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What is Handmade Jewelry?

What is Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry gives the alternative to many people, who despite wearing jewelry in its accessories, always look for something different, that’s where this takes center stage. This name knows it because no industrial machine is included in its production, but they are entirely handmade by its creators, well-known artists.

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What is handmade jewelry?

More and more women are opting for handcrafted jewelry when it comes to choosing the accessories that will combine with their clothes, mainly because each piece is unique and unrepeatable. This term refers to the manufacture of accessories such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, pendants, pendants, among others, all with different colors, textures, seeds, metals, glass, mother-of-pearl, seashells, pearls, threads, fibers, wood and leather.
Artists generally take predominant elements from their culture, traditional or non-traditional materials, in search of the right combination, resulting in a unique piece with an unparalleled plus.

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Handmade jewelry in history

Traditionally the term Jewel has been synonymous with status within society, being used for it at different times and by different civilizations. Starting from prehistory, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance era and even in this modern era, different peoples including the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are a good example in the use of this.

For their part, the Mayans used jewelry to highlight power and rank, differentiating the wealthy classes by the jewelry they wore, having as the most common jewelry the jade necklaces, their most valued stone.

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In ancient Rome, handcrafted jewelry was diverse, especially among the tribes. Brooches were the most commonly used as functional jewelry to ensure the wearing of clothing. For their part, the Greeks and Romans began to use the jewels to take care of the evil eye, they also accumulated them as a symbol of wealth, until they became a currency of exchange valid for all kinds of transactions of the time.

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Handmade jewelry characteristics

● Handcrafted Jewelry is made to measure by a highly qualified artisan, sold in local markets and jewelry stores around the world. This jewelry is made of many different types of materials, and a combination of various elements. These materials are almost always of the best and highest quality.

● Art exhibitions and design rooms are some of the best places to find unique pieces of jewelry. Artists of handcrafted jewelry often work with the metals and precious stones native to a particular area.

● Native materials change from region to region, in some countries, the buyer may be interested in pearl jewelry, and in other cases, pieces of jewelry that are made of precious stones and fine metals. In Chile, you will find for example handicrafts made of lapis lazuli and fine metals.

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Where does the word “handmade” come from?

An individual who works in handmade jewelry is an artist but is often referred to as a craftsman. According to the dictionary, a craftsman is a person who is an expert in the applied art.
The word artisan comes from the Italian word Artigiano, which means that it is a person who is trained in arts and crafts. Some of the most popular include: furniture, cheese, drinks, clothing, tools, bread, and jewelry; all handmade items are functional, decorative or both.

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When was handcrafted jewelry born?

Handmade jewelry is known to have existed for 7000 years B.C., these first handmade ornaments, (necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings were made of gold and copper), were often sculpted to represent human and animal forms; today jewelry artisans work in noble and excellent metals, precious stones, pearls, and many other materials.

Each piece of handmade jewelry that is seen and made by these artisans are unique pieces, and as a result of this singularity, handcrafted jewelry pieces can have a high price or monetary value; the price reflects the individuality of each piece, and also demonstrates the high quality of the materials that are used to make each jewelry.

The best elements combined with the appearances and diversity of handmade jewelry pieces have come to be exhibited in major museums around the world.

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What makes them different?

Handmade jewelry is not unique but also durable and robust, ideal for wearing on any occasion. Also, some pieces of handmade jewelry can be personalized, and made to order, by special orders allow anyone to choose the items to be used in the article personally, this can be a gift for any person.

A handcrafted jewelry gift is unique, high quality and beautiful, and you are sure to enjoy this present.

There are currently highly prized innovative designs, made by professionals in this area, the trend that most people likes are metals and gems combined with materials that in another time would never be contemplated for a jewelry; these are made in goldsmith workshops and use a high range of materials, where the craftsman has a variety of new and original alternatives.

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Do they have a good market?

The market for handcrafted jewelry is vast, with products of different shapes, sizes, and qualities, but the best part of this is that they can be purchased at craft fairs, and even in the shops set up for this purpose, with a desirable price-value ratio for the customer. In the main cities, some shops highlight the craftsmanship of the area; the tourist has the opportunity to acquire their Jewel Craftsmanship in the town that is visited.

The artists and artisans who devote their time to creating these works of art are often recognized by societies, although others prefer to live in anonymity; it is confirmed that society enjoys these works, as they are part of their most elegant attire, giving an individual touch to fashion trends that frequently change like a tide, so what would be the piece of handcrafted jewelry that best matches your attire?

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