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Garnet: The stone of health that improves social relations

Garnet The stone of health that improves social relations


Precious stones are well known for their striking colors and shapes. Most precious stones can have very high costs depending on their rarity and especially the type of stone it is. They are commonly used for the creation of jewelry gems and they have also been used as a symbol of protection over the years and even also used in the manufacture of amulets in order to protect the carrier from diseases and dark energies Although there are others who are more skeptical, they only want them for their beauty and their monetary value.

Despite the fact that there are an infinite number of stones at the moment, and that some of them are more expensive than others, there are always some stones that for their purposes stand out from the others managing to have uses that go beyond jewelry and decoration. That are currently used in the industrial and medical area, also in the optical field, and many other areas, there are people who use the stones for the alternative therapy known as gemtherapy, and according to experts in this field there are gems that have unique properties, from curative and healing qualities, to stones that are capable of cleaning the environments of impurities and protect their carriers from bad energies.

Likewise, the Garnet does not remain exempt, as far as uses are concerned. The Garnets are part of the group of “mineral silicates” that have been used since the Bronze Age, as precious stones and in the manufacture of abrasive materials. Garnets have physical similarproperties, but different chemical composition from each other, the different types of Garnets (Pyrope, Almandine, Spessartine, Grossular, Uvarovite and Andradite).


The different species of Garnets that can be found today have a wide variety of colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, black, pink and even reaching a variety to be totally colorless. The properties of transmission of light that these stones possess make possible that some of these stones could be used as gems. On the other hand, those specimens that are not considered suitable for the manufacture of jewelry are used for industrial purposes in the manufacture of abrasives. The brightness of these stones can be glassy or resinous. Garnets are key minerals to interpret the Genesis of several igneous and metamorphic rocks through geothermobarometry

It is said that Garnet is capable of helping to improve the social relations, allowing the user to communicate in a much better way and to break through the world and possibilities in a positive way. For this reason, it is said that it is a crystal very recommended for those people who feel depressed or stagnant. It is a crystal that activates the creative energies and the imagination of the person, which allow the person to explore new ideas, in order to reach the goals and be able to carry out the personal projects.


It is also known as the crystal of the spirit because of its qualities can be better utilized if it is used in meditation to activate to cleanse the energies of the person and the environment that surrounds them. It opens a new intuitive channel and purifies the mind and the thoughts to be able like that to listen to inner Self.

Unlike other stones that are used in the world of esotericism, the power that the Garnet possesses can be used to construct and to destroy. Soldiers once embedded pieces of Garnet in their armor to protect them, and return safely from wars. Meanwhile, the Asians, added these stones to the gunpowder of the bullets, believing that the destructive power of the bullets would be increased.


Although the origin of its name is unknown, it is believed that the word Garnet is associated with the pomegranate fruit that contains seeds of similar color to the gem. At the moment of determining the value of this gem, the color of this stone is a fundamental factor. The color must be intense and uniform, therefore a balance must exist in the shades of the stone, and it should not be too dark, but not too clear, as this would mean a lower cost.

It is considered that a Garnet is suitable for jewelry when the piece at first sight does not present imperfections and when examined by a magnifying glass or with objects of extension it must present minimal incorporations in its structure. Obviously, the size of the gem is a determining factor when calculating the cost of the stone.


This stone is considered very influential in the circulatory system as it was once believed that Garnet was solidified blood and therefore is often used to cleanse the spleen, liver and kidneys, it also helps to protect the heart from heart problems. While the amulets made with Garnet stone protect from evil and nightmares allowing rejuvenating dreams. It is also believed that by its striking and intense red color is associated with love, and therefore is recommended to people who want to find true love, and in couples to reinforce the bows and to increase empathy.

Garnets symbolize friendship and self-confidence, so it is highly recommended for introverted and shy people, or even for those who feel insecure. It is said that the Garnet stone stimulates the metabolism and it also is very good for the spirit.

The ancient druids believed that the Garnet was the blood of the land and because of this they associated this stone with animals, plants and life. The gemology experts affirm that this works on the first and second chakra. A motto of the expert spiritualists says that you cannot see towards the sky nor aspire to touch it without first having your feet firmly on the ground and this connection with the earth was achieved with this gem, since this stone allows us to know in depth the strength of the first chakra.