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Heliotrope: The Blood Stone That Prevents Aging

Heliotrope The Blood Stone That Prevents Aging


There are some stones, that have been desired by all people, either for their value, their rarity, their striking colors or their shapes to be used in jewelry, to be used as protective symbols, to collect them or simply to sell them. Whatever the desired purpose for a gemstone is, it is not a secret for anyone that it has been given another purpose than that of being used as a representation of wealth and status, since it is becoming more and more importance in the world of esotericism.

The Heliotropemineral is a variety of Chalcedony, this gem is a Chalcedony of a green almost black color with red inlays, which are formed by iron oxide or it can be a combination of Heliotrope with red Jasper. There are times when the “spots” are yellow, in this case the mineral is called Plasma. When the stone has red Jasper in its composition, the spots take on a red color, and because of this it is kwon by English as the Bloodstone gem, which in Spanish would be “Piedra de sangre“. The value of this stone is determined by its crystallinity and at the same time it is checked with electronic microscopes so the best bloodstones are the ones that have a dark green color and characteristic red spots similar to blood.

This stone was called for a long time by the Romans as the stone of March, and this is because, the month of March is named this way in honor to the God of the war of the Roman mythology: Mars. The stones of bloods that are used nowadays in jewelry are covered by a species of enamel that highlights the beauty of the precious stone. This is why expert jewelers never clean the bloodstone with abrasive cleaning products, such as detergents, since this would irremediably damage the surface of the stone


It is very common that this stone due to its beauty would be falsified, and a good way to identify if a bloodstone is authentic, is rubbing it on the porcelain, and if the porcelain is stained red, this means that you are in the presence of an authentic bloodstone, otherwise, it is a synthetic stone.

Regarding to its “magical” properties, it is believed since ancient times, that this is a stone with magical powers. It was so linked to blood, that it was believed that if the stone was touched, the hemorrhages stopped, that is why soldiers carried amulets made of bloodstone, since they believed that the hemorrhages would be a problem less to worry in the middle of the battlefield.


In the middle Ages the Babylonians used the bloodstone to increase and to perfect their divination powers and together with the Egyptians, they used this stone to eliminate their enemies, using the stone to increase the strength of their soldiers. The Egyptians also believed that this stone made you invisible to the eyes of the enemy, and because it is directly related to the Gods of war, its main uses were to kill, and reinforce the personal strength of man.

Christians, on the other hand, around the middle Ages, often used this stone to carve scenes of the crucifixion of Jesus and drew their main martyrs, that is why it was also called the martyr stone for some time. According to the legend on the origin of this stone, it is formed for the first time when the blood of Christ being on the cross fell from his body and touched the ground, and this blood fell on a Jasper stone staining it with blood.



Despite of related to wars, this stone not only increased the strength of everyone who possessed it, and increased the person’s ability to kill, on the other hand it was also used to heal. And it is believed that, thanks to its great healing powers, these stones should be pulverized and mixed with egg whites and honey.

A magic formula that was believed to cure tumors and stop bleeding. Instead, in medieval times this stone was used to eliminate the venom of snake bites and was used to protect the carrier of poisons, thanks to this, it was very common among kings of the time and important people to use necklaces made of bloodstones, since it was believed to protect them from the poisons.



This stone was also used to prevent aging through magic. It is capable to clear up vague thoughts and remove perplexity. Despite all its properties, it is currently used to promote love for the family and increase the prosperity of businesses, it also helps to overcome legal issues.

Heliotrope also combats evil and avoids jealousy. It helps to recover sentimentally a broken heart and attracts good fortune. It is said that every time the stone turns a sharp red color it is a sign that there is danger surrounding it. And even, in some parts of India, the bloodstone is used as an aphrodisiac as well as traditional medicines of India.



Gem therapy experts assure it also offers physical help in the treatment of diseases such as anemia, and also diseases that attack the blood, it helps to increase blood flow and detoxify the blood; strengthening the immune system.

In the case of women, it helps a lot when it comes to normalizing the menstrual flow and avoiding aching pains, it also dissipates the side effects that women with menopause may feel. Despite of the great properties that this gem may have, it is not recommended to completely replace modern medicine with alternative medicine with crystals.