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The Zodiac Sign Stones – What is Yours?


The signs of the zodiac have their specific features, which vary in different ways, either in the personality, energy or potentiality of the individual. Likewise, each sign is related or belongs to different elements, such as water, earth, air or fire. Also, each sign is connected or has the influence of one or more precious stones, which allow it to modify its energy and increase its vibrations, obtaining a protection and strengthening of the capacities and better development of the person, according to the experts.

The stones for the signs of the zodiac – What is yours?

When choosing a gemstone, the choice of a zodiacal sign will therefore have a positive influence on the qualities of that sign. Also, the chosen gem can bring luck and can also be used as a charm, as well as provide good energy to the person who wears it. In addition, the use of the stones according to the sign helps to face the problems with a stronger attitude and with a different vision.

The Stones according to your sign

It is known that gemstones have energy and that there is one for each person, however, when choosing the gem, we must take into account that both the color and its energy beat along with our sign to obtain the best benefits from its connection. That is why we must use them in our clothing as accessories such as necklaces, rings, earrings, allowing them to radiate their strength.

When analyzing each sign of the zodiac, it can be noted that all of them have very distinct typologies related to personality. On the other hand, gemstones can help to calm or stimulate certain behaviors, according to experts.


Next, let’s see what the experts say about the precious stones that are connected to this sign.

The diamondis a stone that helps to raise the physical energy level, and if combined with other stones, its properties increase. Likewise, this stone is the most rigid crystal, so it represents stability and alliance, in this way it offers a balance in the personality, even in the spiritual area. It is ideal for the fearful or self-conscious person, as it will improve those areas of his or her life.

Another stone that is identified with this sign is Amethyst, which is made of quartz crystal, and as it is dyed by iron oxide it turns into a beautiful violet color. It has healing qualities for alcoholics, it helps to heal eye problems and headaches, and also contributes to the moral and energetic stability of the sign. The name of this stone comes from the Greek meaning “does not get drunk”.

Another stone that influences the sign of Aries is the Topaz, a beautiful stone that causes a relaxing effect on the nervous system of this sign, helping to reduce anxiety caused by stress and pressure of the day to day. This gem is known as the protector of warriors, which is ideal for this sign that is distinguished by its persistence and determination.

One of the features of this stone is that it encourages harmony, dialogue, patience, good communication and understanding, necessary when you have problems of misunderstanding or when things don’t happen as you want to. It also fortifies the senses and helps to conduct the energy of love, causing sensuality and favors some sexual parts, as well as health.


One of the perfect stones for this sign is the Emerald, as it generates the inner energy of the body, giving a lot of strength and speed in the mental processes, as well as regenerative and renewal qualities.

The stone called Agatha is beautifully formed by veins of quartz and opal in its concentric areas, usually polished white and radiant or sometimes black with white streaks. In addition to the sign of Taurus, it improves fertility, yields, prosperity and longevity. It has qualities known for strengthening the vocal cords and healing sore throats. Likewise, this stone in all its diversity promotes the healthy, the spiritual and the prosperous.

We continue with the Turquoise, ideal for people of the sign of Taurus, calms their nervous pains with this stone. Since it represents tranquility and calm. It is important that you take power from your inner self and trust in your ability and strength, which will show you the way to go when facing life’s difficulties. This gem is perfect for relieving mental and physical pressure.


For this sign the perfect stone is the Pearl, synonymous with purity, naturalness, beauty and compassion. It strengthens the calm that must be had before difficult situations. It encourages reason, loyalty and generosity. It has a special connection with this sign and helps it to develop the noblest of human beings and their values.

Cancer is also similar to Opal, whose root or word comes from Hindu upala and means “noble stone”. It helps to bring out the deepest feelings of this sign, as it brings you luck to find true love.


For the introverts of this sign, the stone The Tiger’s Eye is the right one to fortify their personality, since this stone promotes confidence, strengthens the inner self of the human being and helps to improve self-esteem, also prevents envy and brings good luck to their lives.

Another of the stones for this sign is the Ruby, as it is a charming stone that will bring loyalty in your family and friends. Its name comes from Latin and means reddish, it also comes from the Sapphire family. It represents prosperity and is considered one of the most beautiful precious stones created by God. It is also due to their virtues, such as seeking joy, triumph and fortune and symbolizing bravery, courage and loyalty.


The special stone for this sign is Jasper, in its different colors, green, brown, red, grayish blue, yellow; it is synonymous with joy, relief, strength and forgiveness. It prevents you from physical and emotional pain. It was thought that it had powers to animate the spirit, to encourage, as well as to calm the nerves, it also helps in the birth process.

Another stone is Jade, which gives stillness and represents positivism, filling you with strength to face any adverse situation. This beautiful stone gives you the balance you need to move forward.


This sign is also related to the Jade stone, and even though it is the same stone, it will bring to this sign other qualities and energies completely different from other signs. One of its features is that it protects you from rivalry and keeps away bad wills. This stone symbolizes love, friendship, well-being and moderation. It balances the emotions and intellectuality of people, improving their level of consciousness.

The Diamond, the most admirable of all stones, is a pure carbon crystal, whose name specifically means “pierces the hardest iron”. Obviously, it is associated with the Libra sign because of its great purity, but also because it represents perfection and constant balance. It also promotes the unity of feelings and preserves naivety.


For this sign the associated stone is the Agate, is a precious quartz for you because it releases firm and positive oscillations, in addition to promoting self-esteem, security, good luck and peace. It helps the emotional and physical stability, making the person accept him or herself.

Also, the Topaz is a gem whose name comes from an island in the Red Sea, according to legend, which was covered with fog and was populated only by snakes. This yellow or greenish yellow stone, which originated the extreme passions and emotions, confidence and personality, had regenerative qualities and could show betrayal and lies.


The stone related to this sign is the Turquoise, which eliminates fear, stabilizes emotions and helps to relax. It also has great properties that act to stimulate creativity. They develop knowledge and great pedagogical skills. It is used to combat self-sabotage, to stimulate good mood, confidence and joy. A powerful and traditional mineral to neutralize panic attacks, anxiety and sadness.

On the other hand, Garnet stimulates good mood, honesty and happiness. Its name comes from “grain” and “seed”, it is a refined gem of red natural silicate. It is considered as a representation of openness, honesty, loyalty and trust. It revitalizes the vigor, the impetus, the joy of living and strengthens the regenerating power of the Sagittarius.


The gem called Ruby, associated with this sign represents righteousness. It acts in the liberation of emotions and the disposition of the heart, promoting affection and friendship. In addition to facilitating relationships, it helps to focus on personal goals and protects against difficult situations and rivalry.

Likewise, the Onyx stone, whose name had the meaning of “nail” or “claw”, is a diversity of Agate of different colors, or equally black or white. It was very unpopular because it was thought that it generated disappointment, anxiety and loneliness. However, it was also attributed to it the quality of freeing from problems, tragedies and adversities, of making those who carried it patient and wise.


Jade in Pisces, similarly to Libra, represents serenity and immortality. For centuries it has been considered a sacred stone that keeps away bad luck and attracts good energy.

Aquamarine is used to reduce emotional crises and also reduces fears. This bluish-green stone resembles the sea water, which reflects tranquility, peace and joy, particularly in personal relationships. It also helps the person how to know him or herself and helps to clarify the mind. On the other hand, it protects against disease and benefits personal growth, which is precisely what the people of Pisces need, as they are very spiritual and creative.

Another stone is the light green Chrysolite, a variety of natural iron and magnesium silicate. It is related to the sun and represents power, fortune and victory. However, it is the stone that is associated with the sign of Pisces, as it has soothing properties of sentimentalism, the disturbed and the sick.



Beryl, which is related to knowledge and intellectual and manual dexterity, is also used in crystallomancy to benefit reflection, concentration or clairvoyance.  Its Greek name means “brilliant” and resembles a transparent gem of different colors, such as the colors of the spring flowering with which the sign is associated.

The Topaz stone helps in the reconciliation of sleep, frees the mind from worries and fears, calms depression and weakness. It is a vigorous gem because it helps to calm radical mood swings, increases mental stability, concentration and confidence.


This stone associated with this sign, called Amethyst, helps to calm the uncontrolled emotions, benefiting the clarity of thought. It calms and helps to discover the noblest and deepest feelings.

Likewise, the Sapphire is a hallmark of last or sovereign truth and of pressing justice. Its name comes from a Semitic root that means “blue stone”. It also encourages detachment and generosity, promotes imagination, curiosity and captivates friendship. This is the perfect stone for Aquarius because it provides satisfaction, security and loyalty in their relationships.