items to choose from to start your list.

Among the innumerable pieces used in the history of Games on Thrones we have the Swarovski Necklace called the Targaryen House, in which you can even choose the color of the stone, which is surrounded by two dragons of a bronze aged metal, with meticulous details of goldsmithing worthy of collection. You can also get it in antique silver, which makes it an exceptional product because you can request it to your liking.


The interesting thing about these garments is that they resemble relics and capture the admirer’s attention, just like the Rotator Gothic Bracelet, a charming original piece that evokes the Victorian era that mixes the Gothic with the classic designed with various metals that decorate the outer part and black onyx that highlights its beauty.  The elements used are of excellent quality, both the metals that are oxidized and the precious stones.

Ideal garments for all occasions

The contemporary woman, active, hardworking and enterprising, must always be presentable and elegant in her work environment, looking for distinction, and always tries to complement her wardrobe with beautiful accessories to highlight her beauty. This is where the Games of Thrones series garments are ideal for this type of woman.

The incredible thing about these jewels is that they can be used at all times, due to the great variety, models, materials and colors, whose prices range from the lowest to the highest, being accessible to the entire public. Likewise, depending on the type of article, you can show off in casual activities, even the most elegant and formal ones.

They are impressively elaborated jewels, some cast, others handcrafted, as well as others adorned with precious stones, as well as metals such as gold and silver, which give it this distinction and exclusivity. The wide range of accessories such as rings, earrings, pendants, cufflinks, pins, necklaces, bracelets, among others, make them irresistible and essential to complement the attire of any woman or man.