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The Meaning of Colors and Their Respective Gemstones



The colors are life-giving, and they channel many of our worries even though we may not realize it on many occasions. They are also used as therapy in what is known as chronotherapy. For this reason, we show you the meaning of each color, though, this may be relative as it will depend on one color that weakens another that may affect one another. In chronotherapy, however, it may be relative. Although in chronotherapy they are used in this way to cure different ailments.

Many cultures throughout the periods have supported the legends and traditions that surround precious stones. These strange elements that come from nature are of inspiration from intellectuals to mystics, attributing special properties and qualities to these wonderful minerals.

George Frederick Kunz, a writer, published in his book The Curious tradition of precious stones, the most complete summary of the traditions of precious stones. However, he was the leader gemologist of his time and, in his work as a gemstone expert at Tiffany & Co. in New York, helped found the modern market for colored gemstones. So, this gentleman collected some of the largest collections of rare gemstones.

However, for Kunz, this study encouraged him to continue researching and investigating from a sociological point of view, as well as being a way of learning more about gemstones. The important thing about this is that it shows that the reason for the investigation of the characteristics and details of the stones comes from his curiosity to attempt to learn about them, and their symbolic or representative meaning.



This is a refreshing color that gives peace of mind and unity to the person. It represents clarity, transparency, beauty, rising, and emits much brightness and light.  It is associated with the good, the healthy, the integrity, the progress, the well-being and kindness. The stones associated with white color are diamond, jade and chrysotile.


This color increases the mood of the person, transforming him or her into a more active and active being. It stimulates you to exercise more physically and mentally, to keep moving and with a lot of vigor, awake and alert. It represents the color of passion, of life, of the maternal and of love, because it is attractive, captivating, attracts attention, passionate, stimulates, traps, and is related to sexuality, exaltation and abundance. Its stones are malachite and ruby.


This is the color of the fertile earth, of well-being, health, happiness. It is the color of the nutrient components. Its symbol is equilibrium and healing. It is associated with the calm temperament. It is used for the treatment of tension in hyperactive people and helps to reduce the toxic elements found in the body. It also helps to cure oedema and rheumatism. It is ideal for bone and joint pain.  It contributes to improving the economy and enhancing the quality of life. To this color correspond stones such as emerald, jade, topaz and sapphire.


This color is known as the color of calmness, confidence, protection, safety, relaxation, concentration, eloquence, and mind. It is the color of the sky and the ocean, it is fresh, pure and transparent. It has cleansing qualities, stabilizes and calms the mind, contributes to sleep and rest, and also fights pain and lowers blood pressure. The stones associated with this color are turquoise, sapphire, topaz and amethyst.


It is a color that symbolizes the dawn, transmitting a pure energy, prosperity, abundance, creativity, showing the time of awakening, of enterprise, of world peace, acting in the cordiality of the person and in his goodness. It is very therapeutic in the treatment of depression and tiredness. Its stones are opal, amethyst and diamond.


This color represents the intellectuality, the left side of the brain, the state of awareness. It is developed in the learning and in the care, reason why it is very suitable for people who have the condition of dyslexia. It also is involved in the activity of the liver, stomach, intestines, bladder, and other organs of the endocrine system. It is also synonymous with optimism, discernment, joy, intelligence, optimism, concentration, opulence, creativity and warmth.  The precious stones are beryl, yellow sapphire and citrine.






This in a color related to spirituality, since it is the color of the change, helps the meditation, transformation, activating the imagination at the same time that it favors the intuition of the person. With this color, negative energies are transformed into positive ones. It is useful for treating brain disorders, headaches, seizures or meningitis. It also activates the quality of forgiveness, compassion, releasing and protecting. It also acts on the activity of the spleen, climacteric and in the treatment of bone deficiency. Its stones are: Amethyst and Tourmaline.


The silver color is a color that purifies, stabilizes the person, is related to the brightness. What characterizes this is associated a lot with tenderness and the female gender, as well as the mental. Another advantage of this color is that it is a balancing and harmonizing agent. This color corresponds to the following stones: crystal quartz, pearl and hematite.


This is a color where the activity emerges together with the tranquility and inner peace. It is a mixture of red and blue, consequently it possesses the entrepreneurial energy of red and at the same time the calm and calm of blue. In other words, inner peace and action go together. In this colour the imagination emerges, since it appears when there is a clear mind and a dynamic body. To this color belongs the turquoise, the zircon, topaz.


This is a color that is described as the color of the new knowledge or the new age. In this way, it is a color that is associated with mental processes and with the psyche. It is completely a cheerful encouragement in the activities of the psyche. In other words, it helps to increase brain activity and helps you to work on imagination, ingenuity, and creativity, which will allow you to go farther when it comes to innovation. This color leads you to immerse yourself in it, revealing details of yourself that you didn’t even imagine you had. Its stones are beryllium and jasper.



This color is the mixture of all colors, that is, it is the beginning point of the others. This is a protective color and there is much speculation about its meaning, for example, that it relates to the sons of the night.  According to the experts, it is the color of introspection, totality, luxury, lust, avoiding the evil, away from the negative, since it prevents bad energies or negative vibrations from coming closer. It has its correspondence with the following stones: hematite, onyx, jet and agate.



This gemstone is the most crystalline form of translucent and quality carbon gemstones, and thus the hardest and strongest of the earth’s natural substances. It is considered to attract and increase the thinking of the user, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the other stones and their holders. It is said that in ancient times, they were also used in detoxification because it was thought that they protected against poisons.


This stone, called the serenity stone, is recognized as one of two different pure mineral representations classified as jade (one nephrite and the other is jadeite). It is said to pacify anguish as well as fear and attract good vibes. Jade provides well-being, and also allows you to cling to your fortune. It is a symbol of common charm for garden workers as jade is believed to guarantee large harvests.

It is good to note that almost all jade from traditional Chinese is made from nephrite, since during history, no real jadeite deposits were found that have been discovered in China.


It is a stone known to be a protection against adversity and suffering, and it is also used to touch the heart and enliven love. This stone is famous for being a symbol of love and brotherhood, so it is given as a gift. On the other hand, ruby is a characterization of life and majesty.

The ruby stone belongs to the red corundum, so all the different forms of corundum are associated with the sapphire. It is considered the second hardest substance on the Mohs scale, with a 9 rating. The reason rubies and rubies are so valuable is due to that combination of excellent hardness and exuberant color and soft shine.

These stones change their color from pink red to orange, and from purple red to brown, of course depending on the amount of chromium and iron in the stone. Today, many of the experts want to see a medium to more intense color in an excellent ruby. If you want to know where this beautiful stone can be found, you can look for it in the traditional mines for the finest rubies found in Burma and Thailand. At the actual time, there are large numbers of accessible rubies coming from Africa and Madagascar.

Red ruby is actually one of the most traditional types of gemstones in the world, used mostly in rings. It is also ideal for all types of jewelry, including earrings, pins as well as fashionable necklaces and pendants


This beautiful stone is usually found in reddish color, which reveals its historical name. The name ‘garnet’ comes from the ancient word ‘granatum’, an adjective with a connotation of ‘dark red’. Granatum’ is thought to be derived from the word ‘pomegranate’ because of the colour of the pomegranate seeds. Another supposition is that the word may originate from the medieval Latin term ‘granum’, which refers to ‘red dye’. Contradicting its name, garnet is actually found in a variety of colors other than red. Garnets are available in a wide variety of commercial denominations; these garnets are garnet genera combined with hessonite, as well as others that are unique garnets such as almandine or pyrope.

Some garnets contain varying amounts of other kinds of garnets, as the unique species of garnets are similar to finding a sapphire or ruby without any impurities such as rutile (silk).


This gemstone, more visibly unique than any other jewel, every opal is visibly unique. No other gem has such rich and diverse folklore. Opals are also the most delicate stones regularly used. They need special care to ensure their health and conservation. It is also regarded as a stone strongly related to emotions, including love, enthusiasm and spontaneity. It is also said that opal helps with visualization, creativity, dreams and healing.


It is one of the most common minerals on the planet, and is recognized in the world of stones in its various forms such as amethyst, amethyst, smoky quartz, citrine, rose quartz and lemon quartz. Quartz is a very striking and durable mineral and is also economical. It can be cut and carved in different shapes and sizes. There are 2 main types of quartz – the crystalline quartz found in some crystals, such as amethyst and citrine. Similarly, in cryptocrystalline quartz, its crystals are tiny and the quartz is dark or translucent. Examples include chalcedony and agate. It is also known as the “gentle love stone”.