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Jasper: The Stained Stone of Meditation and Trust

Jasper The Stained Stone of Meditation and Trust


When it comes to performing rituals or to purifying the mind and body it’s very common to use gemstones. According to the experts in the spiritual world some precious stones have connections with the world that surrounds humans and at the same time they can be used as a means of communication so that human beings can be one with the energies and bodies that inhabit the planet.

The Jasper is a sedimentary rock that has been used over the years. This stone has a soft surface and isused either for decoration of jewelry accessories or as a gem for the manufacture of high-end jewelry. It’s normally polished and used in vases, stamps and other decorative ornaments for the house. Also, it was once used for the manufacture of matchboxes and tobacco.

The colors this stone can present are very varied, ranging from red, green, black, gray, yellow, brown, purple and sometimes you can find the combined colors. Red jasper belongs to the wide family of Jasper, which has been highly appreciated for its wide range of colors and the shape of its designs since ancient times. The monochromatic variety is very rare and has a high value. The most commonly used variety of Jasper is red one, which is used in ornaments and is also used as a gemstone.



The Jasper has been used even by alchemists, coming to be very famous after been named even in the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The name of the stone goes back to the Greek culture and is derived from the Greek as “stained stone” since this stone has spots on its structure. The Jasper is generally considered as a type of Chalcedony, but has been put in a separate group by scientists because it has a granular structure.

The dense and granulated Jasper contains up to twenty percent of exterior materials that determine its color, shape and appearance. It has many forms according to its appearance been even flamed so that it can have spots and lines.


To clarify, the Jasper is a variety of quartz, in other words, a variety of a microcrystalline stone, becoming the densest stone of this variety. This stone has a volcanic origin and owes its color to the multiple impurities that are deposited in the crystal as it is formed. The main uses of the Jasper are basically for decoration and jewelry.

This mineral is better known as “the supreme nutrient”. It works as a support and helps the user to overcome tension, providing peace and plenitude. According to Hindu culture, the Jasper is able to align the chakras and its recommended to be used in work. Each color is appropriate for a specific chakra.It has protective properties since it absorbs negative energy and cleans the aura. Psychologically it helps motivate the carrier, making him feel in a state of self-improvement and with the ability to achieve all his purposes. It provides the necessary courage and gives support during conflict situations.


It mentally helps you to think fast, it powers up the capacity of organization and it makes you complete projects. It’s advisable to place it on the skin to ease the ailments. Its use is recommended for long periods of time due to its slow action and low energy power. Many varieties of this gem exist at this present time, each of them with their own energetic properties, gem experts also claim that they possess healing qualities even though these properties are usually not very powerful compared to other gems.

It is said that the Red Jasper is a stone with an opaque color in which the power of light hasn’t manifested yet so it makes it a weak stone energetically speaking. Shamans consider it the stone of the humbles and is considered ordinary but very appreciated for being the mother of all gemstones.


With this stone, people can create a bond with the earth through meditation. High religious’ leaders of manycultures like those from the Machu Pichu drank the elixir of this stone because it was thought that it protected and neutralized witchery. However, for Jews it has a more important meaning since they believe that the Red Jasper was the first stone used at the moment of the construction of Jerusalem.



Moreover, when the person carrying the stone is attacked by negative energies the color of the stone becomes much denser serving therefore as a detection signal against bad influences. It acts in a remarkable way against liver diseases and sense of smell. When a great carving work is done, the stone is used for the manufacture of accessories. Although Red Jasper is easy to find compared to some other stones and it doesn’t possess a big amount of energy, making it a weak stone, it has many qualities that can be used to benefit the person´s life in many ways. It is ideal to meditate and connect with the earth, especially to connect the human being with the fire element.


Above all, this stone cannot lack in people that practice spiritual healing. Its highly recommended for those people who are very fanciful because these stones help them put their feet on the ground and prevents people from getting lost in their thoughts. On the other hand, if what is desired is a small stimulus of energy this stone is perfect since with its low but frequently and above all, stimulating energy, provides the person confidence and an amazing strength when doing activities that they did not dare to do, it also helps to meet the goals that are traced in the long and short term, besides being a great support when it comes to be able to overcome difficult situations.