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Jet: The Magic Stone of Protection and Energy

Jet The Magic Stone of Protection and Energy

In the modern era, there are minerals and precious gems that have a purpose besides than serve as a decorative object. Over the years, these objects have become increasingly common among people, as it is believed that each crystal has its vibration and can influence the human body in one way or another, providing healing capabilities and even releasing the mind of the person carrying it.

In addition to being used as healing and releasing objects, these objects have been used in accessories that have been manufactured with the purpose of protecting such as amulets and talismans, some claimed that these pendants can protect their carriers from some elements, each stone has particular properties, which are determined by its color, rarity, and other things. Some of the materials that are used for the manufacture of protective amulets have been known as Jet.

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Jet: The magic stone of protection

Jet is a bright black mineral, which falls into the category of semi-precious stones, is a scarce variety of humic carbon that was formed in the “Cretaceous” period from tree trunks belonging to the family of “araucariáceas and protopináceas” that were buried and were subjected to giant amounts of heat and pressure, forming jet.

Jet is a compact material, soft to the touch, light and very smooth, usually presents conchoidal fracture and dark brown stripes. It is very susceptible to heat, and emits a lot of smoke when burned, releasing a stinking smell in most cases.

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Jet composition

It is made up of a heterogeneous mixture of a material similar to carbon, called carbonaceous and mineral material, consisting mainly of vitrinite, an organic compound which is constituted of lignin, cellulose and other compounds present in plants that have seeds.

As it is such a fragile material, it has always been extracted by hand and is currently used in the production of accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, pendants, among other things. It is known as the black amber or amber of witches since according to tradition this material was the favorite for dark rituals and the practice of witchcraft.

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Protective Talismans made of jet

In ancient times it was very common to see protective talismans made of jet since it was said that jet contained great magical powers thanks to its vibrations and high energy power, which is why it was also very used for sorcery.

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One of its most outstanding characteristics is the fact that it is known for being a great protector against the evil eye, it is highly recommended to protect against spells and can also be used as an elixir in the eyes to clear the vision, curing insomnia, being able to act as a relaxant to prevent painful cramps, tendinitis, and other discomforts.

Experts assure that the best way to carry this stone is to carry it along with a quartz stone, both stored in a black leather bag since it is believed that in this way all good vibes and energies are attracted to them.

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Spell-releasing magic stone

This gem is considered a very special magical object. While it is commonly used for the manufacture of decorative products such as rings, necklaces, and earrings, it is said that the correct use of this stone is very different, as they are excellent for definitively eradicating the spells that are thrown on a person, and it’s because, it is only necessary to own the stone and carry it in a bag, for its protective properties have an effect on the person.

When the presence of a spell that has been thrown on a person is suspected, in order to try to eradicate the spell, a cleansing treatment must be carried out to purify the body of the affected person with the magic in order to expel the damage, this treatment may vary according to the culture, but normally the stone is placed in strategic places to eliminate the spell imposed on the person.

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Placing the stone in the basic chakra 

More specifically, the stone must be placed in the most powerful energy center that the human body possesses, that energy center is the basic chakra. This is one of the most important points of the body and is located in the lower part of the spine, more specifically at the coccyx.

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It is said that this chakra is used as a way to establish a connection between the body and the ground element. It is said that by making this connection the person can develop a better perception of the world around him, since this chakra is associated with the roots of plants, in short, this chakra would be the root of the body. This stone is also well known for channelingKundalini energy.

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It represents the wisdom

This energy in the spiritual world is a spiral of energy whose symbol is a snake and represents wisdom, so it is not strange that in today’s pharmacies you can see one or two snakes rolled up on a cane.

When you have the security of being attacked by dynamic forces that only with capable people can make their existence known, what you must do is apply the basic chakra using a jet to counteract the destructive energies that attack the person. Shamans advise using this method of treatment when symptoms of damage are noted.

When the curse is detected, the shaman proceeds to lay the person to be treated face down, and then the stone is placed right where the spine ends, that is to say, in the coccyx area, and it should rest for an hour.

This ritual is performed every day until the spell is completely undone. Being used by many cultures and religions as amulets, it undoubtedly offers its carrier great spiritual strength.

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