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Hematite: The Magic Blood Cleansing Stone

Hematite The Magic Blood Cleansing Stone


The gemstones have always had an air of enigma and mystery. The Egyptians adore them for their natural properties and benefits and their influence on the mind state and the qualities that they bestowed, they valued them for their beauty, as well as the protections they offered that they used as amulets. As well as many stones, varieties that stand out from the others, either for their prices or for being exotic, but of what is very clear is that one of these precious stone that has attracted a lot of attention since the beginning of time is the Hematite.

Also known as Oligisto, the Hematite is a mineral composed almost entirely by “Ferric oxide” and constitutes an important mine of Iron, since it is formed by 70% of Iron when it is in pure state. It also usually possesses some small amounts of “titanium, aluminum, manganese” and even water. It is considered by scientists as a polymorphic mineral.

It is a mineral that has many special qualities and is used in the industry, like for example, the red variety of this mineral is used in the extraction of Iron and also to polish some metals, when it is mixed with other components. In the past it was used for the manufacture of mirrors, which have been found in a large number of Egyptian tombs, while the earthy variety was used as a pigment and also to mark the cattle. One of the main varieties of this stone is the Specularite, which has a gray color that turns silvery, with a metallic and sub metallic shine.


It has the appearance of small mirrors giving its name “Specular” to this stone, thanks to its ability to reflect objects on its surface. While the other variety that can be found is the earthy Hematite, having an intense red color in addition of having the characteristic that it can stain the skin of the person who touches it. This Hematite has in its composition different strokes of other materials. If the gem is white, this can present pieces of Zinc in its composition and this can be confirmed by being wetted with a little acid, the stone will turn into a yellow pigment.

Despite of being a very popular stone, its true origin is unknown, but its formation is known. Even scientists have found this mineral on the surface of Mars that was traditionallycalled “The crystal of good luck”. The name of the gem comes from the Greek “Aimaktos”which means blood and this is due to the color of the inside of this stone, which is reddish and when this stone comes into contact with water, it is able to dye the water red. It was much appreciated by all ancient cultures, especially among the Sumerians who considered it the stone of good fortune.


As mentioned above it was very common to find this stone in the tombs of the Egyptians and this is because they believed that, by burying their dead with a Hematite as a viaticum, this assured the entrance ofthe soul of the person to kingdom of the dead.

According to the Greek culture this was solidified blood and thanks to this they related the stone with death, opposite happened with the Romans,since they believed that this was the stone of life, for them the Hematite was able to stop the hemorrhages and for this reason, is not surprising thatRoman soldiers used protective amulets made with this stone to reduce the risk of bleeding in battle and it also helped to protect them from their enemies, making them “invisible” according to their belief.

The shamans and the druids used this stone for divination because they believed that it increased their extrasensory powers and created a link with the world of the living and the dead, it was also used in protective amulets as shield from bad energies and witchcraft.


Instead, in the middle age people didn’t use amulets, this stone was used as a dressing and it was ingested by people in order to protect themselves from the evil eye. Although this stone was known for its magical properties, it soon fell into oblivion, as gem therapy was replaced with modern medicine. Despite of being almost completely replaced, healers still employ it as an alternative to medicine, and they still know and transmit their knowledge about the stone.

Having a very strong relationship with blood, it is believed that this stone is able to cleanse it and purify it, it is known among esoteric experts as the blood cleansing stone par excellence, and also helping with all kinds of detoxification processes and overcoming several vices, such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs and it was even used to counteract the effects of poisons and currently it is use to increase the curative effects of pharmacological treatments.


It is believed that the stone stimulates the formation of red blood cells by increasing the ability of the user to absorb Iron from the food thatconsumes, this is why it is said to be very effective against anemia. It is highly recommended to maintain and improve the health of all the organs that clean and detoxify the blood, such as the liver, spleen and kidneys, it also helps to keep the heart healthy.

Despite of all these properties the experts assure that in order to take full advantage of the magical qualities of the stone, it must have the shape of a sphere and at the same time the experts recommend not using the stone for long periods of time, since it is capable of absorbing not only the energy of the environment but also the energy of the person who uses it.