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Is 3D Jewelry The Future?

Is 3D Jewelry The Future


3D Jewelry seems to be the next trend, and that the jewels were in the past, are in the present and will be in the future, really today it is very difficult to doubt that digital technology will not take the leading role of jewelry.

It is true that this is going to be one of the later transitions that in other sectors, such as photography, jewelry designers cling very strongly to the new 3D programs allowing them to accelerate the process, allowing them to dream that in the future of new jewels, which until now have been very complicated to elaborate.

Is 3D Jewelry the Future? Advantages of 3D Impressions

3D technology is becoming the protagonist when it comes to jewelry making, since it facilitates the creation of molds for casting and even to create 3D jewelry in a very direct way, and that includes from the 3D model in digital. This technology is changing the way things are viewed and done and is imposed in such a way that any sector must adapt to it.

This kind of revolution, when we do not refer to 3D, opens a window to endless opportunities to create and manufacture in a cheaper and faster way, and also facilitates the development of any kind of creation of any measure. This could be the key to the top, as is the creation of 3D jewelry and personalized jewelry, which has been a response to the needs of consumers about creating new collections more frequently.

In these times the jewelry has a new dimension, it has great and new innovations that facilitates the process when designing and manufacturing; The normal way to make a jewel in the metal or in the wax that was the base, to make this jewel was made a mold, but in 3D jewelry, the first unit can be made in a computer and all thanks to a program 3d

The programs of 3D designs facilitate the impression of the mold in the wax and reproduce them the quantities of times that you want, facilitating the process and reducing therefore the part of realizing the sculpture and the mold to a simple and easy passage.

3D Jewelry Advantage

The main advantages it has is that it focuses on the smallest and most complex details, thus making it easier to do with a 3D program that is responsible for sculpting and making production more flexible and facilitating any type of modification since it would simply be done with the 3D program, without the need to create a base with wax.

Another advantage of 3D Jewelry, is the 3D rendering of all the designs made, which makes it easier for us to appreciate the design from a more realistic perspective, of how the jewel would look once made, in this way to validate in an aesthetic way the jewel before making it

Confirm that the technologies in 3D jewelry, in the future can totally replace craftsmanship in jewelry, is something that cannot be fully assured, it is something that is going to be considered in the course of time, but if you can be for sure, 3D jewelry will become the basis of the jewelry sector.

Application of 3D printing in jewelry

Jewelry is one of the sectors in which 3D printing is contributing. In recent years, additive manufacturing is being replaced by CNC technology (subtractive manufacturing), with respect to the materialization of the possible prototypes that are normally made with wax and resin that are used for the manufacture of jewelry, facilitating the appreciation of the details and finishes, and also improving the surface quality and the use of materials with the required tolerance.

This impression not only decreases expenses but also reduces the time at design time; It offers the possibility of expanding the possibilities of design itself, becoming reality and in only a few hours and with reduced costs the prototypes that before would have practically impossible to do applying the traditional method.

The most experienced goldsmiths with fine metal can make shapes never before seen, using 3D Jewelry when designing, achieving a better, more efficient and faster production, reducing costs and bringing new and more varied pieces to life.

The investment required to carry out this has been reduced in an impressive way in recent years, thus allowing the materialization is done at a reduced cost of the prototypes used together with computers, increasing the capacity of printers with mid-range to achieve better production and sizes, or enable the high-end in different workshops for high productions and services to other companies.

This not only focuses on the manufacture of pieces in wax, but 3D technology facilitates the design in terms of process

It deals with, leaving the way free to reverse engineering and work from chosen forms through precision scanners. It has been shown that both in the market and in the companies that are focused on traditional business models such as those they are aimed at new models, they find the key to competition in an easier way, since with 3D jewelry, they have a type of technology that reduces costs, time and thus opening up new possibilities that exceed the limit of the creativity of many specialists.

3D Jewelry is the future of jewelry.

In recent times, technology has played the leading role, as designers are aware of the importance of 3D printers in the near future in terms of jewelry. 3D prints have many advantages but the most outstanding of these that at the time of designing the jewelry, it facilitates the calculation and the cost of how much everything would go and also shows you how the final product will be before doing it.