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Healing Gemstones Recommended For Curing Diseases

Since ancient times, healing gemstones have been used to prevent illnesses and diseases in many cultures. So, some people think it’s a popular belief, but it can really be assured, that gemstones have healing qualities.



Healing gemstones

A well-known and very popular technique is gem therapy, which consists of treating illnesses through the implementation of gems at different temperatures. Not to mention that there are almost thirty different stones that have these healing properties.


Gemstones that helps heal cancer

Nowadays, gemstones are known to possess certain special powers and positive energy that emanate from the earth.

Even today, they are widely used in the care, therapy, and cure of numerous serious diseases such as tumors and cancer.

These gems purify the energy fences of the human body by the positive vibrations they possess and thus heal diseases.

According to experts, by placing the gemstones on the skin near the affected area in patients, this helps to heal cardiovascular, stomach, neurological, and nephrological diseases, as well as diabetes and even terminal cancer.

It is important to emphasize that because of the effects of precious stones, it is good to know that they not only give a special touch of beauty to the person who wears them, but also protect them, and bless them for their healing properties, since they stabilize the negative vibrations that come from the human body.

It is good to consider that medicine is crucial for healing diseases, however, precious stones will have a positive and healing result in the life of the patient if they really believe in their powers.

So it is important to consult an expert in alternative medicine, as these stones not only cure diseases such as cancer but also stabilize the health of the mind and body.


Healing gemstones properties

Next, we will learn about some of the gemstones and their healing properties.


Also called Hematite, it is used for reflection, relief, and serenity.  For over two millennia it has been used to relieve symptoms and discomforts related to anemia and bleeding.



This beautiful stone, which comes from quartz, has different shades, such as yellow, carnelian, brown, green and lilac.

Its properties include the cure for digestive problems and emotional balance. There are different types of Agate, each with its own benefits.

Among its healing properties, there is its ability to relax the nervous system generating emotional stability; it also enhances concentration and improves sexuality.

On the other hand, it provides strength, constancy, and sagacity; it also promotes sexual appetite and improves complications of the spine. Finally, it amplifies energy and improves heart, liver and gallbladder diseases.



Helps with infections, blisters, migraine and shaking. It is a stone that reflects serenity, relaxation and has a purifying effect. It strengthens the personality and stabilizes people’s feelings.



Helps with addictions, gives strength in difficult deliveries, improves the symptoms of diabetes and fortifies red blood cells.

It also cleanses and stabilizes the work or home environment, transforming negative energies into positive ones.

It is a gem that generates control, will, honesty and equality, to improve skin difficulties, genital diseases, headaches, tremors and helps to reduce mental pressure.

It also heals neuralgia and headaches by rubbing the stone in the affected area. It is very useful for peace, spirituality, and protection, neutralizing sadness and iniquity, and also brings good luck.



It is considered as the stone that provides analgesic results in severe situations, as well as problems with the heart.

It is also used to relieve neck and spine discomfort and relieve headaches. In the past, it was used to prevent harmful parasite bites.



This precious stone deflects diseases and its energy is powerfully healing and benefits children to reduce dental pain, as well as heals liver pain, cavities, hearing loss and complications of the digestive system.

It also calms headaches and migraines, back strain, heals asthma, bronchial diseases, gastric problems, fever, nasal discharge, colds, bladder problems, swollen tonsils, cavities, infectious dental diseases, and bleeding gums.



It is a stone that strengthens the coronary arteries and relieves sore throats.


Bird of Paradise

Improves, protects and cures physical and defective mental processes.



It is excellent as a contact stone, because it transfers tranquility, peace, and stability, as well as the attraction of prosperity and unity in the home, and is also used to relax the emotional and sentimental situations of couples. On the other hand, it brings good luck in love and heals skin problems.

The vibration of this stone is positive, so it exalts spiritual emotions. It is useful in meditation and reflection.



Its use relaxes emotional and nervous pressures. It is widely used to treat people with a lot of stress.

This stone is a powerful tool for doctors, healers, and therapists, as it ensures their success in treating the health of humanity.



Among the healing gemstones used to cure diseases there is Beryl. It is widely used in respiratory ailments; it is a pure and beneficial element, especially in increasing the powers of people who work in Astrology; being used by artists as a piece of good luck.

It is concerned with the intellect of a person, to facilitate a coherent development between his intellectual and instinctive energies, such as the stimulation of the sixth sense.



Promotes the dissolution of renal lithiasis and improves mental discomfort and gloomy changes.

It activates the healing of fevers and convulsive states. It is a powerful stone because it provides effective healing of the body’s organs.



It helps to stabilize the energies, removing the negative ones and attracting the positive ones.

It is very useful for treating nervous disorders and also corrects weaknesses in the immune system.



One of the most effective properties of this healing gemstone is the increase and improvement of the memory process.



It activates blood flow, gives courage and firmness to concerned people. It is a crystal consistent with what spreads and what progresses.



Helps to heal intestinal and skin diseases related to stress, pancreatic and nervous system illnesses. It is useful in patients with kidney failure or diabetes.



This stone protects from ailments, stimulating blood flow, hardened joints, and discomfort in the bone apparatus.



It is used to stabilize blood pressure, decay, eye discomfort or hearing problems. This stone was used in ancient Egypt to stimulate union and peace, helping to eliminate depression, as well as increasing sexual appetite and preventing skin diseases. It also helps to reduce menstrual discomfort or labor pains.



It helps to cleanse the blood and facilitates concentration when meditating. It has a relaxing effect on the user, eliminating episodes of irritability, discomfort, and anger. Provides a sense of well-being, helping to resolve discomfort in the bile ducts, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas.



It improves the conditions in the blood flow system, prevents hardening of the bones, arthritis, calms gastric and digestive problems as well as discomfort related to cancer.



Among the healing gemstones for curing diseases, there is the Diamond. It cleanses the blood and possesses qualities of control, but also of love and well-being.

Its positive environment increases the vital energy, preventing suffering no matter how strong it may be. Individuals with a desire for spiritual self-improvement and to exalt their inner self, may have a great ally in this gem.



The Emerald is beneficial to stop the diseases in the throat. This stone of amazing beauty is very complete in its powers, it brings value, courage, memory, true love, security, freedom, energy, and order.

Improves the treatment of heart disease, blood pressure, headaches, and asphyxia. To carry out the healing and meditation work, the colors are magnificent. It is important to note that emerald represents exuberance.



Its healing capacity is very powerful, working successfully on brain processes such as delusions of persecution, irritation, neurasthenia, convulsion, and Parkinson’s disease.

This stone in the green color, serene and relieves complicated situations, contributing to the creation of a moment of inner peace and silence in which everything is paralyzed and time seems to be suspended.



The dark red color of this beautiful stone is positive because apart from cleaning the blood flow, it also helps in rheumatism, arthritis, and hardening of the bones. It also activates heat, vigor, and momentum.

It is ideal when it comes to regularizing blood insufficiencies. It also counteracts depression, weakness, and drowsiness. Provides independence in true emotions.

The green-yellow garnet is useful in regeneration therapies, as well as eye problems.


Healing gemstones: Properties of Quartz


The properties of this gem are connected to energy, as it is perfect for self-healing processes.

It is recommended to hang a Quartz daily to recover from surgery or disease, in this way it activates the immune system. Quartz is white, pink, green or blue, and can be transparent or not.


Smoked Quartz

It is an ideal stone for healing, as its ultrasonic frequency and energetic content is propitious for healing. It has a calming, relaxing and sedative effect since it represents the instinctive and the sagacious.

It also helps to cleanse and stabilize depression, discomfort, dread, nervousness, and fatigue. It stimulates positive changes in the behavior of individuals and eliminates patterns of negative actions. It is excellent for the treatment of stomach ailments of the intestinal tract.


Citrine Quartz

This stone works positively in illnesses that attack the liver, colon, and gallbladder. Excellent gemstone of unlimited healing.

It is also known as Brazilian Topaz and is ideal for improving the nervous and stomach systems. Helps to counteract diabetes. It radiates a sedative and relaxing power that invigorates.


Crystal Quartz

This precious gem has powerful healing properties, where it grabs and transfers energy. It is the most variable and extraordinary of all crystals, as it is used for healing on all levels, meditation, reprogramming, innovation, and defense.

They transmit energy in such a powerful way, detecting and removing energy blockages, as well as removing negative frequencies.


Snowy Quartz

This stone strengthens the immune system; it also slows down depression, relieving stress and anxiety. It is considered by many to be the “rejuvenating” stone, as its special qualities make it a channel of healing and transformation.

Its effect is important on the larynx, avoiding illnesses related to this area of the human body. It is ideal to clarify moments of confusion, doubt or fear in difficult circumstances.


Pink Quartz

It is a gem that is considered as the stone of love, since it heals sentimental hurts, reduces the suffering from a loss of loved ones, prevents heart and kidney crises. Stabilizes sexual and emotional imbalances.

Dissipates tension and evens out problems caused by neurosis. Activates creativity and vision. When used, it produces a sedative result.


Rutilated Quartz

It is a stone that helps to absorb nutrients into the body, strengthening the immune system, also reduces depression and slows down aging.

It relieves fear and anxiety, as its healing properties are very effective, transforming the sufferings of the body and repairing the affected parts.


Green quartz

It provides internal and emotional tranquility to those who use it and is also ideal for leveling the nervous and blood systems.

It is a perfect stone to promote spiritual and material well-being. It also symbolizes trust and fertility.

On the other hand, it provides healing and harmony for the various circulatory and endocrine transformations. It has a powerful calming effect and drinking this water (serum) transmits peace, quiet and courage.