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Jewelry For Dogs Man’s Best Friend Designs

Jewelry For Dogs Man's Best Friend Designs

The jewelry for dogs is present at this time because it is increasingly common to find family nuclei in which not only are formed by people but also in these family groups may host in their midst our dear furry friends, who give us their unconditional love.

In addition to being for many in just one pet, they also become part of the family for others; nowadays we will find from toys, food, clothes and even for those owners who tend to go beyond the conventional and enjoy carrying the extravagance and luxury for their pets opt for the well-known Dog Jewelry.

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Jewelry For Dogs: Man’s Best Friend Designs

There are currently classic dog collars (the most common to find), to straps with the inlaid Swarovski, including the earrings (Yes, although you cannot imagine it well, for dogs there are earrings), and is that the most capricious owners in the world usually place their pets Tattoos, and are not talking about simple designs ID, is talking about artistic Tattoos.
You might think at first glance, that the pet apart from looking much more beautiful than it is, with the use of these accessories (perhaps sometimes even unnecessary) can look much better and elegant, also though they are not aware of it.

When does the taste for jewelry and vintage go beyond what we know as “Normal”?
It must be remembered that dear canine friends are not able to speak out or refute the actions of their owners concerning their beautiful image. Some people consider their pets to be perfect just as they are, from their coat, their shades, the color of their eyes, to their size, which in some cases can turn out to be the size of even the average man’s waist.

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It is very common to find in these animals some adornments. However, there are those who come to cross the small line of “Beauty to the Obsession”; the vast majority of people when trying to decorate their furry companions, would begin with something simple, ie something that is not very flashy, or very extravagant, not only because some malicious person could steal the pet, but rather, because of the discomfort that could cause him/her for the pet.

There have even been documented cases of dogs being taken to veterinary offices and having all kinds of piercings in their ears, basically as if they were little girls. Some may be in favor of pampering their canines with this type of accessory, while many others may not agree with this type of practice, because it can be considered cruel in some instances. The beauty of pets is essential, but not more important than their health.

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Dog jewelry has now become a sensation and has proved to be a reasonably fruitful business for the large fashion houses and jewelers who have specialized in the manufacture of canine ornaments. Some of the dog jewelry pieces could cost thousands of dollars while others are not as expensive, but they are still beautiful and original as the expensive ones.

You can find pieces of all kinds of sizes and shapes, from the typical bones, through the hearts, the puppies, to the crowns for canines. The materials with which these pieces are made can vary greatly, including gold and silver, with all kinds of incrustations of gems, crystals. For the most demanding owners we also come across diamonds, and the colors of dog jewelry are often varied.

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Tips When Buying Dog Jewelry (Necklaces)

A necklace will always make our pet look good, no matter what its purpose; there are different types of necklaces, such as flea collars, identification necklaces, and beautiful necklaces that are the most common; you have to know how to choose it and use it properly.

The comfort of the pet. It is essential to choose a necklace that is neither too tight nor too heavy so that our friends do not have to spend uncomfortable times or have trouble breathing. One piece of advice frequently given by veterinarians who are experts in the field is that our thumb should fit between our dog’s neck and his collar, without any difficulty.

The handmade necklaces

If the necklaces are homemade, it is necessary to choose the right materials to be used, because they can cause itching or even pain, due to the frequent rubbing of the skin with your necklace.
Do not let the dog sleep with necklaces. Another critical piece of advice given by veterinarians is that dogs should not be left to sleep with their collars on, as they may be at risk of suffocation at night, as this is the time when their owners’ eyes turn away from them.

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Dog jewelry is a durable complement

There are collars available in the market that are made of amber, being this a resin that has aromatic properties, which works very well as an anti-flea collar, because it is an entirely natural product and does not contain any chemicals, so owners do not have any risk that your pet will be poisoned. The resin rubbed on the canine coat gives off a smell very similar to that of good grass and is not only pleasant but also repels and repels terrible fleas and ticks.

It is more than proven that the jewelry for dogs is durable, because it is made for that purpose, and is that they are very active animals, are always running and doing theirs anywhere, this behavior was thought when it began with this trend.

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Jewelry for dogs as a token of love

By giving him a dog jewelry store, we can show the love we feel for our dog, and thus, we also show the importance we provide to our canines, not only giving them a name, dressing them, bathing them, sleeping with them, celebrating their important dates, is never enough love to give to these animals.

The fact of wearing dog jewelry to our pet is to give it a unique gift, as a token of the love we have for them and show them. The developed intelligence of these animals is well proven, so you will surely remember for the rest of your life how we have passed on our love for them.

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Jewelry for dogs for any size

Although this trend of dog jewelry, have not explicitly emerged for some dog, but for the different breeds that exist and are part of the family of any family, often the canine jewelry gives greater happiness to owners of small breeds, because it is straightforward to manipulate the dog, to equip it with the desired accessories.

In spite of the above, dogs with a larger size are not relegated, because there are jewelry stores for dogs as necklaces, which make them look much more intimidating, or more adorable, everything will depend on the personality of the dog, its owner, and the demands it has for your pet.

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Canine Jewelry Designers

Currently, we will be able to find different world-class designers, who have been recognized as specialists in the art of working with animals, and make them look extremely “chic.”

We can highlight Anthony Rubio, who is one of the most sought-after designers for all those who love dog jewelry, we can find him in New York City, better known as the “Capital of the World,” also has been the most iconic city regarding fashion. Her passion for the world of canine fashion does not mean that the amount of less jewelry is a little cheaper because each design can cost up to 1000 dollars.

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Jewelry for dogs and dog shows

In the vast majority of cases, jewelry is usually used on animals that are taken to the show, mainly the dogs model with their best attire and accessories, to get the heart of the people who qualify them. Today, there are not only dog show competitions, but also popular events, where the stars of the catwalks are our beloved puppies, who are adored by everyone when wearing dog jewelry and designer clothes.

The owners not only register their pets for the prizes (which are usually incredible amounts of money), but also for the fact that their dog is the most beautiful of all and the most “chic” of all the competition, apart from receiving their well-deserved reward which is designed only for the animals, who are incredibly receptive to this type of event. On the other hand, with the passage of time, our furry friends are gaining importance and can become models of jewelry for dogs.

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Fashion in Canine Jewelry

As in traditional fashion, there is a wide range of designs from which we can choose, also taking into account the trends, the theme of the year and the seasons, among which you can choose formal, casual, rainy, sporty and winter designs, without leaving aside, the jewelry for dogs and the ornaments they wear in canine shoes.

If you want your pet to be inside the clothes that are in the fashion trends, you don’t have to be misinformed about the latest pieces that could be among the clothes of your beloved puppy. This information can be found in the magazines for animal fashion, where the boutiques of great recognition, which are aimed exclusively at the canine public, usually offer their products (accessories and jewelry), as well as events and catwalks, where the stars of these events are the beloved pets who are part of the family nucleus.

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Jewelry for male and female dogs

In the case of male dogs, we will find designs of bones, some puppies, badges where we can write their names, among other forms, these can be silver plated, to provide a touch intimidating, our beloved male companions of considerable size.

For the female dogs we will be able to find many accessories in shades of pink and pastel colors, but also in any colors, but these are the most usual, in addition to the classic bows, earrings, beautiful pearl necklaces, straps with some inlaid Swarovski, the classic brooches and other accessories, whose purpose is to make our beloved dog look very beautiful and delicate.

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Jewelry for dogs: A variety of options

The great variety of options that we can find in the market today will surely delight many, however, not only will we find jewelry for dogs, but also shoes for your pets to complement the “Look” we want our pet to have.

Without a doubt, it is essential to bear in mind that pets are not used to wearing this type of accessory, they should be used to it little by little. This is going to be a unique adaptation process for the animal, and let’s remember that each dog is unique and each one will have an adaptation time.

We invite you to remember that the comfort of your pet must be greater than the possible happiness you have when wearing dog jewelry, it is suggested not to take extreme measures around the accessories you are going to put on your pet, also, do not try to transform them into models because it could cause damage in the short or long term. Let’s protect our pets from possible damage with jewelry, always keep in mind their comfort and safety.

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