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How to Give a Commitment Ring?

How to Give a Commitment Ring

How to deliver the engagement ring?


How to hand in the engagement ring? It’s a common question for those who want to propose. It is commonly known that it is the man who gives the symbol of commitment in the relationship, and the woman who determines the date to fulfill the commitment acquired, is a team work more than a work in pairs, each one has the corresponding assignment and is the one who determines the date of completion of each task.

Giving the engagement ring is not simple, and requires courage and creativity, the proposal, depending on the couple, may or may not be flashy, but it is a task that the man has to determine, it can be expensive, public and romantic, with the classic knee on the ground and black velvet jeweler with a bowed hand in the shape of an altar while the other hand slowly opens and pronounces the question “Do you want to marry me, should you want to determine, develop, organize and plan the man, but how do you know when to deliver the ring?

Two possible ways to give the engagement ring


  • In the proposal: It is common in most cases, if you come from a family where you believe in marriage, the ring can be from the mother or grandmother, and it takes a great deal of planning to give it away; the person takes time to determine where to give the ring, as well as the perfect time to propose it to the couple and make it clear that they are willing to spend the rest of their lives together, and that they are sure that the answer will be affirmative and the person will be happy to accept to marry and form a life together.


To give the engagement ring in the proposal identifies the person with a character of self-confidence and determined to risk everything and to implement the life plan that you have been planning from the certainty that the person you love has the same reciprocal and sincere feeling.

  • After the proposal: There are people who live on the spontaneous and their day to day life is a surprise in itself, although they are able to plan and set goals, many things slip through their fingers and make up for it by being risky, apprentices of challenges and resistant to everything that is decided to change their attitude towards life in a bad way; yes, there are people like that, they are such surprising beings who are capable of even thinking of rejection, and planning a masterful move on how it would be the best way to deliver the engagement ring, to take risks without sacrificing too much but putting all their heart into action.


Handing over the engagement ring after the proposal can make you a shameful person in the eyes of others, of those who do not know you, but never in front of the partner with whom you have been sharing your life for a long time and who knows your way around. But you must have a plan of attack to carry out this action, propose that person to go together to choose the ring after hearing the “YES” in this way both were satisfied with the gift and will be the best symbolism they have shared.

As you can see, giving the engagement ring is determined by the personality of the person who proposes to the other person, it is important to know what kind of partner you are and have, and the time you have together.

If you happen to want to propose to a person whose relationship is rather short and unable to understand your feeling of instant closeness after meeting you, it can give you a harsh surprise and an imminent disappointment that can become chronic, it can uncover a terrible feeling of discomfort in you and make you unable to move forward with the person who has caused you pain.


Advice at the time of the proposal


If you are a person who has a hard time determining your partner’s personality, and it takes time for good planning, I will leave a few points for you to consider so that you can make a successful proposal and have no problems delivering the engagement ring:

  • The party people: We can always decide that it doesn’t matter if she loves the party, and that every weekend she invites you to one, you know she loves you and that you share your life with her, despite the work it takes, so be careful and plan with her friends a big bang where she is the secret protagonist.
  • The romantics: They are lovers of flowers and hearts, sometimes they prefer the intimacy of the proposal and are happy with the small details.
  • The extravagant ones: They love to make their lives public, they are a fan of social networks and there is nothing they don’t publish in their instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter. They are sure to love a public proposal, where everyone approves of it even before the one in question.
  • Skeptics: These are not believers in their own happiness and are always a source of doubts and insecurities, with them you must be careful of excesses and exaggeration, they can take it as a joke and reject you feeling ashamed of being deceived, you must feel the ground and learn to approach you, in a positive way, and make you take safely everything you express.


Although most people claim to have a “gift” for understanding others at first glance, don’t trust yourself, it’s not always like that, and taking a risk without knowing how you might act in a similar situation before you do, can ruin your desire to stay together.

It is not necessary to make these hasty decisions and pushed before an obligation that intends to stay all your life, to be part of your family, to propose and give the engagement ring, is a situation that many women have lived from the hand of a man, but rarely has happened the other way around, but it is not impossible.

If you are a woman and you are determined to take the first step with your man do not let it pass, they also handle feeling like you, and you can get them to catalog within the above groups and thus decide when to deliver the engagement ring, which you will wear until the wedding day.

Forming a life together starts from the moment the relationship takes itself seriously and you realize that it influences the life of the other, but the important step towards marriage should only be taken once so that it does not lose its magic and become a deception.