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Heliolite: The magic stone of the sun that brings joy

Heliolite The magic stone of the sun that brings joy


The amount of precious stones that can be found in the world is almost infinite and they all are distributed throughout the planet; each gem is beautiful and unique in its own way. And over the years, they have been used in different ways, they are used mainly in accessories for the body, which have denoted over the years high status and wealth. Or simply these accessories have acquired a symbolic value quite strong and important over the years.

One of the stones that has gained popularity is the Heliolite which belongs to the group of feldspars. The feldspars are a group of minerals that made up of “tectosilicates and aluminosilicates” corresponding to the volume of 60% Earth’s crust, so these minerals the most abundant of the Earth. According to scientists, the total weight of feldspars in the Earth corresponds to 4% of the weight of it. The feldspar is a basic compound of many of the igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, so many of these stones are currently classified according to the amount of feldspar they possess.

Heliolite, also known colloquially as The Stone of the Sun and this is due to its opalescent orange color, belonging to the group of “triclinic” and classified in the family of silicates which at the same time belong to the group of the feldspar, finding these stones in plutonic rocks, pegmatites and metamorphic and hydrothermal veins. These are the rarest varieties of feldspars considered as gems and used in the manufacture of jewelry.


In ancient times, due to the fact that it is an orange Quartz, with ardent and multicolored sparkles, this stone was used a lot for magic and sorcery. In the era of the renaissance, this stone was often associated with the Sun. Due to its resplendent orange and sometimes golden colors, believing that the source of energy of this stone came from the Sun.This stone used as a whole with the Gold in protective accessories such as amulets were used in magic rituals to attract the energy of the Sun. Currently it is a stone very difficult to obtain, this is why experts in gemology assure that, if you own one, you should take good care of it since you own a treasure, with unimaginable magical properties.



The Heliolite as well as many other stones, were used previously, for their “magical” powers. The stone of the Sun, as the majority of the stones with shining and reflexive characteristics, was used for the making of protective amulets. Thanks to its association with the energy of the Sun, this stone was carried in the form of an amulet, not only to protect people, from bad energies and black magic, but it was also believed to be the energy coming from the sun, providing the body physical energy in moments of fatigue, it also helped to liberate the tension and is beneficial to overcome diseases.


It is said that this stone increases the psychic abilities of the person who carries it and is currently recommended for those women who wish to find their masculine part, and also for those women that over the years, and thanks to menopause have lost the sexual appetite, as this stone acts very well as an aphrodisiac, it is known thanks to this as the stone of sensuality. Because it is very associated with fire, it is highly recommended for couples who wish to explore a little more the possibilities as for the sex refers, since this stone increases the sexual magic, and the chemistry between the couple.



If this stone is placed next to the medicines or medicinal plants, this stone will increase its healing properties, making them more effective, it is also recommended for those with depression as this stone helps to cut the links, both emotional and mental, by giving to the person who uses it a feeling of independence and increasing, in the same way, the self-esteem, helping the person to evolve more every day.It is recommended for people who suffer constant diseases, since it stimulates the self-healing powers in people, it is able to regulate the nervous system and harmonizes the bond of all the organs of the body, and it is also capable of providing a good functioning to organs keeping them healthy.

It has great affinity with the chakra of the throat, it helps to relieve the chronic pains of the throat and to relieve the sores of the stomach, and it also helps to regulate the intestinal tract and regulates the digestion. It also has the ability to protect from diarrhea.

When working with the fire element this gem is a gem tends to work better in people who are Leo because it is said that this gem is more compatible with them, although, this does not affect its use by those who are not belonging to this sign. It is also closely related to Gold and both materials are often used together, to maximize the effects of both stones on the body, that is to say, one stone complements the other.



The stone of the Sun is a mineral that contributes to happiness in everyone who carries it, also increases the good humor of people and is able to increase their intuition. It cleans all the chakras and it is able to provide light and energy, from the energies that come from the Sun.

It is ideal for those forgetful people who tend to forget things, such as keys and cell phone, as this stone helps overcome these trends. It also dispels the somber moods and bad energies, so they are very effective against the seasonal effective disorder, increasing the confidence of the person as well as self-esteem, allowing the person to adopt a positive point of view in any situation.