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Jade: The Magic Stone of Wisdom and Prosperity

Jade The Magic Stone of Wisdom and Prosperity


Since the beginning of time gemstones have captivated people thanks to their beautifulness. They´ve been used mostly by nobles and high lineage families to exhibit and represent their wealth, the gems have been the jewelers’ favorite material for the production of the finest accessories.Despite this, there is a wide combination of stones in nature differentiated by their colors, size, rareness, cost and structure but regardless of their price they have always been used to stand out the beauty of human race.

Even though stones are currently separated into categories and there are standards and determining factors that help to calculate their price, each and every one of the gems haven´t failed to captivate people being the jade one of the gemstones valued since ancient times. Jade is a decorative stone that has been used to make accessories and ornaments for over 5000 years.

Despite of the popular belief Jade is not a unique stone, but a family of two different metamorphic rocks that are composed of two distinctly different minerals: Nephrite, a calcium magnesium silicate (is the most exotic and expensive and owes its intense green color to the iron that makes up its chemical structure) and Jadeite, a sodium aluminum silicate.

This precious gem has been used for over many years for the manufacture of utensils and ornaments. Over time Jade gained popularity and a cult was made towards the stone. It was formerly believed that objects that were made with Jade had the capability to bring in good luck, which is still believed today.


This stone was used by jewelers thanks to its high resistance and hardness, is known to be one of their favorite stones. Therefore, this stone was used in the manufacture of weapons, armors, tools and even mask were made, being the Jade mask the most common among the American culture.

Thanks to the popularity of this gem, it was not surprising that some people tried to imitate Jade with other stones of similar color being the thieves and hustlers the first and main forgers of Jade. The Serpentine has been the stone used by scammers to fool their victims.

The Serpentine not only looks like Jade but also has the same deposits of Nephrite and Jadeite, this is why only the most experienced jewelers could find the difference between the stones. Unlike Jade, the Serpentine is a bit softer and less resistant to the elements and scratches, since is a softer mineral it has now been established as a substitute for Jade when it comes to making tools and decorative accessories.


Despite the different varieties of Jade, both types of Jade were desired and venerated equally, in fact, according to Chinese mythology it was thought that Jade came from inside of the dragons. While for Pre-Hispanic cultures such as the Mayans and Aztecs these stones were considered the gem of the creation since it meant life and increased the fertility and gave power. The Mayans also believed that Jade helped to protect themselves from kidney diseases and gallbladder problems.

It is important to know that spiritistexperts currently consider Jade as a very powerful stone, to be more specific, the green Jade. It´s believed that this stone must be worked hard and in different ways to achieve the desired purposes. It is said to be the warriors and wrestlers stone but it requires someone that is skilled to work with Jade so it increases the physical qualities of the warriors.


Besides atraccting good fortune and prosperity, it is believed to be one of the stones that not only is able to attract love but also mantain it, this is why it is believed to be the perfect gift for couples in love and, formerly, men from China used to give to the women that they desired as their future wive Jade butterflies that represented the love that the man had for the woman.

It was also used in meditation to attract money or to know what course should the company or business of each person take and this is because, the stone has the properties to strengthen the mental faculties and improve people reasoning. One of the main activities related with the energies and vibes is the Feng Shui and Jade is considered by the experts in this field, as a stone capable of removing bad vibes from home, and this is achieved with the use of a Jade stone in the house or with simple decorative objects such as jars and sculptures.


Instead, Jade is considered the Libras gem for those who focus on astrology believing that this stone forms a strong bond with people belonging to the zodiac sign Libra, protecting them from bad energies and spells that can be used against the person and helping those who feel depressed and stagnant, bringing them prosperity and luck.

It´s believed that it improves the emotional state because this stone is associated with the fourth chakra or the chakra of the heart, increasing this way the energy and health of the person in all aspects. It especially contributes the well-functioning of the kidneys and is also able to strengthen the immune system, besides, it works as a relaxant and renews energies.