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Inspiration In Celebrity Jewelry: Get The Look For Less

Inspiration In Celebrity Jewelry: Get The Look For Less!

As everything in the world has its opposite, jewels are not different. In the face of celebrity jewelry fashion, its opposite has been created. Continuing with the idea of duality, Ying-Yang, good and evil, black and white. So, the baroque style, the nuances, the crystal stones, silver, and gold dominate the main proposals in terms of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

At the other extreme, we find designs that manifest artistic currents, such as architecture, which uses basic elements in which geometry takes the same strength from a multicolored necklace. There are many jewelry brands that present pieces of this style with different materials and a wide variety of prices within reach of all pockets to turn them into trends.

Famous brands that make celebrity jewelry

Making celebrity jewelry has become a challenge, in Seville (Spain) we have Sylvia Casares who sells her handcrafted jewelry with gold plated semi-precious stones with prices from 20 euros. This goldsmith of simple jewels believes that you should not wait for a special occasion to wear his jewels, on the contrary, any time is ideal to wear them.

On the other hand, we have a Spanish brand chosen by many celebrities such as the top Bar Refaeli, Blanca Suárez (actress), and Laura Somoza, a fashion journalist. Ouibyou offers handcrafted 18-carat gold-plated sterling silver pieces. This signature is inspired in good part by the names of its models b star, b karma, etc., and there is something else of variety with arrows, feathers, the mythical Carrie necklace, keys, some touches, some rockers, chains, safety pins, dream catchers. It also has a line of jewelry for men that have been used by Leon and Luis Medina among others. Prices start at 40 euros.

Another signature that stands out is Sansoeurs signature created by two sisters, Cristina and Estefanía Sanchez, inspired by the geometry of modern buildings create gold and silver jewelry, handmade.

Many jewelers have noticed that the spectator in general, in addition to copying the looks and fashion of famous and celebrities, also copies the jewelry, so that for some years now many brands little known at that time have tried to reproduce “imitations” economic version of the jewelry of celebrities, giving many and many the opportunity to enjoy and look beautiful and affordable creations.

Celebrities who have set trends with their “celebrity jewelry”.

The young women are looking for original and complete styles, taking celebrities and, above all, the protagonists of their favorite series as a reference.

With the release of the second film inspired by the TV series, `Sex in the City 2′, in 2009, the stars’ jewellery was released on the film’s official website and the jewelry company Swarovski designed the `Power Silver Shade’ model, a bag of diamonds for Carrie to wear in some scenes of the film.


Jewels by Rodrigo Otazu

In this film, the single New Yorkers decide to make an exotic trip to escape stress, to Dubai and there they wear mystical designs by the firm Agas & Tamar, which also wears, occasionally, the singer Rihanna, as well as jewels by Argentine Rodrigo Otazu, which have been worn by other divas like Madonna or Beyoncé.

For the new film, the gold chain that the protagonist wears will now have a charm with the letter C designed by Alex Woo’s jewelry firm.

Jeweler Daniel Espinosa

Jeweler Daniel Espinosa is also committed to showing his jewelry work in the youth series Gossip Girl. For this Mexican, it is a success that his jewels appear in an American series because he has achieved that pieces such as the necklaces designed for women in their 40s are worn by much younger girls.

Upper East Side has imposed the fashion of wearing two identical bracelets, but not only on the catwalk but also on the street, in the daily life of the fashionistas, in the comings and goings of the streets.

La Bruixeta Jewelry

Some Spanish high jewelry brands, such as La Bruixeta, are looking for celebrities who identify with success, but who also reflect youth and modernity so that they can show off their clothes and in this way obtain “free” advertising.

La Bruixeta silk bracelets, decorated by hand, are exhibited by celebrities such as Sara Carbonero, which has increased the demand for them since the client when going to the jewelry store asks for the pieces used by Sara Carbonero.

Most influential celebrities

Among the most influential celebrities who have set their trend internationally with firms such as Lotus, Link London and Alex and Ani bijouterie, are Cameron Diaz, Shakira, Taylor Swift, and Gwyneth Paltrow, among others.

In addition to the global crisis and the high price of gold, the world of jewelry is looking for new markets for young people who are still starting to create their own heritage, which is why they “use” young celebrities as role models for their advertising campaigns.

Designer Maximiliano Jitric

A list of celebrities, as they are: Nicole Neumann, Gimena Accardi, Julieta Prandi and Karina Jelinek, complement their impact looks with sophisticated but handmade pieces of jewelry by designer Maximiliano Jitric, who transforms everyday materials into real works of art in modern and contemporary jewelry.

This designer creates unique, handmade pieces. It works with bronze, nacre, alpaca, copper, coral, jade and many other materials that produce relief, shine, and volume. Its line is an impact, striking pieces. His most recent collection “Cheese Gala” was inspired by the memory of Salvador Dalí.

The finish of the jewelry is made with torches to obtain unique pieces that last in time. The design of the jewelry has a melted finish, which is achieved with a blowtorch, fire, and oxygen.  This important jewelry designer also stands out in the world of weddings by creating wall lights, crowns, and some other accessories.