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Jewelry For Cats Releasing Our Inner Feline

Jewelry For Cats Releasing Our Inner Feline

The use of jewelry for cats is currently determined by the tenderness and love we have for these cute pets, but there is a story behind these beautiful cats. Thousands of years ago cats were considered gods and the reason for this is because the Egyptians related them directly to the lions, i.e., the big cats that represent all the power and courage.

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Jewelry For Cats: The Guardians of the Gods

The Egyptians believed that although the God Ra died because of the sunset; he was in great danger at night and that is why they were looking for a way to keep him safe, and by relating the lion and the cat they concluded that they could take care of the God Ra during their nightly rest.

Being considered the guardians of the gods, in the culture they were called as semi-gods, and only Pharaoh was allowed the joy of having one or more cats representing the gods and apparently was the only one who had the honor of being able to domesticate them, for this very reason these animals were under the protection of Pharaoh and therefore there was a law that forbade people to hurt or kill them, because that would involve the death of whoever had broken the law without any contemplation.

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In ancient times it was said that these animals, apart from appreciating them as the guardians of the gods, were also considered the guardians of the doors of the underworld and therefore detected the evil spirits and could scare them away or instead lead them back to the world from which they should not have left; for this same reason in many of the Egyptian houses of antiquity they had statues of cats that helped them to protect the members of the family and everyone in the home.

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How did cat jewelry start?

The cat jewelry began for the same reason that they were considered more than mere animals, and that is why they were adorned as gods, with large necklaces (apparently to the measure of the cat), and with incrustations of gems as the gods; therefore, the necklace was adorned with jewels representing this god.

Today there are many famous designers worldwide who are dedicated primarily to designing jewelry for animals and some of them only to designing accessories for cats, many of them are found in the United States, however the most famous designers are located in New York, the reason for this is because the city is known as one of the main capitals of the fashion world and in this type of accessories does not have to be left behind, and it is even estimated that a jewelry necklace of luxurious cats for our cats fluctuates around $1000 dollars.

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This fashion was “born” mainly by the owners, since they stopped thinking of the felines as simple companion animals, and the old Egyptian thing was taken up again, that they were adorned like the great gods, and not only focus on the direct accessories (that is to say the necklaces), but there are toys, clothes, beds, trees and luxury shelves for the cat companions.

As part of the jewelry for cats we can find necklaces with Swarovski crystals and even earrings (yes, they have read well the earrings for cats), the strangest thing about this fashion is that the owners of sphinx cats have opted for adornments with temporary tattoos, but they are not only simple identification tattoos but they are also great artistic tattoos, all this to satisfy the high standard that has the owners of these, to make your pets the most seen and with the jewelry and accessories more colorful and better quality.

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Recommendations for feline jewelry

We have to keep in mind that our cat friends can’t have an opinion, let alone say anything about the decisions owners make; while some pet owners think they’re perfect as they are, there are others who think there’s always a way to look a lot better.

Although most owners try to be a little discreet with the cat jewelry they put on their companions, not only because of the possible theft of the pet but also because of the comfort of the animal, some owners apply “to be beautiful you have to suffer” even with their pets.

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Veterinarians, on occasion, have seen cases of felines being pierced for earrings, although this is seen in some cases as a more practical way of adorning their pet and making it a little more attractive to the eyes of the owner and others, many other people may consider this action as animal cruelty, because it is much more critical to the health of the animal than aesthetics, because they can be brought to death by some complication with the various piercings in the body of the cat.

Another thing that is very important to keep in mind is not to let the feline sleep with some cat jewelry, mainly with the collars because they can suffocate them at night and this is mostly because the owners are not aware of them because they also take their hours of rest.

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The feline accessories

Nowadays, jewelry for cats has become very important for society, and the truth is that it has been a very profitable business for the big fashion houses and for the jewelers who specialize in the production of these accessories.

A right amount of cat jewelry can cost thousands of dollars. However, some accessories are more affordable and are equally beautiful and eye-catching, these accessories can be found in all sizes and shapes.

They can also be made by the owners of the animals in question, the materials also depend on and vary mostly according to the tastes of the owner and these can range from silver to gold, mainly and what changes are the incrustations that can be made into gems or some types of crystals, however that go beyond can be diamonds in their different colors.

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The comfort of the pet

Keep in mind that cats usually look good with any collar. However, each of them has a different function for the pet; for example, we find flea collars, identification collars, and naturally decorative collars or what we generally call accessories.

The comfort of the pet must always be taken into consideration, which is why it is suggested that the collars are neither too tight nor too heavy, and veterinarians recommend that the real separation is so that the thumb can easily enter between the collar and the cat’s neck.

On the other hand, if the collars are of homemade design, it is necessary to be very careful when choosing the materials because these can generate allergies to the delicate skin of the pet and even in a very extreme case can also produce pain, this is thanks to the constant rubbing between the skin and the collar.

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Necklace made with amber

In the market we can find a type of necklace made of amber (not stone), which is a resin with an aromatic quality that works perfectly as an anti-flea, despite being a natural product and does not contain any other chemicals added, this is one of the primary reasons that are most used, because apart from looking good does not suffer the risk of the cat is poisoned with it, its smell is very similar to good grass, so although it is a strong smell on the contrary is nothing unpleasant.


“Twinkle Tush” an unusual accessory

The cats have a new accessory, which is a bright and innovative jewel that is placed as if it were a chain around the tail of the cat. The purpose of this accessory? Hide your ass, because according to the company, it is something that “never has to be shown in public.”
At the moment it is only for sale in the United States. However, the owners of Twinkle Tush, which is the name that has received this new invention, do not rule out expanding it to the rest of the globe.

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The durability of jewelry for cats

Finally, it is more than proven that cat jewelry collars are very durable, and is that they are mainly designed for that, for animals that are very active and are always doing something and contrary to what is believed when this jewelry trend emerged, resistance was the first thing that was taken into consideration.

In the same way, it is taken into account that giving them jewelry for cats is a way to demonstrate the love of the owners for their beloved pets and what better way than giving them a jewel, this act can be taken in some cases as madness, because most people think they are very selfish beings who do not feel affection for anyone, but it has been evidenced the opposite, this way of expressing love will be something significant that although they do not understand the value of jewelry, is actually an act of true love that an owner does to his companion and feline friend.


I want you to spoil a jewelry store for the cat lovers

MiMiga is known for being a handcrafted brand of cat jewelry, which gives off a lot of love for cats, for each of its pores. For anyone who considers himself a cat lover and is looking online for all sorts of things that have to do with cats, it is an actual commandment to buy something. And one day in my tireless search as a passionate cat, I discovered this incredible, original, unique and brand that designs personalized jewelry with your pet’s hair.

As you have read it well, MiMiga makes all kinds of jewelry for cats, designed for you, made from your cat’s hair. In Germany, it is a trend in jewelry design and is a real fashion, which in Spain has gained a lot of ground.

jewelry for cats mimiga


Each pendant, each earring, each bracelet, is made especially for you, no two objects are the same, and each one is created with the beautiful coat of your beloved pet. Without a doubt, this is an exceptional product for anyone who shares their life with a pussycat. It is evident that the bond you have with a pet is powerful, intense and evident and unique, which is why wearing this cat jewelry, our beautiful companion only reinforces our love and memory for him.


A precious memory of your beloved cat

Each person chooses the most appropriate moment to make a very special souvenir of their minimum, but why wait for our little one to cross the rainbow? I prefer to fill my life with the beautiful memories in life, that’s why I don’t want to wait until I lose my little feline to have an object as unique as jewelry for cats.

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Jewelry for cats: An extraordinary gift

For a real cat lover, his cat is a unique being with whom he shares both good and bad moments; he is a being which makes him laugh, comforts him, loves him, accompanies him, and, in short, fills his life with an incomparable joy. That’s why MiMiga’s handcrafted jewelry for cats is a perfect, magical and extraordinary example of cat and gift jewelry.

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Silver jewelry with cat designs

MiMiga apart from creating jewelry for cats, with hair also creates a handmade unisex pendant in silver with the silhouettes of cats. Wearing a pendant of this type is a sign that defines you as a cat lover, so if you love the cat world, let your neck talk to the elegant hand-polished silver pendants with pink, matte gold, gold and silver finishes from MiMiga.

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