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How Much Does a Diamond Cost

What Is The Price Of A Diamond



Have you ever wonder, how much does a diamond cost? it is logical to ask yourself this because we have to be honest, who doesn’t love diamonds? I can guarantee you that there is no one on this planet who has experienced the betraying curiosity of knowing what it feels like to have a Diamond in its hands, and to corroborate whether or not it makes you believe you have an excess of (monetary) power in your hands; it’s a kind of enchantment that this spell has cast on people since its discovery and, even more so, when you consider that the value is very high.

We usually see in the movies how people give everything they don’t have for a shiny stone and buy a lot of things when it is paid with this precious stone, (Yes, it is a “stone” and there is no doubt about it), only that its appearance becomes pleasant to look at and makes it attractive and desired.

The formation of this mineral requires extreme conditions of temperature and pressure although the natural formation would take between and millions of years, nowadays it is a process that can be systematically reproduced in the same simulated conditions in less time. 3.3 million years to acquire a diamond?

But here is the big question that has brought you to this point and that you are determined to know: How much does a diamond cost and who sets the amount to be paid and on what basis? Because, if we sit down to analyze, what they are not really charging is the process that is simulated for its creation and not the result or is this what fattens the amount to be paid? It’s time to clear up these doubts and clear our minds.


Influential factors in the price of a diamond


To determine how much diamond costs, we need to know:

  • The shape of the cut: This refers to the shape of the diamond, which is considered to be the most important work when making a diamond; the finishing, polishing, and symmetry. It’s one of the most important characteristics to point out the price of a diamond, it also has a classification:
  • Ideal characterized by maximization of brightness
  • Premium category equivalent to flashing light
  • Very Good refers to having a shine that stands out
  • Good possessor of good light reflection
  • Fair & Poor or equivalent to a weak glow
  • Weight: This is measured in carat (Kt), one carat is the equivalent of 0.20 grams
  • Color: It has its own classification and is identified as GIA Scale and is classified as follows
  • D to G: The most exceptional white or extra white
  • H: Defined as a standard or reference color
  • I to Z: They are stones that have dyes or tinted but do not have a color in its entirety.
  • Purity: Are the defects that can be detected under a slow increase of 10X, the degree of impurity is classified into:
  • Flawless: No impurities or inclusions even under a 10x magnifying glass
  • Internally Flawless: No inclusions that can be seen under a 10x magnifying glass
  • Very, very Slightly Included: Inclusions so small that they are difficult to see under a 10x magnification lens
  • Slightly Included: Inclusions that are seen under a 10x magnification lens
  • Included: When inclusions, looking under a 10x magnifying glass, affect transparency and brightness

It doesn’t matter if you see it as beautiful or ugly, to know how much it costs a diamond, the important thing is that you have characteristics that help to value its price as accurately as possible and obtain profit; for example: A diamond whose cut shape is brilliant (ideal or premium), the carat weight is 1.25 carat, whose color is Colored (which is within the scale of I to Z) and whose purity can be evaluated in Pure (or which is the same as Flawless) would cost approximately 6,674.00 Euros. A whole trinket?

Rapaport Diamond Report Table


To determine how much a diamond costs, and that everyone uses the same restrictions to label it, there is a table that helps jewelers and to give prices, The Rapaport Diamond Report is the weekly reference price published and the price per carat is indicated, which ranges between 0.01 and 5.99 carats by weight, these prices are expressed in carats and U.S. dollars. This table contains the price estimate based on:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Purity
  • Color

One of the determining factors to answer the question, how much does a diamond cost? in particular, although it has impurities, it is high in weight, the more carats (Kt) it is, the higher its price, of course! we must bear in mind that it will be worth more than diamond with better purity and many Kt than the one that only has Kt and does not know the existence of the rest, but to determine the costs is necessary the opinion of an expert in the area, a person able to evaluate, in a correct way, the price of what we have or want to have.

But maybe you’re still wondering how much does a diamond cost? And it is understandable, however, the exact price of this jewel is very difficult to determine based on assumptions and estimates, we could think of the stone of our dreams, perfection in every sense, with the highest degree of purity the highest possible weight without impurities or inclusions that affect the brightness and translucency,9 but will we be able to pay the price within the dream?

Although all of us (men and women alike) dream of owning a diamond either to prove to ourselves that we are capable of acquiring what we want or to show the world what we are capable of possessing if we set our mind on them.

The important thing to always keep in mind when clearing your doubts about diamonds is that you need to have a trusted expert who is honest with us, and sincere in determining the real value in the market, without fear of hitting us with the truth. Or have you ever come to think that you could have a fake diamond for years and remain ignorant of such a fact?