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Can You Collect and Invest in Gemstones

Can You Collect and Invest in Gemstones


Collecting and investing in stones can generatedoubts, becausetraditionally, whentalkingaboutcollecting, manalwaysseekstocollecttreasures, which can be anendlessnumber of things, fromthemost implausible tothemostprecious. Thispractice has alwayshadtwoaims: tosatisfyyour taste forcollecting and gatheringobjectsthatincreasetheirvalue and thusdoubleyourinvestmentorobtainsomekind of profit. Thepreciousstones are notout of thelist of collectibleobjects and mostlytodaythanevertheir use in jewelry and accessorieshavebecome popular.

On top of that, we are in anenergeticallyhecticperiod. Thesecrystalsbecamesigns of the New Agemovement. Theybeganto be used in sacredceremonies, forhealing and as conductors of energeticvibrations. Forthisreason, collecting and investing in stonesregainedprominence, bytakingseriouslyitscurativeproperties and emittinggoodenergy.

Can youcollect and invest in gemstones? | Benefits

Expertsbelievethatprecious and semi-preciousstones are beneficial foremotional and physicalhealth. Thatistosaythateachone has a specificfunction and thecommunity of believers has chosentocollect and invest in stones, one of each color topossessallthepossiblevirtueswiththem.


Therefore, in ordertocollect and invest in stones, theexpertsindicatethatitisnecessarytoacquirebasicknowledgetoknoweachone of itsstones and itsproperties. Thisinformation can be obtainedbyreadingbooks and guides, followingtheadvice of experts, visitingmuseums, exhibitions, specialized shops orsimplysurfingthe Internet.

Influence of the aura whencollecting and investingongemstones

There are somestoneswithhighvibrations, just as like:

  • TheAgatethatstrengthensthespirit and ensuresvictoryoverenemies, in additiontothat, bringsfirmness and security. There are otherslikeaquamarinethatattractclarity of thought, peace and self-control; thereforeit’ssuitableformeditation.
  • Amberishighlysearchedafterforcollecting and investing in stones, becauseitfightsdepression, melancholy, and freesthemindfromnegativethoughts. Another of themostsearched-afteristhecrystalquartzthatserves as a receiver of energy, transmitter and amplifier of vibrations at alllevels.

Foritspart, themostsearched-afterforcollecting and investing in stones are theDiamondwhichisassociatedwithmemory and fidelity; theSapphirewhichconfersloyalty and joyonthecouple, providesstability and luck in material matters, and theEmerald, whichisvery beneficial in physicalmatterssuch as gastrics, helpstodevelopclairvoyance, balance and meditation. Itawakensintuition, is a symbol of intelligence and isvery favorable forthoseenteringthefields of knowledge.

Knowledgeoncollecting and investing in gemstones

Beyond a material that, byitscolors and beautyattractsthenakedeye of the human being, can infercertainpropertiestowhoeverownsorcarrieswiththemone of thesepreciousstones, whencollecting and investing in stones, peopleseektostudythemarket and knowwhetherthereisreallyprofitabilityor can obtainsomeprofit in thefuture, at the time of offeringthepreciousstone in themarkedthatwouldhavealready be acquired.


Thereis a golden rule in theinvestmentgamethatremembersthat: thehighertherisk, thehighertheprofit… and the more painfulthefall! No one can predictwhathappens in the stock marketbutonethingiscertain: Investing in gemstonespays off only in thelongrun and issaferthanmostinvestments.

Thereasonisthatthefactorsthat cause thegrowth of itsvalue are many, and thosethatcould cause a decrease are nonexistent cases withrareexceptions. Thelongtermdoesnot mean more than ten years.


A gemstoneinserted in a goodjewelwill be easiertocommercialize.


Itshould be borne in mindthatgemsthathave a largemarketwillincrease in valueto a lesserextentthanthosethathavelessmarket. Forexample a Diamondwillincreaseitsvalue in a constantmatter, surely, butalwaystolessthan 10% per year.

Adviceonhowtostartcollecting and investing in gemstones

Forallthoseinexperienced in stock markettransactionsitisimportanttoknowthatpreciousstones are a commodity at hand. They are bought and stored, in thebank, in a safeareaorunderthemattressbutit’snotaninvestment in theabstract, they are notpapersyouwilleversee. In theevent of anexplosion in themarketprice, youhavetheproperty at yourfingertips and can sellityourselfimmediatelyifyouconsideritnecessary.

There are no stock marketinvestmentsthatgiveusthepleasure of thecollection. Ifyou decide tocollect and invest in gemstones, youmustbuypieceslittlebylittle, jewelrythat can even be worn, and youwillhave a collection of objectsnotonlyvaluablebutalsoverybeautiful.

Thecollectiongivesyoupleasure, and introduces youto new worldsalmostunknown. Suddenlyyoudiscoverthebeauty of a preciousstoneliketheRed Andesine, toname a few, and feeltheneedtoknow more aboutthem.

In conclusion…

There are certainpremisesthat are commontoallstones: good color, goodsize and symmetry, goodpolish, transparency and correctsize, and thatthey are certifiedby a Gemological Reference Laboratory, whichguaranteesthequality of thegemstones, whetherornotthey are treated and are natural ornot.

In any case, and dependingonyourpocket, ifyou are talkingaboutkeepingdiamonds as aninvestment, brilliant-cutdiamonds of theclassichalf-karatstandard 0.50 ct, three-quartercarat 0.75 ct. 1,00 ct. carat, 1,00 ct. 1.50 ct, 1.50 carat, isrecommended.

Collecting and investing in goodqualitygemstones at reasonablepricesgivesyou a securelong-termreturn. If in the case thatthegemsacquired are rare, not so wellknownbutwell-consideredpreciousstones, thecreditwill be greaterthan in the case of thefourstars of theworld of gems: Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires. Theonlyproblemyousee as aninvestmentisthatthebigger and more beautifulthecollection, the more pityitwill be togetrid of it!